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Growing up female in America is harder than ever. Media and peer pressure, teenage sex and abstinence, friendships and relationships - they all complicate your life when you're just trying to make it to adulthood.
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WE tv Series "High School Confidential" - Inside the Lives of 12 Teenage Girls
A review of the WE tv series "High School Confidential," an 8 hour documentary that looks at what high school is really like from the perspective of 12 teenage girls from freshman through senior year.

BBC America Looks at Body Image
Girls, teens and women confront body image issues every day. With the U.S. premiere of five separate documentaries, BBC America explores Hollywood-style extreme weight loss, teenage obesity, breast enlargement, breast reduction, and gender identification through the eyes of a teen dealing with transsexuality.

Is it a Hug or Harassment?
Schools are trying very hard to ensure that students - especially females - aren't subjected to unwanted touching or sexual harassment by other students. But at one school, one administrator may have gone too far.

Facebook and Sexual Predators
The social networking site Facebook promises a level of security and safety for its users. But as investigators from the New York State Attorney General's Office discovered when posing online as young teenage girls, sexual predators are out there, waiting.

Juvenile Justice System - Girls in Juvenile Justice System: F…
The fastest growing population in the juvenile justice system, girls are underserved and their specific needs unmet in a system designed for boys. The issues that often drive girls toward delinquency -- such as sexual and physical abuse and neglect -- are made much worse.

Should My Daughter Get the HPV Vaccine?
The HPV vaccine has become a talking point for presidential candidates and a concern of mothers and fathers across the country. If you're asking, "Should my daughter get the HPV vaccine?" there are several issues to consider (in addition to the medical literature on HPV vaccines) to understand why the vaccine has sparked such controversy and...

Did Your Child Get the HPV Vaccine?
Do you have a daughter between 9 and 26 and has she gotten the HPV vaccine? What were your reasons for doing so, or not doing so? Do you think the controversy surrounding the vaccine is blown out of proportion? Why or why not? And if you have a son, is your pediatrician or family doctor encouraging you to consider the HPV vaccination for him?...

What is child sexual abuse? Definition of child sexual abuse
What is child sexual abuse? Does the abuse always include physical contact, or can abuse occur without touching? Is it child sexual abuse if the perpetrator is another child? A short article on the definition of child sexual abuse.

10 Facts About Child Sexual Abuse - Statistics on Child Sexual Abuse
How common is child sexual abuse? Is the typical perpetrator more likely to be the stranger in the park looking for his lost dog, or a trusted friend or family member? Facts and statistics on the prevalence of child sexual abuse and who's at greatest risk of becoming a victim.

10 Social Networking Safety Tips - Social Media Safety Tips for Women, Girls
Even when we think we're being careful, we reveal a surprising amount of personal information when we use social networking sites and social media. These 10 tips for women and girls can help protect your privacy and reduce the risk of stalking and identity theft.

Biography of Emma Bilello
A short biography of writer and journalist Emma Bilello.

If I Knew Then What I Know Now: A Girl's Guide to College Life
There's a short, steep learning curve to college life and many of us only get it right at the end of our four years. Get a head start on what you need to know about college life from a senior whose own experiences and mistakes lend weight to her advice.

5 Tips for Avoiding the Freshman 15
There's so much to look forward to in college that worrying about the "Freshman 15" should only be a footnote to the first year college experience. But the reality is that changes in diet do impact students. These 5 tips on avoiding the infamous fifteen pounds every freshman allegedly gains emphasize healthy habits over dieting and can set you...

My Brother’s and My Sister’s Keeper
Over 1000 trans and cis women of color have signed their names to letter urging President Obama and his My Brother’s Keeper commission, an initiative aimed at improving the lives of Black and Latino men, to include Black and Brown women and girls in the equation.

Search for Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls Over
The search for over 200 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls takes a devastating turn, as officials decide to close the investigation to bring back the missing young women. Will we be ever able to bring back our girls?

Woman on the Rise: Malala Yousafzai
Malala Yousafzai is a young Pakistani woman who was shot because she defied the Taliban. Her words and work stand as a testament to her resiliency and fierce determination to women’s rights and education.

The Advantages of Women’s Colleges
Although only about 50 remain in the United States, women’s colleges offer students an unparalleled experience of college life and a potential for a career success often unmatched by their co-ed peers. Here’s why.

Women’s Colleges—Fun Facts and Figures
There are so many advantages to studying at women only institutions. Here are just a few women’s colleges that have educated some of the finest minds.

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