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I proved him wrong, and he learned a lesson

Share Your Story: Why I Speak Out Against Sexist Language and Sexist Comments

By FutureCSI

What Was Said

Once, when I was in third grade, a male friend of mine was making sexist comments about all the girls in my class INCLUDING ME! He was saying that girls are stupid, and weak, and stay in the kitchen. Of course all the girls in my class were mad at him and we all sorta stood in one place during free time listening to him insulting us. "Go away Sky!" (Sky is the nickname I gave him, a short version of his real name.) He growled and marched off. I turned to the rest of the girls "We should have done something!" One of the most popular (yet insanely kind) girls spoke up, "Like what!" Little did they know I was plotting.

What I Did

When recess came, Sky went to a cool little hang out place where me, him, and the rest of our friends met most of the time to discuss what we would do that recess (We where very organized.) Little did he know, I got the other kids to all meet at the slide so nobody was really coming . . . but me. (Now remember, I was a little kid. DON'T DO WHAT I DID . . . unless you have no other choice.) I hid behind a tree and watched as Sky waited in the middle of the clearing for the others.

The anger boiling inside of me reached it's peak. I rushed out from my hiding place and tackled Sky to the ground! I got on to his back as he bucked wildly, trying to get me off. I growled, "Take it back Sky!" He pointlessly continued bucking "Never you weak Bitch!" I gasped. This kind of language from a third grade boy! I shoved my foot into his spinal column, causing him to stop flailing and let out a "Ugg!" I flipped him over so I could see his face, his eyes narrowed menacingly, "You wouldn't dare. Your a girl! You don't have the guts!" I smiled, "Try me." and with that I began punching him with every fiber in my being. I hit him over and over until I finally got off of him.

I rubbed my hand then kicked his side, "Your face hurt my fist!" Then I realized what I did. I had just beaten up one of my best friends! He got up and felt his new bloody nose and black eye. I was sure he was going to yell at me but instead, he looked at me, his hard green eyes softening, "I'm sorry." He said. My mouth flew open, "Your sorry?!" "Yeah, I was being a jerk and you sure showed me! Can I be forgiven?" I grinned, "No." He looked at me like it was the end of the world, "I'm just kidding! Yes I forgive you." He smiled and gave me a big hug. "I'll tell the teacher I fell off the swing, okay?" I smiled, "Sure.". We will always be friends and someday, if I get my way, more then friends.

For the rest of the school year he demanded rematch after rematch and I always won, but when ever I did he said "If all girls can be as strong as you, I'm surprised this is a 'man dominated society'" Sky never made a sexist comment again . . . I am lucky to have him in my life.


  • My advice is, if there is a guy bothering you, VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER! Talk to the guy about it, and if IT refuses to stop, IT is not worth being around. LISTEN TO ME FOR I AM ALL MIGHTY AND POWERFUL! And I know it might be hard to find non-sexist guys out there like my friends Sky and Taylor, but don't worry, THERE OUT THERE! And remember, stand up for what's right, even if you're standing alone.

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