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Political Asylum for Domestic Violence Victims in the U.S.

By December 18, 2009

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Is the United States poised to become a refuge for domestic violence victims from other nations? If the Obama administration has its way, asylum in the U.S. could be granted to women who are victims of domestic violence and feel they need to flee their country to protect themselves.

Previously reserved for those who claim persecution by a government, political asylum in the U.S. is typically granted to those who demonstrate that their persecution is due to religious or political beliefs, race, nationality, or membership in a group.

Asylum for domestic violence victims would expand the guidelines to include women (and men) facing partner abuse.

Last week a Guatemalan woman, Rody Alvarado, who fled her native country in 1995 and applied for asylum in the U.S.,was granted her request by an immigration judge, opening up the possibility for others to follow suit.


January 28, 2010 at 11:50 am
(1) Liora Stein says:

Ms. Lowen, I think the more important issue here is that women are seeking political asylum FROM the Family Court Systems in the UNITED STATES due to a lack of protection by our own court systems against domestic violence. Two cases in point: Holly Anne Collins was the first US Citizen who was granted political asylum by the Netherlands to protect herself and her daughter Jennifer from what they termed “court ordered child abuse”. Jennifer, now of majority, actively speaks out against this practice in our own country. A second case, is the case of Wendy Titelman, who lost custody of her 2 daughters after extensive evidence, that was reported to every governmental agency within the state of Georgia. In her attempt to protect her daughters, she was prosecuted and she has been denied access to her daughters for more than 8 years. Her book, “Let My Children Go!” describes a chilling scenario – but the real issue is that her story is not that unusual. Ms. Titelman has an active petition against the violation of her human rights awaiting review in an international court. Her book is endorsed by Paul Jay Fink, Seth L. Goldstein and others. The real story is what is happening in our own country on the issue of domestic violence. There are many, many other stories like Ms. Collins and Ms. Titelmans. I urge you to review Battered Mothers Custody Conference’s website. We need a champion in the media. I hope you will help us educate the public, and the Obama Administration about our OWN need for asylum from our own court systems.

June 8, 2012 at 10:20 pm
(2) Zachary says:

Most of the children are abseud at home. by their own relative, sometimes by a parent or siblings. I have also heard cases, where the father abuses the daughter, and mother just ignores it, as it gives her free time. where will the child go for any help? children are conditioned to go to their parents for emotional support. so, the keep going to their father or mother and want to please them as that is what they are told to do. parents telling children to respect elders. Do what they tell. You have to please them in order to get recogonition/acceptance .. this is the basic reason why children do not report that they are being abseud. in fact they don’t even know they are being abseud. they only believe that they are still not being able to please his/her abuser. They think it is their fault and blame themselves for it. Good movie suggestion: The Woodsman . If you haven’t seen it before, it is a must-see movie.

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