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Readers Respond: What determines your views on abortion?

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Whether we're shaped by our political concerns, religious beliefs, ethical considerations, socio-economic background, cultural upbringing, or personal experiences, we form our opinions regarding abortion based on specific factors. This is a chance for both sides to learn from each other.

How did you develop your views on abortion? Please use "I" statements and explain YOUR view and how it evolved. Any post that doesn't use "I" statements and lectures only using "you" statements will not be published.

Thoughtful discourse is the goal, not rants and blame.


I am against abortion for myself for many reasons, but cannot see taking a woman's right to her body as right. But as a man I want that same right. If I don't want a child, but the mother wants to keep it that's fine but why should I pay child support for a child I did not want and was not ready for? She had the choice for an abortion or adoption, but I as a man have no say either way. So I believe my say should come in the way of being able to CHOOSE to be a part of the child's life or not and support it financially. The mother spread her legs and was irresponsible just as the father was. If she has an option out, he should too. I see this as equal. So talk trash about the deadbeat father's because morally they deserve it as do the women who had abortion for no reason other than they weren't ready. But legally they should have a way out before the child is born, just like the women do.
—Guest Mick

It was my choice

I had an abortion a few years ago. It was a bitter decision to have to make and I did not do it lightly. However, I do not feel like a murderer or bad human being. I had a choice to make and I'm okay with it.
—Guest Im okay

Wrong arguements

Pro-choice is not for abortion. It's for giving women a right to do what they wish with their bodies.
—Guest Jocelyn


"When individuals of the same species parasitize individuals of the same species, they are referred to as intraspecific parasites" krohde wordpress com/article/parasitism-an-introduction "an animal or plant that lives in or on another (the host) from which it obtains nourishment. The host does not benefit from the association and is often harmed by it" thefreedictionary com/parasite FETUS IS A PARASITE & WOMEN HAVE TO RIGHT ABORT THEM FROM THEIR BODIES PREVENTING THEIR SUFFERING AND SAVING THE TAX PAYER MONEY. google: Abortions and Crime: Freakonomics Movie galerouth blogspot com
—Guest gale routh

I am pro-choice, all the way

My opinion about this issue may disgust and dismay some--but too bad. I believe that a fetus is not a viable human being until it breathes it's first breath outside of the womb. Until then it is, yes, a parasite, dependent upon the host to live. As such, it has no rights as a human being. The rights I do want to see protected are the rights of the living, breathing woman who, for one reason or another, doesn't want to have the child. How can anyone be so arrogant as to want to dictate to a woman that she must have a child? What is ironic is that these, in large part, bible thumpers, would also restrict vital social safety nets to the very children they purport to care about. It's the height of hypocrisy. If you are against abortion, don't have one. Leave the rest of everyone else alone. And, oh, it is the law.
—Guest jan

For Those Late Commers

We do not have "abortion rights" in the United States, we have "reproductive choices". Me, myself, and I have a divested interest in my own reproductive choices. Joe Blow (or the general public), has no interest in the matter. And by the way I didn't have an abortion, I terminated a pregnancy. The word abortion is old and antiquated.
—Guest Anonymous009

Legal History

Pregnancy is a host-parasite situation. A lot of women think that way. I am wondering why I cannot find the laws that decriminalized abortion for each state. When the ruling came down from the Supreme Court in 1973 there were 30 states where abortion was totally illegal. It seems no one has ever collected those states laws. Or should I say, no one has presented abortion in that style. It's as if a portion of history has been written off. I think it is very important to know the wording of the laws. Where and how each state stood at the end of 1973. Also, there is not a map showing the 30 states and the dates they decriminalized abortion. Also, I cannot figure why the argument about abortion has not be viewed as pro-choice, pro-life and pro-self. I think there are three slices to the pie, why is that ignored? Being pro-self is like no one hears that voice. That's what Roe v Wade was all about. Women being for themselves. Without interference from employers and others

I am all in...Pro Choice

Having a Choice is something that is very important to me and many of us. Kind of what our country is about. We have the Choice of religion, where we want to live, what schools to go to, where we want to vacation, to own a gun, to supersize or not, to wear red or blue, beef or chicken, so many choices. One of my Choices is to Choose LIFE. Come out of the closet if this Choice is so important for you. You say it is all about your body what goes on with it is your Choice. Well then shout it out...Your Choice is to Choose Abortion. Say it again, louder. Walk down the street with your sign high above your head, I Choose ABORTION. Chat it with you friends in front of schools, ABORTION, so the childrent can see your faces. Please make a Choice not to hide behind the "Pro-Choice" banner and stand out on your own proud of your Choice and wear it with dignity and pride, Pro Abortion.
—Guest Guest Chaz

Pro-choice for a reason

Abortion is a personal decision. A CHOICE. One that should not be denied to any woman. I read that alot of pro-lifers want to say we'll keep it legal if the mother's health is at risk, if the result of rape or incest...etc. But what about the 15 year old girl who makes a mistake? Is she supposed to be expected to carry a baby to term, change the course of her life, and have to make the oft-painful decision to give up for adoption? Alot of women after carrying for 9 months would not be able to. Therefore they would be thrust into parenthood when they are definitley NOT ready. They would probably drop out of school, get minimum-wage jobs with no education. It is legal for a REASON. If abortion is outlawed, it would push us into the back-alleys again for hack-jobs. Not everyone should procreate.
—Guest Kayla Bennett


ABORTION ECONOMICS 101: If Roe v Wade were repealed today, the annual cost to the taxpayer is $1.3 trillion. Remember, these are unwanted children, and they can't just be thrown away. They'll be handed over to the state. (Or they'll be shuffled around and mistreated and eventually end up in an orphanage or foster care or juvenile detention.) Annual abortions a 1,400,000 Avg years of care b 18 Avg # in care a*b = c 25,200,000 Annual cost per child d $50,000 Annual budget c*d = e 1,260,000,000,000 (Rounded, that's 1.3 trillion!) And that's before counting the cost of building the orphanages it will take to house them. Foster Care is already overloaded. In Mexico and Brasil abortion's illegal and hoards of unwanted kids roam the streets begging, stealing, prostituting, drug dealing. That what you want? This is the reality your politicians are hiding from you. Think before casting your ballot.
—Guest Wordist45


When it comes down to it, everyone's pro-choice. To abort or not to abort - that is the question. Opposing choice is essentially imposing your choice on others - so therefore, hypocritical. Everyone should have their own choice. As for life beginning - life begins as a gamete (unfertilised egg or a sperm). Killing a sentient being is murder - when it hasn't developed to a level of sentience yet, it is not so. Saying abortion is murder is saying that every time a man masturbates, he is committing one-million counts of murder - one for every sperm cell that will die, that COULD have been a child.
—Guest Jay


When I was a young teen-ager in the late 60s & early 70s, my mother & aunts refused to talk to me about abortion. So I went to library to find out. I read medical textbooks accompanied with a medical dictionary as well as some reference books. I think it was a picture of the labeled body parts and description of how the nurse must count them to make sure all are accounted for that finalized the decision that abortion is wrong for me.
—Guest spoiledsoprano

I struggle with this one

I myself can not have children. Therefore I could easily side with the so called pro life the main thing that's stops me is what happens if conception occurs as a result of rape. Pro lifers will say the child has a right to live but what if that child finds their mum years and years later. And how could a woman carry a baby that was there because of rape. With regards to teens being pregnant that's is a whole other story They shouldn't be having sex other first place and if conception occurs because of an accident well deal with it
—Guest Mrs me


Tell the dems this is not a decision made with my family, my clergy,but by ME. If you can freezem by the handfulls I can and will flush them And I will not be tramatized.
—Guest prochoice

Government Power

My eyes glaze over whenever the "Abortion Debate" pops up. It's not even a debate. Neither side is going to suddenly change its mind. So the only path to change is government control (laws). I personally don't want to give up control of my uterus to the government. People who ardently support "right to life" laws in the U.S. are advocating government control of my uterus. I say to them, beware of unintended consequences. Once the precedent of government control is established then abortion becomes a political tool that future governments may use to further their perception of the public's welfare. China is a country that has government control of each woman's uterus -- without that control the "one child policy" would be illegal. Giving up personal control of your uterus to a government is dangerous and wrong. I probably could have stated my point of view better ... but I hope you got the gist. (Not that I'm gonna change anyone's mind.)
—Guest Anna Moss

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