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Before You Make a Change in Your Life


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Big or small, a life change is similar to the common cold. If you've spent time around someone who has deliberately chosen to change for the better, sooner or later you'll catch the bug as well.

We're more likely to commit to change when we have role models to inspire us. Because if their stories end happily ever after, the same might come true for us.

Below are resources to help you contemplate - and embrace - change in different areas of your life.

Change From Within

Often the hardest change to implement, this frequently involves breaking old habits - and we all know old habits die hard. It's important to keep in mind not what you're giving up, but what you're gaining for the rest of your life:


Change How You Work

There's a big difference between 'job' and 'career.' At one, you're just there for the paycheck. But the other enables you to build on skills and pursue opportunities to achieve long-term goals. Change in the workplace may be as minor as recognizing how certain words can hinder your success, to switching career fields for better pay.


Change Your Mind

Sometimes our opinions are set in stone. And sometimes, we hear or read something that gives us a fresh perspective and may even lead to a change of heart. What's the other side of the coin look like on some of the issues in the headlines? You can find it below:


Change Your Thoughts About Parenting

The decision to become a mother is complex and depends on where you are in life. Do you have the time, energy, and financial ability to raise a child, along with the emotional support of a spouse or partner? When do other women become mothers, and what are the resources they tap into? For moms with daughters, how you discuss body image and food issues with your child, and how early should that conversation take place?


Change as You Age

We've become a society that tries to keep aging at bay, and sometimes that's neither practical nor realistic. As we grow older, many women find they live life more from a place of contentment and self-worth than dissatisfaction and fear. And there's a handful who will tell you that life begins after 45.


Change Your Self-Image

How we look on the outside doesn't always correspond to how we feel on the inside. The drumbeat of insecurity echoes through the lives of many women, and media influences and advertising images don't help. Here are some resources and positive stories of women who feel good about themselves and inspire others.


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