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Male Female Relationships

When it comes to male female relationships, happily ever after only exists in fairy tales. To establish and maintain strong and lasting relationships, women and men need to understand each other to live with each other.
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Men, Sex and Porn - One Guy's Candid Opinion
Why do men behave the way they do when it comes to women, sex and porn? Excerpts from the candid opinion of one male commentator sparks a lively debate between women and men as to whether or not porn helps, hurts or has no affect on male/female relationships.

Impact of Viagra on Women's Sexuality
It takes two to tango, and though it's a drug intended for men, the impact of Viagra on women's sex lives has been enormous. Viagra and women's sexuality is the focus of an interview with Meika Loe, author of "The Rise of Viagra."

What Causes Men to See Women as Sex Objects? Study Offers Answers
Few women appreciate working with men who display pin-ups and photos of scantily-clad women. Now a study reveals that when men see these photos, they begin to regard other women around them as sex objects and their behavior is affected.

Narcissistic Men - Why Women Should Never Date Narcissistic Men
A Kent State psychologist reveals why narcissistic men harbor hostility toward heterosexual women, and why dating narcissistic men may be a very bad idea.

Men To Avoid - Readers Respond: Men To Avoid
Readers give advice on what types of men to avoid in serious relationship.

Worst Gift You've Ever Received
What's the worst gift you've ever received? Was it a thoughtless gift from a boyfriend that pretty much told you the relationship was over? Or a gift from a friend that was so wrong, so misguided, so off-base that it made you question whether or not she knew you at all? What were the circumstances and how did you react?

What's the Meaning Behind His Gift?
If you're wondering whether or not your relationship will last, clues to how your partner really feels are revealed when you look at the meaning behind the gifts he's given you.

What is Sadie Hawkins Day? Is It the Same Day as Leap Day?
Is Sadie Hawkins Day a real day, and is it the same day as Leap Year Day? How did it start, and why do women ask men out or propose marriage on Sadie Hawkins Day?

Domestic Violence - Myths About Domestic Violence and Domestic Abuse
A survivor of domestic violence who escaped after 23 years of abuse debunks myths about domestic violence with examples drawn from her own experiences.

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