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It's no secret that women compare themselves to the female images they see portrayed on television, film, and advertising. At both the conscious and subconscious level, these media images of women lower self-esteem and affect behavior at every age and stage of life. We know they're unrealistic, yet they exert pressure on women to conform, and influence how we live, love, work and play.
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Rush Limbaugh / Sandra Fluke Controversy - Limbaugh's Women Problem
For years Rush Limbaugh has targeted women on his radio show, attacking Hillary Clinton and other female politicians, promoting the term 'feminazi' and making derogatory statements about women he has issues with. Labeled by critics as a misogynist, he crossed the line in calling Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a slut and prostitute and may...

Women's Issues in 2008 - Top Women's Issues Stories in 2008
A look at the top women's issues stories of 2008.

Finding Women's News Stories and Articles
Finding current news articles specific to women's experiences and perspectives is not as easy as hitting a search button.

And if your interests go beyond what appears in the popular media, it's a challenge to locate good resources.

Here are several good places to go. Many will even subscribe you to their daily digest of news articles.

CBS Daytime Talk Show 'The Talk' - Review of the Premiere Episode
Will the new CBS show 'The Talk' draw viewers away from ABC's 'The View'? A review of the show's premiere episode with guest Christie Brinkley and a discussion of when to have 'the talk' about sex with your kids.

Teen Pregnancy and Teen Mom TV Shows - Best and Worst
Is being a teenage mom is the new black? Numerous TV shows have teen pregnancy and teen motherhood as the theme, including reality shows and teen dramas. What teenage pregnancy and teenage mom TV shows do you watch? Are the teens giving a realistic portrayal of life as a pregnant teen or mom, or do they glamorize teen pregnancy and motherhood?See submissions

Rush Limbaugh on Women - Rush Limbaugh Quotes About Women
Quotes from conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh on women and women's issues taken from transcripts of his radio show. Comments include Limbaugh's take on women, feminism and feminazis, political figures, political scandals, and more, all in Rush Limbaugh's own words.

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