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Readers Respond: What determines your views on abortion?

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Whether we're shaped by our political concerns, religious beliefs, ethical considerations, socio-economic background, cultural upbringing, or personal experiences, we form our opinions regarding abortion based on specific factors. This is a chance for both sides to learn from each other.

How did you develop your views on abortion? Please use "I" statements and explain YOUR view and how it evolved. Any post that doesn't use "I" statements and lectures only using "you" statements will not be published.

Thoughtful discourse is the goal, not rants and blame.

Arguements need to stop

People can judge all they want, but the facts stand, a person can not dictate the body of another. There are so many factors that determine an abortion, and although I believe in G-D, it is not a logical arguement to include him in this, because the bible? not written by G-D, the torah? the Qua'ran? all writen by MEN, and no offense but it has been mostly men that have kept women down, in the bible it says "If a betrothed virgin is raped in the city and doesn't cry out loud enough, then "the men of the city shall stone her to death." (Deuteronomy) Paul points out in New Testament Romans that "the natural use" of women is to provide men with sex. (Romans) If a person is going to argue that g-D values life, its most definitely not true Under God's direction, Moses' army kills all the adult males, but they mercifully just take the women and children captive. When Moses learns that they left some women and children alive, he angrily says: "Kill every male among the little ones..."
—Guest Darlene

pro-choice (faux paus)

I believe in the God given right to choose. I also know that pro-choice is not the true meaning of the substance that this word implies. My right to choice is dictated by my belief of what God has said about how we are to live our lives. I read in the bible that God created life and that life is extended on the planet through sexual reproduction. As far as choice goes I know that there is really one choice that can be made. God has said in His word that Jesus said that if you hurt one of these little ones, it would be better that a millstone were hung around your neck and you be thrown into the depth of the sea.(luke 17:2, Mark 9:42) If that is the case, the children have been born and God means what He says. I have given my position away and if my position is believed by any on both sides of the issue, I hopefully have given some helpful information. Also I would like to note that no matter what anyone thinks, IT is a name, not just a proper name.
—Guest sms

depends what the situation is

i understand both sides of the argument but personally i think its your choice. Im not religious persong never have been never will be but it depends on what the situation is. If you dont have money for the baby you would put it through more pain by living in poverty rather than aborting it. Also do you feel mature enough to handle a baby or is it a teen pregnancy will you be able to fit the baby around your every day life should you bring a baby into yuor life if your having realtionship problems. i personally think you need to ask these questions an think about it to determine whats best. i know someone that got pregnant as a teenager and had an abortion but when she was ready many years later she went on to have 2 beautiful baby girls who are now fully grown she has given them 2 a better life than she would of been able to give the baby that she aborted.
—Guest Women

Inequity and ignorance to human standard

what constitutes a human being is their prospective future. though as hard and dark times may have been in life, life is about experience, and we want to live life, to continue and grow. Abortion would be preventing fertilization, like aborting any kind of mission, not trying to stop an unborn child from continuing his or her growth and development after already being conceived. It IS taking a life. had we been asked if we would’ve preferred that our parents ended our lives before we even left the womb, we would’ve stated an unequivocal “No”. It's hypocritical to take lives from unborn children, preventing them from continuing on with the process of life; a person wouldn't have wanted to be disposed of in the womb and people were given birth, having received life. "Give and receive". A non-living thing doesn't need to be killed to not be born. A living person has both states of consciousness and unconsciousness. Unconscious, a person still has rights. Ignoring rights are different.
—Guest Daniel

god creates who are we to destroy????

i believe that abortion is totally madness!!if a woman has a premature birth and the child lives "no mischief follows" then theres's no death penalty.however,if the child dies ior the woman dies god says the death penalty applies:''thou shalt give life for life."why would god require death penalty if he didnt consider the unborn child to be a human? life begins at conception and the unborn child is a human being!!!! dont punish a child who committed no crime instead it is the perpetrator who should be punished!!!!
—Guest kim

Not a person?

I dont understand the argument that a fetus is not a person until it can survive outside the mothers womb. If an adult is dependant on life support does that make them not a person? If you took away the life support they would die so does that make them only a potential person? I think abortion is irresponsible. The fact is that a fetus, at nine weeks, is growing fingernails and bones. It has a functioning liver, intestines and kidneys. It has a brain. In all actuality it is not that easy to conceive. Three to five days out of each month and even then its not a guarantee. I dont understand how there can be so many unwanted pregnancies. I managed to not get pregnant for the first 36 years of my life.......also, menstruation is not killing babies. Conception doesnt happen every time you have sex.
—Guest Angela

Pls read this -Do Not Abort your Child !

Hello to all, I got pregnant having a one night stand. Our condom broke. I didn't know the guy, so reason told me to make an abortion. I went to the clinic and made the appointment for abortion when I was 14 weeks pregnant. However, God in all his great mercy, made me run into a lady, on the day that I was suppose to make the abortion, and she talked me out of it. I didnt know this lady - we met by chance and I opened up to her and told her all my troubles and worries. She helped me DECIDE NOT TO MAKE AN ABORTION and now I am BLESSED with a healthy, adorable, sweet little baby girl whom I love so much. I am proud to be a mother, even though I am a single mother. Babies bring joy and happiness into your life and makes it all worth while. Pls don't abort your baby. Talk to your family and real friends and trust in God's mercy. If I knew how much love and joy a baby brings, I would never have gone to the clinic. TRUST ME on this one and if I did it, so can you. Pls give the baby a life.


I believe abortion is wrong. Pregnancy should not be just abortion as a straight answer. What about adoption? It would be much better and even an open adoption could be considered when choosing what is best for the family. Try your best to know what is right. keeping in mind that there could be some medical and killings when abortion takes place or after it takes place.
—Guest Niki

The facts ...

Without any emotional overdue, let's have a look at some of the facts: 1. A fetus requires a biological connection/feed to another American citizen to sustain it's life functions. Just as our government cannot force organ donation, even to save the life of another, there is no legal or moral precedent requiring one person to provide a biological connection to sustain the life of another. Period. 2. No man or woman has a right to dictate the interworkings of the uteri of perfect strangers. Let's say you kill someone on the surface of the moon. Under who's authority/law will you be judged? The surface of the moon is completely outside the jurisdiction of any American court of law...similarly, how can any lawmaker or judge dictate what is or is not sloughed off the uterine wall inside the body of a woman? The uterus is a no man's land completely outside the jurisdiction of any 3rd party. 3. No person has any inherent or implied, legal or moral right to occupy another.
—Guest SillyBean


I believe that it's a woman choice. Why should the government be able to tell a woman that she can't. What if it was rape or incest do you expect them to give birth. That could do more damage in the long run. Or maybe you know you couldn't take care of it. There's alot of children in this world that don't have families so adoption isn't always the best choice. A lot of people might think differently if they were put in some of these positions. I'm not saying it's right or wrong. But if you were to make abortions illegal all that would do is make woman have to go do it the unsafe way. Woman who choose to do so will anyway at least right now they are still safe.
—Guest karra

responsibility is key

i have not found it difficult to only have sex with a person that i am in a committed relationship with. that doesnt always mean a marriage. even as a teen ager it was always easy to access contraception. in this tough economy i lost a good job and took 2 full time jobs at burger king and comfort inn to pay my child support and to support my stay at home common law wife. she became pregnant during this time and although we were struggeling and my paychecks were garnished for child support i would never think of hurting a defenseless baby to make my life easier. calling it a fetus makes no difference to me i wouldnt hurt a "fetus" either i would rather take a third job than hurt a child or "fetus". my wife never would either. we may have been poor but we love our beautiful daughter and she is the best thing that ever happened to us. any man that wont pay to take care of their children isnt a man. if women have sex with a irresponsible boy its their own fault. women have many choices.
—Guest justin

Complicated, but simple

I think the line between pro-abortion and anti-abortion lies between those who believe it is murder and those who do not. This goes back to the question of when life begins. I believe life begins at conception. The justification that because a fetus cannot survive outside the womb is irrelevant to me. If I were to take away all the things that a person needs to survive and watch them die, I am certain that any judge and jury would call that murder. Cases of rape or incest are complicated. I would like to say that if my wife or daughter were raped I would want them to keep the child, but I honestly hope I am never called upon to answer that question. Also, if the fetus could potentially harm the mother I could not deny them the right to abort. If an armed stranger enters my home, I reserve the right to defend myself. This is a complicated issue to say the least, especially from the government's perspective. Personally, I think the taking of a life is a difficult thing to justif
—Guest Mike Patterson

Not a legal argument

We as Americans have certain rights that are slowing being takin away from us if we allow the government to decide what is right and what is wrong for us we lose power so many rights have been pissed away why lose another/ next point I as well as you should not be subject to rules and morals of religion if we do not practice any / the adoption system is corrupt and if the child dosent get takin in in the first ten years the chance of adoption rolls down to 15%
—Guest Peter

Don't like it, don't have one

Okay, it's simple, if you don't like abortion don't have one. It's a right every woman should have, whether they decide to have one or not. Don't make abortion illegal because like i said it is a right that women have and it is like any other right, what if you got your rights taken away,you wouldn't be very happy. So, if we like having rights we shouldn't take them away from other people. Don't tell people what and what not to do with their bodies. It is an OPTION, it doesn't mean that if a woman gets pregnant that she has to get an abortion, and leave it an option don't take away individual rights
—Guest rfrs

My Opinon On Abortion

Im 17 and a junior in high school and as i walk up in down these hallways you see pregnant teenagers. Most of them happen to be sophomores and im completely sure they know about condoms and birthcontrol. if you have the time to lay there and have sex you a responsible for the baby that comes with it. If i was to get pregnant in high school i would keep it or give it up for adoption. If you think you cant take care of a child give it to someone who cant have kids. Abortion to me is murder and wrong in every way. Its not the baby's fault that they didnt use condoms nor birthcontrol. If you were raped then its a different story. im againts abortion 100%.
—Guest Brianna

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