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Readers Respond: Ovarian Cancer Support - Diagnosis, Treatment and Survivor Stories

Responses: 23


Compared to breast cancer, we don't hear many stories of ovarian cancer survivors. Yet women have survived every stage of the disease some have dubbed "the silent killer" because of its lack of symptoms. If you're an ovarian cancer survivor, or have cared for a mother, sister, or relative with the disease, share your story and personal experiences with diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

Medical Marijuana for chemo?

I'd suggest a little pot smoking for ladies going through chemotherapy! It really helps with nausea and will bring on the type of hunger you'll need to regain lost weight. Plus, gives a great mellow feeling for most people. I know it's still a minority of states that have legalized pot for medicinal use, but if you live in one already, you may as well take advantage. Anyone else with smoking experiance and an opinion about it?
—Guest Ashley

Freaking Out

I'm not a survivor or even a current person with Ovarian Cancer but I'm a little scared for about a week and half before thanksgiving I had felt like I had a Kidney infection I had to pee a lot my lower back and sides hurt so I went to the doctor just expecting to get an antibiotic and leave the sunday after thanksgiving but they had a different plan they did a CT a pelvic exam and and ultrasound it turns out I have and 8 cm cyst in my left ovary which is almost the complete size of my ovary now I have to make an appointment with an OBGYN I'm freaking out are cyst normal will I just have it taken out and be ok? Is there a possibility that it could be Ovarian Cancer? I'm only 20 and it scare's me my mom says I could lose my ovary I want to eventually have children. I need encouragement/ information. Anyone with a similar story? I feel like im having a mental break down.
—Guest Emalee

Surviving So Far

I was diagnosed in July 2008 with stage 3 OV which required surgery that removed my ovaries,tubes,appendix,and omentem,followed by 6 chemo treatments.I had a wonderful team of medical people and family and church family support. The prayers of so many people who did not even know me. I am still going strong at 67 and I am motivated by a husband who now needs my caregiving. I live by this quote. "Don't tell God how strong the storm is,tell the storm how strong your God is." Stay strong ladies and keep up with your checkups.God Bless you all...........
—Guest Judith

WOW 11-01-2012

Hell o everyone my name is Shamier and i am 24 yrs old and yesterday i finally went to an gyn, the one who delivered my baby. Anyway I was told yesterday after being given the pap smear and pelvic exam etc, that i have a cyst on my ovaries and secretly im a little nervous and scared. tomorrow i am going to Valley Hospital here in Vegas to see if they will do necessary test that i shouldve had in the gyn office. I hope that they find something only because i have been off the depo shot 9 months and have never had any problems with my menstral but now i have been bleeding for 3 going on 4 fucking months. Aswewll as lots of gas bloating and especially horrible cramps and nausea and rectal pain. In the past i have had an abnormal papsmear and didnt go back to the doctor for a biopsy because of fear of them taking a piece of me. Now i am leraving early in the morning to hopefully know what i believe...(Ovarian Cancer) or cysts, the more i read ppls stories and symptoms i get more sure.


My mother was diagnosed February 1993 with ovarian cancer. After 2 surgeries 2 weeks apart, 2 different surgeons told me with no hesitation that my mother had no chance. Both said there was no hope, and to prepare my family for the funeral. In fact when I dared to question the 2nd surgeon, he angrily turned on me said: "Look, it's over! Deal with it!" Luckily, my mother had an excellent hematologist who never gave up on her. Suffice to say my Mother did pass away...12 years later! My mom got to hold 3 more grand children and 2 great grand children. The 12 years were not entirely easy, but overall my mother was in remission for most of them. All I can say is it is so important to have determination to find physicians and other health professionals that want to fight for you and sometimes the "expert" is not the best person to decide what "chances" a patient may or may not have...
—Guest John

Ovarian Cancer

I was told in march of 2011 i had stage 1 o.v cancer , i had a complete hysterectory, & 6 chemo Treatments. I am doing great,thanks to the great DRs i had . The treatments were hard but a postive atitude, a wonderful husband & a great family,along with a long list of friends & my faith in god. Keep Postive!!!!
—Guest Brenda Whitten

my mam is going through it now

my mam was having symptoms for several months, she was having bloating , constipation , cramps and weight loss. she went to her G.P. many times but he just blew it off as IBS. my mam knew it was cancer. it wasnt until she went to see a different G.P. who did the ultrasound and bloods to find out that it was in fact a tumour on her ovary and within days of finding out her stomach was so swollen that she had to be admitted and having a total hysterectomy. it was so traumatic even before the surgery they thought it might even be in her bowel as her symtoms were so bad. thankfully the surgery was a success and the surgeon says the type of cancer she has is sensitive to chemotherapy. she is having her second session of chemo this week and had to shave all her beautiful hair off, this upset mam as she is very proud of her appearance but she is a fighter and she will get through this. keep on fighting ladies and have faith, you will get through this xxx
—Guest ciara

Stay positive

I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in April 2011. I had surgery June 2nd. and a massive heart attack June 3rd. I also had a collapsed lung. I was treated for my heart had tubes put on my lungs to clear them out and started my chemotherapy in July. I'm finished with everything now except my Dr. visits. I have been in remission since Dec. 2011. I feel great! Thanks to my fabulous Drs,nurses and all the staff at University Hospitals and the Seidman Cancer Center. But you also have to think positive stay strong and have FAITH in GOD. I'm still alittle anxious when I have to go to my check ups. That's normal. But after all I went through I'm still alive. Keep positive thoughts and just keep telling yourself you can do this and above all else never stop Praying. HE does hear you. GOD BLESS.
—Guest Debbie

In the dark...

I am a 27 year old female. In 2010 I had found out that I had a cyst on my left ovary. I had not felt ill at that time and the cyst was very small. It went from 1.3 cm to 4.5 cm in a couple of months, but doctors wouldn't remove it due to lack of insurance. For the past two years I have suffered with nausea, 90 lbs weight loss without diet or exercise, bloating, gas, abdominal pain and discomfort and pain in my legs along with heavy periods. Doctors are perplexed and I am suffering. I have been told I am too young for certain things and I know something is being overlooked. I know I am not too young! I don't know what else to do. I constantly have to urinate and I am tired all of the time. I feel like I have a chronic infection but I don't have an infection according to doctors. Is it possible this could be ovarian cancer? The doctor noticed free fluid in my pelvic area in the beginning but they said this was normal. Does anyone know if this true? I am worried it may be cancer.
—Guest Jessica

Not a survivor yet

I had my surgery for ovarian cancer Feb.23/12.They removed a 25 cm. tumor, and a whole lot of other stuff. I was first diagnosed to be constipated. I could feel the lump in my belly. I went back to my Dr.he then did a CT scan and found a tumor the size of a grapfruit. Over the next 10 days my abdomen grew huge, like I was 9 months pregnant. Tomorrow I go for my follow up appt. the Dr. has already called me to let me know I will need chemo treatments. I don't know what to expect tomorrow, I'm just scared, of whats coming up.I just hope I ask all the right questions and don't forget anything. I'm 56 years old and have 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren. Love them all, and really want to spend much more time with them. It really makes you take a good look at your life, and maybe now I will do some things that make me happy (I might be a little more selfesh)LOL! It's certainly not an easy road girls! My heart goes out to each and everyone of you!!!
—Guest Dee Dee

You Can Beat it!

9/2010, surgery, I was IIb. Just finished 22cycles on a phase 3 trial today! I am doing well, been in remission since 2/2011. Stay the Fight, YOU WIN! I wish I had found survivors, someone to talk with earlier on. It is so scary when you can only find the bad news about it. There is such a darkness and fear around it. I was lucky to have a good surgeon/gyne-oncologist and good surgical results and to make it through a hard Chemo/trial. I have hope.... there is hope! Love to all my sisters in the fight! Keep up the Fight... we WIN!
—Guest Lois Pervier

I am losing weight. Nothing is working.

I am 65 yrs old.I am a stage 2 ovarian cancer.I had my debulking done. I am on my 3rd chemo. I am losing weight every day. I am 90 lbs now, down from 120 lbs. What should I do? I NEED HELP.
—Guest krl

never give up hope

During your useful treatments - have you ever have Gemzar chemo? It'what my onc recommends now - haven't responded to Doxil - and all I read about Gemzar it is truly frightening.
—Guest sue 1111

Stage 2C Survivor

My period had stopped and then started suddenly a year later and was very heavy. I was under a lot of stress and went to my GP a month later asking for an ultrasound. She put me on novo-medrone to stop the bleeding which delayed me another 2.5 months. In the meantime I kept going back to her and asking for an ultrasound. After asking about 5 times I finally told her that I needed an ultrasound as I felt my uterus was decaying inside me. My stomach had swollen even though I was eating nothing and I either had diahrea or constipation. Turns out I had ovarian cancer, stage 2C and my tumour was the size of a grapefruit. The tumour was attached to my rectum, colon and pelvic wall. Chemotherapy was not a choice and was 6 sessions at 6 hours a session. This all began in January 2010 (the worst year of my life) and I am still recovering. My hair is growing back and I am suffering from neuropathy. I lost my mom that year too. Stay strong ladies. I love you all. Your fellow survivor. Janice
—Guest Janice Baird

Working from the inside out

I too received a re-do of my life. Diagnosed Stage IIIC 10/06/09, later Stage 4 after cancer cells found in water behind my lungs. I use Louise Hay's CDs & books to work on my emotional trauma as well as no red-meat, sugar or white flour diet. I believe that we are special people who squelch our emotional pain trying not to hurt others. I needed to relive many things in order to forgive and release many feelings & people, including myself. I truly love and accept myself -now- just as I am. I am magnificent and I accept and deserve abundance and health. I love all you women out there that share ovarian cancer. Go to ovationsforthecure.org. It is beautiful. Founded by Patty, who eventually lost her battle but left a beautiful legacy. My advice, read YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE and Dr Kim's 9 SECRETS TO PERFECT HEALTH, do retail therapy (even if you put most things back!), good girlfriends, lunches & laughter. Love your Hubby & family. TEAL is our color ladies. Wear it proudly. Luv, Me

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