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Women and Religion - Role of Women in Religion

Religion can be the source of both comfort and conflict for women. The role of women in religion varies widely, even within the same denomination. Some faiths practice gender equity at all levels, while other follow a traditional interpretation of men and women's roles.

Despite Excommunication, Women Ordained as Catholic Priests
Despite the risk of excommunication, three women seek to be ordained as Catholic priests in a ceremony in Boston.

Church of England Votes to Approve Women as Bishops
In a move that caused dissension within the faith, the Church of England voted to approve of the ordination of women as bishops in July 2008.

The Role of African American Women in the Black Church
Although the vast majority of black church members are female, very few African American congregations are led by women. What is the role of African American women in the black church, and how do congregants feel about this issue?

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