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My Brother’s and My Sister’s Keeper


Over 1000 trans and cis women of color have signed their names to a letter urging President Obama and his My Brother's Keeper commission, an initiative aimed at improving the lives of Black and Latino men, to include Black and Brown women and girls in the equation.  

Women's Issues in the News
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Is Anti-Feminism on the Rise?

Anti-feminism is nothing new, but the individuals that are a part of “Women Against Feminism” are putting a contemporary spin on an ideology as old as feminism itself.

Reproductive Rights and Gaza

The current conflict on the Gaza strip is a mounting humanitarian crisis that also has ramifications for reproductive justice.

Women College Presidents

Although women may comprise a relatively small number of those who serve as presidents at American colleges and universities, they are a growing presence on college campuses.

STEAM Education for Women

You have probably heard about STEM, but what about STEAM? Educator Nettrice Gaskins discusses the significance of including art alongside science, technology, engineering, and math.

STEM and Women

Jobs in STEM fields—that is, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—are on the rise. But why are women being left behind?

Karen Lewis: The Chicago Teacher’s Union Outspoken & Provocative Leader

Karen Lewis burst on to the national scene during the 2012 Chicago teacher’s strike. What does the no nonsense veteran teacher and activist have in store next?

Michelle Rhee: Controversial Reform Leader

Michelle Rhee is an educator who gained the national spotlight during her time as chancellor of the DC school system. Her rise, fall, and seeming redemption reveals an interesting arc in the discussions around our current K-12 educational system

Women’s Colleges—Fun Facts and Figures

There are so many advantages to studying at women only institutions. Here are just a few women’s colleges that have educated some of the finest minds.

The Advantages of Women’s Colleges

Although only about 50 remain in the United States, women’s colleges offer students an unparalleled experience of college life and a potential for a career success often unmatched by their co-ed peers. Here’s why.

Why We Need Reproductive Justice

These quotes underscore why reproductive justice—the right to parent when and how we want—is vitally important to all women.

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