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Readers Respond: If a Woman is a Cougar, a Man is a...

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Funny how society is quick to label and stereotype a sexy older woman who's attractive to younger men. We're all familiar with the term 'cougar,' but what do we call a man who pursues women younger than him? Complete the sentence with a term you think would be appropriate. Maybe if enough of us agree on the same name, we can make it stick.

Cougars and what?

Dirty old man? Pervert? These are the only two I've heard.

If a woman is a cougar, a man is a...

wolf. (I guess that's a variation on "dog.") I do think it is sexist to only label older women who are with younger men, when no one pays attention to the old man dating a women 30 years younger. How critical would everyone be if a 70 year old woman dated a 40 year old man? People would be critical and disgusted. Yet the reverse happens all the time. It's a total double standard.

Haven't We Always Called Them...

dogs? (Or "old dogs," always chasing young "tail," lol?) I think a term that's equivalent to "cougar" is "silver fox," but I"m not sure. It may not be completely equal because it doesn't have quite the subtle negativity that "cougar" has.
—Guest Elizabeth

If a woman is a cougar....

If a woman is a cougar a man is an hors-d'oeuvre. There, now I need to type so that I can have entered the minimum characters....
—Guest Trinalina

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