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Politics & Women

Women politicians are entering the political arena in greater and greater numbers. As more and more female candidates are elected for the first time to public office, the changing face of leadership is growing more female. Get to know the politicians, advocates and activists and learn how earlier advancements laid the groundwork for women today.
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Record Number of Women in Congress in 2013 in Both House, Senate
The 113th Congress will go down in the history books as having a record number of women serving in both the House and Senate -- 98 total -- plus the largest number of female newcomers since 1992.

Women in America - Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being
A detailed account of the 2011 report on 'Women in America: Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being" released by the Obama Administration on March 1, 2011, including areas in which women have made significant gains over the decades and areas where there's still room for improvement.

What Do We Want in the Candidate's Wife? How a First Lady Should Look and Act
While we want to elect a President we can have a beer with, we still expect the First Lady to fit into a traditional role that is sadly out of touch with the times. Why does this double standard continue to exist, and what are the expectations that candidates' wives and potential First Ladies are burdened with?

Who's More Likely to Vote - Women or Men?
Are there gender differences in voter turnout between women and men? A look at the women voters in presidential elections, the percentages of those who vote, the demographic groups in which voter turnout is the greatest, and whether or not the fact that women vote more than men holds true across race and ethnic backgrounds.

Politics in the Social Mix: Women Discussing Politics
Many women remain surprisingly hesitant to engage in political discussions. In many cases, it's due to socialization and upbringing. A look at how and when women talk politics, why their opinions are altered by their relationships, the importance of modeling political engagement for the next generation, and a look back at 'political...

Qualities of Women Leaders - Leadership Qualities of Women
When it comes to leadership, does gender matter? Is there a difference between women and men? If so, what are the qualities that the most effective women leaders possess?

What is Mitt Romney's position on contraception?
The Republican nominee for president in the 2012 election, Mitt Romney seems to have carefully avoided nailing down his specific views on contraception, probably because they have shifted over the years. This look at the candidate and where he stands today shows how many of his views on the issue have taken a 180 degree turn in the past decade.

Hunger in America - How Many Women and Children Go Hungry in the US?
Hunger in America is measured by food insecurity, and the group at greatest risk are the families of single mothers. How many women and children go hungry in the US, and how do they compare to other demographic groups? Facts and statistics on how hunger affects women and children in America.

Men, Sex and Power - Why Powerful Men Behave Badly, Why Powerful Women Don't
Every time a sex scandal rocks the headlines, a powerful man is involved. What is the connection between men, sex and power, and why do powerful men behave so badly towards women? How does politics play into sex and power?

2011 Shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords
The January 8, 2011 shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was a horrifying event that reverberated on so many levels. Here's a look at the events surrounding the shooting and the aftermath of the tragedy that claimed six lives.

What is Paul Ryan's position on contraception?
Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan is vehemently anti-abortion. But what are his views on contraception? Judging from his voting record and his support of specific types of legislation, here's the answer.

Who are Romney's Possible Choices for a Female Running Mate?
A look at the women whom Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is rumored to be considering for his running mate should he decide he wants a woman for vice president. Each of these potential VPs has demonstrated strong female leadership and bring a track record of success in their public service careers in their respective states.

Not Enough Women's Voices on TV and in Print
Turn to television or print for the opinions of political thought leaders and you'll find the vast majority are male. The occasional female commentator can rarely afford to be thoughtful; instead, she has to enrage, entertain, or do both at the same time. Why are so few women's voices heard as compared to men?

Hobby Lobby and the Affordable Care Act
Hobby Lobby, once a little known arts and crafts chain store, is the now front and center at the debate between health care reform and religious freedom.

Anita Hill: Truth Teller and Trailblazer

Kathleen Sebelius Resigns

Women and Affirmative Action
What does affirmative action mean for women?

My Brother’s and My Sister’s Keeper
Over 1000 trans and cis women of color have signed their names to letter urging President Obama and his My Brother’s Keeper commission, an initiative aimed at improving the lives of Black and Latino men, to include Black and Brown women and girls in the equation.

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