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Readers Respond: Dating Violence - Has It Happened to You & What Did You Do About It?

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Dating violence has been brought out in the open by the Chris Brown and Rihanna assault case, but Brown's plea deal (and lack of jail time) sends a message that abuse in a relationship is no big deal. Have you experienced dating violence? If so, why did you stay in the relationship, or how did you get out? Is it as commonplace among teens as studies indicate?

Breaking My Silence:

I was raped at 14 years old and then I was Trafficked into Las Vegas at 17 years old , I was beaten many times and put into prostitution, at 17 . I was a victim of assault with a deadly weapon,I was put on drugs and alcohol, I seriously attempted suicide at 28 years old.I finally got free from That Vegas life and ran for my life and got a real job and got a Gay women to love me for me and that is how I got out of that abusive life style.I really loved men very much but every time I tried to love one they were abusive to me so I turned gay to except, I wrote a book about my life it is Breaking My Silence:I do not understand why as a 3 years old I was Molested by my step dad. It was a very horrible life but I over came the odes of getting out witch are slim and none. You just have no idea how hard it was to get out . But I was lucky I got out with my life and made something of rest of my life. I try to help other women now . I spoke at a conference for Organized Crime & Terrorism.
—Guest Jane McCormick

We need to educate youth

I think we need to educate our youth that such wrongdoing is socially unacceptable and it is not tolerated in a civil society. Only through education will we be able to give our young people an insight into how to engage and what to avoid in a relationship.

It wasn't violent but it was abusive

When I was a freshman in high school I dated a guy who was several years older than me. I was pretty innocent at the time, but he was very physically aggressive and I found myself engaging in more sexual contact than I was ready for at the time. Although he never hit me or hurt me, there was always an implied threat of violence. I had the good sense to end it after a couple of months. During that time, I felt brainwashed. He kept telling me again and again how much I 'wanted' everything he was doing to me, and how I was asking for it. Only after I'd had more healthier, mature sexual relationships did I see how creepy and manipulative he was. I think that if he'd followed through with any form of violence, I would have been too scared to break up with him. I feel lucky that it was my only close brush with abuse.
—Guest Karen

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