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'Cougar' Women

A term that's come into vogue in recent years, 'cougar' describes an attractive older women who is involved with younger men. Is the term accurate or sexist? Do women like the 'cougar' image?

Cougar - Positive or Negative Image of Women?
When an older woman is involved with a younger man, she's often labeled a 'cougar.' Does the cougar image promote a positive or negative view of women and sexuality? Or is this another example of gender bias, since no equivalent term for males who date younger females exists? If you've ever dated a younger man, did you like being called a...

Cougar Women - Deconstructing Cougar Women
Why do we label older women who date younger men 'cougar women'? A look at the stereotypes and misinformation about cougar women from a woman who just happens to date younger men and resists the label.

If a Woman is a Cougar, a Man is a...
Every wonder why there's a term for women who date younger men but not men who date younger women?Maybe we need to create one. Readers fill in the blank to the sentence, "If a woman is a cougar, a man is a..."

Cougar Women - What's Behind the Cougar Image?
Any attractive older woman who is sexy and appealing to younger men is now being lumped into the 'cougar' category. The cougar image is one that some women cultivate and others reject. The latter see it as a stereotype -- a nasty one at that. How did the term cougar come into fashion? What's the age range of cougars and the men they're involved with? How do women feel about the cougar image? Doe…

What is a puma? Definition of puma woman and difference between puma and...
We've all heard the term cougar to describe a woman, but what is a puma? Is she a younger version of a cougar or something completely different? The definition of the word may have to do with which side of the Atlantic you call home, as the US and UK term "puma" appears to describe women with widely different interests in men.

What is a cougar?
What is the definition of a cougar, and how old does a woman have to be to be a cougar? What is the age difference between a cougar and the men she pursues. Plus several real-life examples of Hollywood cougar couples.

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