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Readers Respond: What's the best way to celebrate Mom on Mother's Day?

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Breakfast in bed, flowers and cards, dinner out on Mother's Day - we've all been there, done that. But have you tried something different, something memorable that your mom really enjoyed? Or are you a mom who wishes that her family would do certain things to celebrate the day? Your stories, tips, suggestions, and ideas can help to make this Mother's Day the best one yet.

Family spendings

The greatest way to spend mothers day for me Is to spend it with my wonderful mom and the family at my aunt's house. We have great food, we play washers,and we socialize.its the best!!!!
—Guest Jillian

My best Mother's Day

This year my son took me to lunch and then to one of my favorite museums, Fernbank in Atlanta, GA. Just think of something your mom likes and will never do for herself, then do it for her! BTW, I thought the "feed mom a big salad and yogurt" idea was really insulting -- why is it assumed that women must always be on a diet and eating bird food? Maybe mom wants a big steak and homemade ice cream, instead of pizza and brownies from a box...
—Guest Lorri


The best present I can get is a big hug and smile from my 5-year-old. Flowers, brunch and trinkets are great but I love the photo and card her school sent me today.
—Guest Angela

mother's day

for mums with school age children I would definitely say the tidy kitchen and maybe breakfast/brunch served are the most appreciated on the day, alongside a handmade card as a keepsake of course!

The best and most beautiful place for me

The best and most beautiful place for me in the world is by side of my mother....i haven't ever celebrate Mother's Day with my mother because when I became mature she left me. May Allah give her peace and rest her soul. I AM REALY MISsING MY MOTHER...BUT I WISH I WOULD GIVE MY PRAYERS AND LOVE TO MY MOTHER IN LAW IN FUTURE....
—Guest Fatima

Thoughtful Gifts for Mother's Day

My daughter always gets me plants for the planters or gardens. It's great to watch the special gifts come up year after year.
—Guest Carole

Best way to celebrate mom's day

Not gifts, not money, but lunch or dinner and a long-stemmed rose with a big tight hug. Also, say a prayer in front of her. God bless mummy. ' I love you, mummy!' regardless of age.
—Guest suzy

What my mother taught me

Many years ago, my mother said that she liked to be remembered on Mother's Day, but that she thought the focus should be on the young mothers who were still in the trenches. I am now 65 and the grandmother of 10 and agree with my mother. My husband will treat us all out to brunch and then we will leave the young couples to enjoy the day. My sons will do something special with their wives and I like that. A quiet day for me is also nice! My kids show me love and respect all year long. I don't need them to give up the day for me to feel special and appreciated!
—Guest Mary

Mother's Day Special Message

Mother's day is so special...as no one has seen the face of God. But I truly do not need to see the face of God...as God's own face can not be different than...the loving face of Mother!!! Happy Mothers's Day to all loving Mothers... Percy Siganporia-Doha -Qatar

Memories that last forever

Why not create a video of your "Mom" years or a video of you growing up? Photo story is a free download. Burn to CD and create your own cover.
—Guest marsha

Showing Mom how well I learned from her

I think mom really would enjoy the spa or flowers, a card (handmade or created in photoshop 2), or just letting her know you are there for her and care. Sometimes, the wonderful moments I can remember as a young man growing up and deciding what to get my mom was a really tough choice. This year I am going to get her a photo album of where my new apartment is. How well I learned the lessons growing up is reflected in how I keep my place looking nice and clean, etc. I know she will appreciate that I have plants and a cat. My mom is an active PETA member, she lives in assisted living now but still has 2 cats, one of which is deaf and they are both rescued. When it comes to showing my mom how I live, she loves to see that her hard work as a parent and all the guidance she gave us kids (3 of us) paid off. I think she sees who uses their life tools and how well we have done, even when we're up against the daily rigors and struggles we all face as adults.
—Guest Mike

Gift advice for mothers of any age

I would take her to get a pedicure, or manicure, to the movie and a lunch, to dinner, a box of candy and dinner.
—Guest Evvy Boggess

My best Mother's Day

A few years ago, my daughter and granddaughter took me on Mother's day for a special tea time at this very nice hotel. It was so nice just spending it with my daughter and grandaughter...we had a great time.
—Guest nilda

My wish for Mother's Day

I think it would be nice my if kids did all the cleaning and cooking for me on Mother's Day.
—Guest Hong Van

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