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Prostitution, Pornography and the Sex Trade

Whether it's legal or illegal, prostitution and pornography characteristically demean and degrade women. Depictions of women in pornography frequently mix violence and abuse, while the realities of prostitution put women at greater risk of sexual and physical abuse and rape.

Prostitution and Sex Workers - Prostitutes in the Sex Trade
Statistics, anecdotal stories, and real life accounts of prostitution and sex workers' experiences as prostitutes in the sex trade. What prostitution does to women who work in the sex trade industry, and why sex workers are at greater risk of injury, abuse, rape, and even death.

Is Prostitution a Victimless Crime? Answer Exposes Gender Gap
The argument that prostitution is a victimless crime reveals a gender gap in the answers given by men and women. Prostitution does not empower women but exposes them to greater violence and abuse. Opinions and facts provided by women who have studied the sex trade industry, along with quotes from a former prostitute.

Prostitution Statistics and Rape
Violence and rape are all too common in a prostitute's life. Prostitution statistics reveal that most have endured childhood sexual and physical abuse and face a similar situation in adulthood. Yet the legal system turned a blind eye to prostitutes who've been raped, until the case of Aileen Wuornos made headlines.

Judgment, Not Justice, for Prostitute Who is Raped
A female judge in Philadelphia tosses out a prostitute's rape case and says that the hooker who dared to press charges "minimizes true rape cases and demeans women who are really raped."

How Prostitution Works - Pimps, Johns, and Sex Workers
A thorough examination of how prostitution works, including a lengthy and detailed look at those involved - the pimps, johns, and sex workers.

The Stockholm Syndrome and Prostitution
Named after a failed bank robbery attempt in Sweden, the Stockholm Syndrome describes the emotional bond a hostage feels toward her captor; and it's a technique used by pimps to control prostitutes and prevent them from escaping.

Sex Work, Choice, and Power
With all the charges of exploitation and stigma around sex work, can porn ever be empowering? Porn stars Belle Knox and Asa Akira seem to think so.

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