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Equal Pay Day - Why the Odds Are Never in Our Favor

By April 17, 2012

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Happy Equal Pay Day! And may the inequities be ever in your favor.

I'm of course paraphrasing the familiar quote from The Hunger Games, but like that epic battle to the death, Equal Pay Day isn't exactly something to celebrate. In fact, I hate that today even exists.

Knowing that women have to work an additional three and a half months into the new year to equal the pay earned by a man the previous year is galling.

It's also galling that inequities continue to exist. Even worse, legislation designed to close the wage gap is being overturned by those who don't believe women earn less than men based on gender alone.

That's what's going on in Wisconsin where Governor Scott Walker just repealed the Equal Pay Enforcement Act of 2009. Take a look -- it'll make your blood to run cold.

If those in power refuse to acknowledge inequity exists, how are we going to change it? Probably by taking that power for ourselves. The more women who are elected to public office, the more policy makers will understand from their own personal experience that if we do the same work, we are owed the same compensation. Legislation that is passed -- and enforced -- to ensure equal pay will make the concept behind today obsolete. The only Happy Equal Pay Day to celebrate will be the day when every day is equal pay day.

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