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Influential Women

Gandhi once said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Whether these influential women are familiar with the saying or not, they've taken the words to heart.
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Notable Women at the London 2012 Olympics - The Famous and Infamous
While the 2012 London Olympics may be remembered as "the women's Olympics," these are the female athletes who made their mark by breaking new ground individually and collectively. Some were medal winners, some were simply happy to compete, but all helped to further the opportunities open to women in sports.

Top Women's Issues News Stories of 2010
A month-by-month look at the top women's issues news stories of 2010.

Decade of 2000 - Women Who Changed the World in the First Dec…
Some are familiar while others are not, but all have one thing in common -- they are women who changed the world in the first decade of 2000. Find out who they were and what they did.

Top 10 Most-Talked About Women of 2009
Judging from the headlines and the controversy they generated, these women may have been loved, hated, admired, or despised... but they were the top 10 women most-talked about in 2009.

Elizabeth Blackburn - Nobel Price Winner, Scientist, and Mother
A look at Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, a Nobel prize winner who is as dedicated to her work as a scientist and researcher as her role as a mother.

Biography of Robyn Hatcher
Biography of Robyn Hatcher, writer, public speaking trainer and coach, communication and presentation skills consultant and founder of SpeakEtc.

Elizabeth Blackburn Bio - Profile of the Nobel Prize Winner Elizabeth…
A short bio and profile of Elizabeth Blackburn, the 2009 Nobel prize winner in medicine.

Lee, Ling and North Korea - Female Journalists' Ordeal in North Korea
While working on a story for Al Gore's Current TV on women and trafficking, journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling reportedly crossed into North Korea from China and were captured by soldiers in March 2009. Accused of 'suspected hostile acts' and sentenced to 12 years of hard labor, the two women's futures looked grim, until former president Bill Clinton intervened on their behalf.

Women's Issues Non-Fiction Books
The problem with locating worthwhile women's issues non-fiction books is that titles are scattered throughout dozens of subject areas. Covering a wide range of topics from contemporary concerns to historical accounts of women's lives, the following recommended books are all worthwhile reads.

All Eyes Were On Them As They Shaped Politics, Society and Pop Culture
Who were the most influential women of 2008?

Book Review: "The Girls in the Van"
AP reporter Beth Harpaz's account of the two years she followed Hillary Clinton's run for the Senate.

Happy 80th Birthday, Gloria Steinem!

Anita Hill: Truth Teller and Trailblazer

Woman on the Rise: Janet Yellen
Janet Yellen is the first woman to chair the Federal Reserve, but what is her connection to women's issues?

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