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Life Transitions & Starting Over

The cyclical nature of women's lives means that we'll all face periods of transition and change. The chance to begin again or follow a different path is something more and more women are embracing - or talking about doing.
  1. Divorce (3)
  2. Returning to School (3)
  3. Second Marriages (2)
  4. Widowhood (3)

Don't Just Survive...Thrive - Empty Nest Advice on Moving Forward With Your Life
Many women approach the empty nest phase of their lives with fear and trepidation, and they shouldn't. Of course there's sadness and regret during the initial weeks of getting adjusted to an empty nest, but that's just part of the cycle of life. An empty nest can also mean personal renewal and new opportunities for growth. These 11 tips on thriving during the empty nest years will help you embrace what can be a very exciting time.

Starting Over - For Women Starting Over, Change is the Strongest Truth
For women starting over, four types of beginnings describe the reasons why we seek out a new start. An executive coach and corporate change specialist examines those beginnings and what's involved in successfully starting over.

Child Support Enforcement - Tips on Pursuing Child Support Enforcement
An expert in child support enforcement describes the ins and outs of the enforcement of child support and tips for parents pursuing child support payments.

What Women Give Up in "Having It All"
"Having it all" -- career, marriage, children, success, happiness -- is the goal of many women. But can you have it all without losing yourself in the process? Does juggling work and family eventually take its toll? Some women give up sleep to gain extra hours to accomplish what needs to be done. Others sacrifice relationships by putting friends on the back burner. Do you have it all? If so, what…

Make a Change in Your Life
Change often happens when we see others accomplish what we want to do ourselves. A look at the different areas in which women implement change in their lives, and advice from those who've changed for the better.

Empty Nest - Coping with an Empty Nest
How are you coping with an empty nest? Readers share their stories, give advice, and offer tips.

"The Generosity of Women" by Courtney Eldridge - Book Review
Book review of "The Generosity of Women" by Courtney Eldridge, a novel about women's friendships, mother-daughter relationships, marriage and divorce, and abortion.

When Mom Moves In - Statistics, Trends and Benefits
When mom moves in, what can you expect? Statistics, trends and benefits of mother moving in with adult children are included.

Book Review: "Lust in Translation" by Pamela Druckerman
Book review of "Lust in Translation" by Pamela Druckerman, a funny and light-hearted look at adultery around the world - from Tokyo to Tennessee - written by a former Wall Street Journal reporter. The book reveals the truth behind many myths surrounding infidelity, including the fact that Americans cheat far less on their spouses than popular culture would have you believe.

Catwoman's New Life - Julie Newmar's Hollywood Success Story
Julie Newmar became a household name when she played Catwoman in the 1960s TV series "Batman." But playing a sexy villain was nothing compared to surviving a divorce, raising a special needs child, changing careers, going back to school, and building a multi-million dollar real estate empire.

Time to Fly: Surviving an Empty Nest
When a child leaves for college, it's particularly hard for women who see themselves as friends first, mothers second, to let go.

Losing a Father - A Daughter Reflects on the Death of a Parent
An adult daughter comes to terms with the terminal diagnosis and impending death of a parent, and recalls the special father daughter relationship they shared.

Biography of Janice Van Dyck
Biography of writer Janice Van Dyck, author of Finding Frances and The O'Malley Trilogy.

Turning 50 - The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Turning Fifty for Women
Although it's a number many women dread, turning 50 isn't the end of the world. A look at the good, the bad and the ugly of turning fifty for women including increased self-acceptance, menopause, an empty nest, and that inevitable underarm sag that resembles fish bellies.

What is a Sarah Birthday? What is the Netherlands Sarah 50th Birthday Tradition?
When a woman turns 50 in the Netherlands, she becomes a Sarah -- old enough to have seen the biblical figure of the same name. The Sarah 50th birthday celebrates older women and has many unique traditions associated with this special birthday.

When a Mother Dies - How Her Adult Daughter is Affected
It's devastating to lose a mother at any age. For adult daughters, the grief is accompanied by a feeling of being alone, being unmoored, even for women who weren't close to their mothers. A therapist and author of a memoir on her own mother/daughter relationship reflects on the impact of a mother's death on an adult daughter, and the mix of...

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