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Readers Respond: Why Did You Choose Abortion?

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why i choose it

cus i have a babe and my bf ws not working although he wanted the babe so bad bt i couldnt deal with the fact that i have to suport the babe alone, its been two months now and he got work and my relatioship with him is real not going, has dumped me several times and is cheating with another, when i ask him he says he wants a babe and wil do anything to get it with sumone who is willing... so i wul say it was not the best decision i made..
—Guest beeve

I wish my situation was better

I was 27, separated from my ex-husband who had fathered 3 kids with his mistress during our 5 year marriage. When he sent me divorce papers out of the blue (that's when I found out about the kids) we separated... I moved into my car and he moved in with her. He was happy. I wasn't. So I went out and wanted to numb the pain of loneliness and depression and I slept with my closest guy friend. (Background - I have pcos and endometerosis and rarely have periods) so I thought everything was ok. It wasn't. I went in for a routine check up on my cysts and found out I was pregnant. My ex found out and he and his insane family began to threaten me. When I told my only friend, he was there for me, and thrilled that I was carrying his child. I was shocked. But everyone in his family demanded that I abort or else. And since I had no job, no money, living out of my car with my only support being my friend whose family always hated me... I did what everyone wanted. It still hurts to this day.
—Guest none

kayleighr 2011

i had one yesterday at 12 weeks and ive never felt more relieved, i know its not nice but i want to bring a kid up when i have my own house and have worked and give it a good life instead of bringing a child up on benifits and income support i dont want to be relying on the goverment as they treat u like s..t and stop ur money when they feel like it then u end up living in a hostel struggling for food and cloths no thanks i made the right decision i know that now even though i was scared right up to the day. i hope to have a baby one day when im ready and give it a great life.
—Guest kayleigh 2011

How about because I didn't want a kid?

And it was an excellent decision. The thought of having a 7 yr old today is enough to make me jump for joy that I wasn't a religious nut who felt guilt-tripped into having a child. It is depressing that women still feel like they have to come up with a sentimental excuse to have an abortion. I had an abortion because I have a brain. I was 17. I am an intelligent person who wanted to go to college and work (which I did.) My life is significantly better due to my decision to have an abortion. Furthermore, all scientific evidence supports that fetuses in the 1st trimester cannot feel pain and are not self-aware. Actually, these anti-choicers should have more of a problem eating meat than aborting an early fetus. There is no good reason to feel bad about having an abortion unless you were forced to have one. The world would be a much better place (less poverty, starvation, etc) if more women chose this option. Just because you have a uterus, it doesn't mean you need to fill it with a kid!
—Guest Ashley


I have just found out that i am pregnant, feelin very intense, scared and dont no how to tell anyone, confused whether to keep it or not! : ( as i have never been in a relationship with the father, it was all a bit of fun, he already has a child with his previuos partner and doesnt want anymore.. I darent tell him as i think too much of him, but i think about this unborn baby it cripples me, i dont no what to do :(
—Guest Jackii

hard times

i had a abortion almost 12 years ago and i still reget it so much i was on my early 20's with 3 boys i had a very hard life but after i had the abortion i never had kids again i regret it so much i been living with this n i feel so bad i can't forgive myself
—Guest regret what i did


My date for a medical abortion is tomorrow - 10 Dec 2011, I told my 4 year long boyfriend that I am pregnant last night (I am 35 and he 50) he immediately told me to have an abortion, that the night we conceived we were both drunk and that our relationship is not based on love but lust. He also asked me to sign a letter stating that I do not have any financial or other claims against him and waive my rights if i decide to go ahead and have the child, which I did this morning. I am having this abortion because i dont want a child to live in these types of circumstances -I am NOT going to explain to him/her one day that they arent wanted and I made that choice by choosing to be with such a pr*ck in the first place. EVERY CHILD has a right to a REAL life, NOT HALF a chance. I am giving myself a second chance in life, I choose to learn from my mistakes and not to destroy my heart in the process. My heart goes out to all of you, and all the best for a REAL future.
—Guest Guest Mich

Thank you

I have never had to consider abortion, and was never pressured to have one. I have been conflicted about the legality of abortion for many years, and staggered by the millions of lives that have been lost since it became legal. I am Roman Catholic, and I do believe that abortion is a sin, since taking a life should never come without spiritual consequences. However we have a loving God, who forgives us our truly awful choices, if we truly repent. With your stories, I have decided that abortion should be legal until such time as our country so loves its children that they and their mothers are assured of care and of protection from the beginning of pregnancy and for as long as required. When there are no longer tens of thousands of children in foster care because they have all been adopted, then the country can make abortion illegal. Until then, there isn't enough love in it for all, and women should have the right to abort in a safe and legal way, if they feel they have to.

Really confused

Im 17 nd my bf just turned 22, im 7 weeks and i have no idea what to do, my dad once told me if I ever get pregnet ,thall he would kick me out, and I would have to live with my bf, my bf lives with his mom and can barley afford himself, on top of that I feel like hes pressuring me to abort, deep down inside I dont, my mom and his mom say no, my bf tells me yes and im scared wat my dad will do..
—Guest Just pray

Theres more ways out

I was 14 when I had a abortion I wanted tht bby more than anything I was forced to have a abortion by my.mom.now I regret it.more than anything I have to go true life knowing I killed a poor bby. It.doesnt matter if u have the money or not theres is plenty of.more ways.out. Its only been a year and i still feel sad and depresed but theres noo turning now . I just wish this thing was ilegal or something.
—Guest Not a good choice

An Unresolved Issue

I primarily did it out of shame, but it left me carrying guilt and shame the rest of my life. I was 20 and not married. I couldn't bear having my very large, strict, Roman Catholic family learn that I was pregnant or that I would have a child out of wedlock. The irony is that the strict pro-life religion under which I was raised is what sent me running to the abortion clinic. I still feel haunted over the fact that I took this life. Adoption didn't seem like a viable option, because the pregnancy would have been public and I would still have to bear the shame and stigma brought on by my family, my faith, and society. However, I could never escape my own judgement of myself. There will always be abortions until society becomes more forgiving and accepting of mistakes. I still think abortion is taking a life, but I see it as a form of self defense on the woman's part. It is sad that an innocent child is caught in the middle.
—Guest Haunted

Dark Time

I grew up in an abusive household. My mom was helpless and timid; always crying. My dad terrorized us. I swore that I would never get around someone similar. Unfortunately, my first serious boyfriend was much like my father and through fear and intimidation (and because it was what I was used to), I fell right back into a pattern of doing what I was told. He didn't abuse me physically, but he was very obsessive/possessive and I was afraid of him. I was still very afraid of having to show my body to anyone, so I didn't seek birth control from a clinic. Instead I used drugstore methods, though he would often force himself on me . He and I fought and my family fought with me because they didn't like him. It became worse when he started drinking. I went to a clinic alone and was attacked by protesters. I never felt so alone, scared and sad in my life. I wish someone would have helped me. I wish I had the courage to say what was going on. I was 20 at the time, 28 now. It will always hurt.

You do you.

you wanna have a baby? have a baby! if you don't then theres adoption or abortion. It is YOUR choice ladies. not anyone else's to decide for you. I personally had an abortion for lots of reasons. i don't regret it. some do. it all depends on you! There are mean nasty ass people out there who will degrade and belittle you n will say nasty things. f*** 'em. Only YOU know whats best for you the baby n the father, if he didn't help get you pregnant then lose his balls n run once you found out. If anyone don't agree with abortion... Then i suggest they don't have one then, huh?!?

Jesus Saves!

I was sinning and very young. I knew if I had a baby out of wedlock I would shame my family and no man would ever make his wife. I feel confident about my decision to have an abortion because it was the decision that most benefited ME. Now I have a loving husband (who never has to find out) a Huge bank account, a beautiful house we had built brand new, three 2011 cars and 3 healthy (non bastard) children and a family that loves me. Praise the lord, Jesus has forgiven me, I am free of my sins. No matter what we do in this life, it's between us and GOD! He gave me this body to do with what I CHOOSE! It's NO ONE'S Business if we have had an abortion. You don't have to tell anyone, I didn't. God Bless :)
—Guest Mellissa Harmon

Worst decision of my life

I had it about 2 months ago i am a 20 year old college student who had alot going on. Internship, had about a semester on my bachelors. Had just opened a small store with my friend. Things were really moving, and me and my boyfriend who had a very good job had just met actually it was about a month into our relationship i found out. I felt like i didnt really know him enough to have to deal with this person for 18 more years i also felt that i had done alot since i was 16 and being the best that i could be at everything i tried. Then i went and got pregnant and i just saw every bad possibility coming from this situation. College going up in flames, internship denying me another year. Just my life being over. Then my parents were forcing us to get married. He was older than me 31 to be exact, and i just wasnt ready. So i did it, july 14th i got rid of it. Right before i went in a nun urged me not to. I should of listened cause now everyday i feel empty. Empty as a glass.
—Guest Sucks

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