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Readers Respond: What's the Worst Gift You've Ever Received?

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So, what do I do with this?

My older brother once gave me a trivet. This would be a weird gift anyway, but it was especially odd considering the fact that, at the time, I was nine years old.

worst gift

When my first husband and I were engaged and it was my birthday , he was so pleased when I opened my gift in front of my family. Oh Lovely.. matching chrome and glass, diner style, cream and sugar containers. Needless to say, we weren't married very long.
—Guest Barb C.


My husband ALWAYS forgets my birthday and we have been married 55 years BUT every year when it is his mum's birthday he tells me, "It's mum's birthday!" Anyone want to swap?
—Guest Joan Drysdale

no this isn't a joke

me and my boyfriend have been dating 7 months and he bragged for MONTHS about how he was getting me the best christmas gift ever. i was soo excited, and when i opened the present i saw a big camera cord to hookup together so we could skype..... i thought he was legit kidding
—Guest worstboyfriendeva

Really, these gifts were a BIG surprise

I dated a Las Vegas Casino marketing executive for a year. For christmas, he informed me that he has several GREAT presents to give to me. I was SO excited. The first gift was a pound of bacon. (I am not making this up). Gift #2 was a six pack of budweiser. (No really, I am not making this up) and the 3rd great xmas gift was a stuffed 12" snowman from Walgreens. (hey folks, I couldn't make this up if I tried). I'm sure that the expression on my face was priceless!! I kept thinking this is a joke, this is a joke. Nope, not a joke. In a word: CHEAPSKATE.
—Guest Lorene

worst gift

My husband gave me a fruit basket for Christmas- no thought was put into that. Now I buy a gift for myself and give him the bill.

Cheapest valentines gift

I received a toilet paper holder from the dollar store for valentines day. One dollar spent. cheapest guy ever and he makes 100K a year.
—Guest Guest J

Not a Thing

My husband gave me absolutely nothing for Christmas this year. I did get him two small things as we were spending money to travel to his family's and we had "agreed" not to get each other a gift. However, I spent much time shopping, buying, and wrapping presents for his family (which I enjoyed doing) but I would have thought he would have done a little something for me. Hurt my feelings a bit.

My two worst gifts

First husband gave me a 12 foot black wax owl candle. Another year he gave me a black and white checked dress that his grandmother could have worn, size 16 when I was a size 9.
—Guest CAthy

Is it really for me?

A boyfriend in college gave me a back massager - the kind with wooden rollers that you roll over the other person's back. When we broke up, we weren't living together but we had a lot of commingled stuff. As he was taking his box of stuff out of my dorm room, I noticed the back massager in his box. I said, "That's mine." He said, "Are you sure? I remember buying it." I had to remind him that he gave it to me as a gift.
—Guest D

Smells Like...

I'm allergic to almost anything perfumed. So, last Christmas my Mom (who knows, but she forgets) gives me a very nice scented candle burner with 3 different scents and promises for refill. I can't use it, but I love Mom and don't want to make her feel bad. The upshot is that I regifted it and the recipient was THRILLED! Chalk up another house I can never visit without antihistamines... That's the problem, I can't regift these things to anybody whose house or office I intend to visit.
—Guest wb

wish stick

I received a twig with a ribbon tied around it in a first grade gift exchange. The boy who gave it to me said it was a wish stick. I could make a wish with it and the with would come true. So I wished for a better gift. It didn't work.
—Guest guest b

Thanks for the vote of confidence....

I have to say, I'm not usually one to complain about gifts, because as someone who loves to give them--to make people happy, to show them I care, etc.--I wouldn't like to think of someone hating my gift enough to post it on the internet. That said, some gifts are so bad you just can't help it... For my 18th birthday, my dad (who is notorious for picking terrible gifts--file folders for Christmas, etc.) got me Dr. Laura's book 10 Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives. I guess he was afraid I was going to get knocked up by my boyfriend (now my husband, and still childless!), or "shack up" before marriage. *Sigh*

Cheap to a new level

I once received a used dollar store photo frame from a co-worker (obvious the frame had been used for quite a while). We were pretty much mortal enemies so I got a good laugh out of her total lack of creativity...which made her even madder that it didn't upset me.
—Guest Liz

This could take awhile!

An old friend (previous pastor) told me he got a Rubik's cube one year as a gift. Not bad...except that he's colorblind.

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