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Major Issues Facing Women and Their Impact on Women's Lives


A look at the major issues facing women and the impact these issues have on women's lives.
  1. The Power of Women Voters
  2. Women and the Supreme Court
  3. President Obama - Responsive to Women's Issues?
  4. Reproduction & Contraception
  1. Pregnancy & Abortion
  2. Violence Against Women
  3. Sex and Relationships

The Power of Women Voters

How did women vote in the 2012 election? Why was there such a gender gap between President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney when it came to women's votes? Did women decide the presidential election?

Women and the Supreme Court

If women outnumber men in the U.S., why doesn't the composition of the Supreme Court reflect this? Presidents from Reagan to Obama have tried to correct this with the nomination of female justices. Learn more about these women and the circumstances that placed them on the bench of the nation's highest court.

President Obama - Responsive to Women's Issues?

In his first term in office, has Barack Obama been as sensitive to the needs of women as he promised during his campaign, particularly when it comes to pay equity, reproductive rights, healthcare, and supporting female leadership?

Reproduction & Contraception

19-year-old Florida teen Bryttany Ferko during her 9th month.

Issues concerning women's reproductive rights and the various forms of contraception legally available to women in the United States.

Pregnancy & Abortion

New York has one of the highest rates of teenage abortion

Facts, statistics and information about pregnancy and abortion in the United States.

Violence Against Women

Victims of a 'victimless' crime: a composite photo of murdered prostitutes in the UK

Rape, sexual assault, domestic abuse, prostitution - all of these involve the victimization of women. Facts and statistics, stories of abuse and survival, and ways to reduce violence against women.

Sex and Relationships

We seek love and intimacy throughout our lives, yet neither are ever a sure thing. Some women seek comfort and stability; others need excitement and experimentation. We may know ourselves, but the problem is - it takes two to tango.

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