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Readers Respond: Should Sarah Palin Run for President in 2012?

Responses: 61


Yes to female president, no to Sarah

I would be proud to have our first female president, but not Sarah Palin. This would the the wrong choice. I believe she would be better as a talk show host like Jerry Springer because she knows how to bring the worst out of people. Sorry Jerry. She would cause war in the United States, we have gotten past that so let's not go there again.
—Guest jean


Sarah is a very strong person, and she is very good at what she does as a political person and as a mom. I agree with much of what she says despite some of her weird remarks.
—Guest Grace

New York for Palin

I think the only way to end the misery of millions is to throw this country straight off a cliff. Bush only destroyed 98% of our lives. We need Sarah to finish the job so we can finally rebuild.
—Guest Pigbitin Mad

Just Say NO

I was SO excited when I learned that McCain had selected a female running mate. And then she spoke. And kept speaking. And we learned the terrible truth - that while she has undeniable charisma, she lacks the intellectual strength and wisdom that a certain Hillary Clinton exudes.
—Guest Amy in KY

Can you see it now?

On the international stage: " Ooooh!!!! So-and-So from X-country wrote SUCH a mean thing on Face book about me!!! Let's exclude him from the Recess Lunch Bunch from now on!! And also, later when we get home, let's get all the neighborhood kids to come help beat up on him!!! That meanie! Waaaaaaaa!!"
—Guest sasja

My opinion

She is too young and inexperienced to be President. She needs a mouth filter. She makes enemies by getting involved in things that are none of her business, like state political races that she knows nothing about, in our state she was on the wrong side. Which proves she is not equipped to hold the highest office in the US. She needs to actually finish a job. She should serve in the lower offices for about 10 years and learn to complete a job.
—Guest LM

Do you all know who Sarah Palin is?

Not only an embarrassment to represent our precious country, but a dimwit who doesn't know or understand politics enough for a decent interview or realistic debate! if she was "nervous" then move on over & let another republican fill your shoes. This Republican is changing over to another party, since this is all my party has been able to come up with??!!!
—Guest dumbfounded american

NOOO...just no

If that (place bad word here) runs for president, I will LEAVE this country.
—Guest someone


No I do not think so but if she does run that is her right but I do not think she will get the G O P nomination!
—Guest obsnow


Welcome to the stone age. Why choose smart and informed when a head in the sand will do? I would love to see a debate between Palin and H. Clinton. She would chew her up and spit her back to the melting snow country and deteriorating pipe line. "Onward Christian soldiers," or is it "Heil Palin"?
—Guest Dee Wentz

ummm....sarah? Really?!?

I really don't know what to say about that. I think that a woman should be elected president in the 2012 election. I just don't know who will be running and who is the most popular? Those are all good questions and answers in my book!!!!!
—Guest guest tinker


I have nothing against Ms. Palin, but I still can't believe Sen. McCain did not make Sen. Snow or Sen Collins his choice! If he had done so, he would be President this time. Anybody that knows anything of these two outstanding senators from the same state would agree.
—Guest RJ Tremblay

Lets All go Sarah Palin Untill Then!!!

Yes I think that we all need to see the light and do everyting we can do to elect Sarah as the Republican who runs. Lets wake up Democrats!!!!! WOW
—Guest Martin

She is a Quitter

I would be scared of her being president as she walked out on her Governor's job. What if she has a bad day she will quit being president too ? Sorry NO NO NO
—Guest Arch

Palin? Too scary.

Please, no...too scary. I feel too insecure because of her knowledge.
—Guest jean

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