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Readers Respond: I Wish My Insurance Covered...

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Ever wonder why health insurance covers Viagra but not birth control? Even with the passage of health care reform, there's a lot that women find missing in their health care coverage. What would you like to see your insurance plan cover? Do you see gender bias in your health care coverage?

not happy with this part of the bill

This first phase focuses on women as reproducers--it's all sexual things, as if that is the only thing women care about with their health. And it's only for younger women. What about skin cancer screenings?

Homemaking Services

My husband and I both became ill and/or disabled at the same time last spring. I desperately needed house cleaning and cooking services, not to mention care for our 3 pets. Not covered, apparently. Such services would keep seniors in their homes, and would be cost-effective.
—Guest Kay Anderson

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