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Readers Respond: What's the Worst Gift You've Ever Received?

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What's the worst gift you've ever received? Was it a thoughtless gift from a boyfriend that pretty much told you the relationship was over? Or a gift from a friend that was so wrong, so misguided, so off-base that it made you question whether or not she knew you at all? What were the circumstances and how did you react? Share any and all gift stories, whether they had to do with your birthday, Valentine's Day, anniversary, or holiday.

worst present ever

I have read all posts but believe me, my husband is the best present giver ever. For birthday and Christmas I got nothing, we have been married for a year now. Then I started saying I was really sad about the fact that I got nothing and today (05th january) I received a package at home with a Soft toy saying 'best dad ever'..... :( I told him I am disappointed and he got angry and doesn't want to speak to me now :( I gave him a driller (he wanted this since years) clothes, homemade cake and chocolates and even a romantic letter.
—Guest unlucky

De-icer for Christmas anyone?

For our first Christmas together my Husband gave me, I sh*t you not, a can of de-icing spray and a de-icing mit (complete with LED light!). What makes it even worse is that this has been the WETTEST winter on record so I cant even use the damn thing!! Who said romance was dead!
—Guest Kate

Worst gifts

I have never received anything monumental for any holiday from any guy. This Xmas was no different. Here's the list- A bottle of shower gel- 2 totally ugly t-shirts(T-SHIRTS!!)- An ugly coffee mug- & 2 pairs of socks. That's it. No jewelry, nothing pretty, nothing I want. I almost took all of it & just threw it away. Ugh. And I gave him 2 beautiful nice shirts in his favorite color, cologne & matching after-shave, a hooded sweatshirt in his favorite color, 2 packs of nice underwear, a coffee grinder w/ coffee and a nice mug, a beautiful sweater, again in his favorite color, & the new phone he's been wanting. Ugh. NOT FAIR.
—Guest No good gifts for me

MY mother is the worst gift giver

My mom is the worst gift giver.Every year its bad but this year tops the cake. My husband got a western shirt that no cowboy would wear not to mention that his a hoodie and jeans kinda guy anyway. I got a hippie scarf and tinted chapstick nothing else. I don't wear anything dressy or hippie. Scarfs aren't apart of my wardrobe. I spend a great deal on her. I always ask and get what she request. Her useless gifts wouldn't bother me if she would buy for that person and not have herself in-mind when she buys someone else a gift especially when she is buying for a man. I'm so not kidding. when I was 17 she bought a turquoise arrow head neckless for my boyfriend at the time. I could died when he unwrapped that.

Just tight

My boyfriend bought me two cans of fake redbull and a pack of cheap wooden spoons and multivitamin tablets , all wrapped up in the Xmas wrapping paper I bought ! He also forgets valentines and my birthday ! You are dumped .
—Guest Jade

the worst from DH ever

Today, at Christmas day, one after another, in front of my adult stepson, my 11 years old son, my husband and my MIL, I unwrapped FOUR nicely wrapped boxes with FOUR different sets of plastic food storage containers, all from Aldi. I could not take one, but FOUR??????? All from hubby. We all laughed, but trust me it was NOT funny for me. In box #5 from hubby I found a gigantic size of car snow cleaner, brush/blade kombo. Nice, and I needed it, but for Christmas???? Box #6 contained the ugliest and useless snuggy...... Well, my 19 yo stepson pulled out for me three unwrapped cheap tiny candles from a dollar store where he works part time, saying that sorry he ran out of wrapping paper, and sorry he also prepared for me a card but he lost it because...it has no envelope. Sigh. Thanks for listening.
—Guest Bella

my worst gift

On my birthday, my husband went to a big box store and bought me a thermos.No joke. He gives me gifts I believe that purposely hurt my feelings. he is not stupid. This man is a mental health counselor. He buys me gifts like Shout stain remover, or the same Christmas ornament that he gave me the year before, only a different color. This year for Christmas everything but one item was from Walgreens. He makes good money. Another Christmas in tears. tomorrow Im making him take back all the crap he gave for Chrismas nd Im going to buy myself some Christmas gifts and charge up the credit card 500.00. I'm also thinking of having an affair, not that he would care.
—Guest Kathy

doesn't know how to get me a gift

Been dating for almost 3 years. Last Christmas was a pair of earrings from the pawn shop. That's fine, but I already bought the same ons for myself 10 years ago from a nice jeweler - and he's seen me wear them. Then a Mexican-style wallet. I have wallet I really like, and it's not red, yellow, and green. Then a wine stopper thing. He's the wine drinker. I put SO much thought into his gifts, and he doesn't even seem to think about what I like. I will not live the rest of my life like this.
—Guest don'tlikeholidays

Gift? What gift?

My ex was famous for not getting me gifts. I would go to the store, pay for it, have it wrapped and then call him to pick it up from the store. The last Christmas we had together, there was nothing for me under the tree. Nothing. At all. My kids asked why I didn't get anything for Christmas and my ex just shrugged and said he hadn't thought about it. We got divorced two and a half months later. My current BF got me a BBQ grill last year for Christmas and an outdoor fire pit for my b-day this year. I'm curious to see what this Christmas brings.
—Guest Chris

A present that turned into schoolwork

when i was 11 or 12 years old i got a ton of science creation kits the present was'ent bad or terrible, in fact i did on of the projects and it was fun. Anyway i still didn't do 4 or 5 of the other projects so 4 or 5 months later i have to extra credit on something for school to raise my science grade. well mom had the "genius" idea to make do the science projects for schoolwork. so basically i got schoolwork for christmas.
—Guest Joey


I once received money from my then husband for Christmas and was delighted because I could by whatever I wanted. Nada, after everyone left he took the money back and said sorry I neef it.
—Guest G

This binder came unbound

My boyfriend and I had just reached our year and a half mark, and usually for the not so milestone anniversaries we tend to just do dinner or relax at home together. However, I was really excited about a year and a half but he must not have been thinking too much on it. Anyway, he came home late from work and had flowers in his hand. I generally love flowers and these were pretty and I guess appropriate for a year and a half. Bright blue, yellow and pink daisies. (I love bright haha). Then he says I have another surprise for you. And out of a Walmart bag he pulls out a pink plaid 3 ring binder!!!! I was in shock....totally speechless. He smiles and says " I know you have been working on our home management binder....so here!" The thing is I had shown him two weeks before my nice black binder that was totally filled in and put together. I know he meant well.....but this present is not one for the books.
—Guest Whitney

worst christmas gift

I am not making this up but the worst christmas gifts I ever got was last year (2011). I got toenail clippers and socks :| it's like are you serious I could of gone to freaking dollar store and bought toenail clippers. Seriously and I had to pretend to be excited about it cause I didn't want to hurt their feelings but good god who the heck wants freaking toenail clippers for christmas!
—Guest ipod

Worst Valentine's Gift Ever!!!

The worst gift I ever got was on Valentine's Day... Actually, I don't even remember the "Gift" because as I was opening and reading the card my smile turned to tears after I saw that the message inside was crossed out and what was written was by ANOTHER WOMAN!! It read something to the effect that he will never love me and that he was HERS! here's when my heart actually bled... When I asked how this could have happened he basically said was just a friend that came by his house and she must have done it while HE WAS IN THE SHOWER!!! For Real???! Oh that's not the end... I was 3months pregnant with our child... Still hurt to think about it.
—Guest Broken Heart

Seriously, what was he thinking...

Well, me and my boyfriend have been together over 2 years and this year I'll be spending it with him and his family. This year we were a bit tight on money and he asked me "What would you like?" to which I said "Hair dye, I'm dying it black." because I didn't want him to spend too much on me. Couple of days later he comes into a bit of money, buys his father a £40 blue ray box set, buy's his mother a vintage Pink Flloyd cd, his sister an expensive art set and even baught a cookery book for my landlady which I don't even live with anymore then importantly baught me the cheapest two boxes of black hair dye which came to about £5. He also keeps telling me "I'll buy you something more" seeing as his mum made comments of "I think you should get her something more than that, for gods sake." It's Christmas morning and he's still not gotten me anything more, PLUS to add to it It's my birthday the day after. Merry Christmas to me.
—Guest MandyMoo

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