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Readers Respond: What's the Worst Gift You've Ever Received?

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Thanks for the vote of confidence....

I have to say, I'm not usually one to complain about gifts, because as someone who loves to give them--to make people happy, to show them I care, etc.--I wouldn't like to think of someone hating my gift enough to post it on the internet. That said, some gifts are so bad you just can't help it... For my 18th birthday, my dad (who is notorious for picking terrible gifts--file folders for Christmas, etc.) got me Dr. Laura's book 10 Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives. I guess he was afraid I was going to get knocked up by my boyfriend (now my husband, and still childless!), or "shack up" before marriage. *Sigh*

Cheap to a new level

I once received a used dollar store photo frame from a co-worker (obvious the frame had been used for quite a while). We were pretty much mortal enemies so I got a good laugh out of her total lack of creativity...which made her even madder that it didn't upset me.
—Guest Liz

This could take awhile!

An old friend (previous pastor) told me he got a Rubik's cube one year as a gift. Not bad...except that he's colorblind.


My mother gave me a large electric steamer. I never understood why or what I could use it for. Didn't even know they made such a thing.
—Guest MSgt Mackel


I guy I was dating years ago gave me the absolute worst gift ever and he had NO idea what was wrong with it!! You know those wooden , accordian-like coat racks you nail to the wall? The kind with the pegs about 2 inches long sticking out of them? One of those! Really?!? Cheap-skate!
—Guest omarsgirl73

I fought back tears!

On our first Christmas together my boyfriend got me a set of His and Hers monogrammed bath towels! It was horrible! I almost burst out in tears but managed a thank you .....UGH!

An attachment...and now we're unattached

The worst gift that I received was an attachment for my vacuum, from my ex-husband on Christmas. You'll notice that he's my ex-husband :-)
—Guest Michelle

It was buggy

A box of chocolate-covered pretzels..so OLD they had 'mealy worms' in them, (and even THEY were DEAD) lol, suspected a "re- gift " dating to mid 1920s lol
—Guest codyj

A pile of #%@!

I think the worst gift I ever received was at Christmas time back many years ago. It was from my husband's sister. I opened her gift to me and found it was a pile of fake "poop." It was supposed to be meant as a joke, but it was the only gift she gave to me and it DID make me feel pretty bad. I was so shocked when I opened it!
—Guest SomeoneWishin

China for the Bull

For my twelfth birthday my father got a rather nice china doll, dressed in blue with white lace and about a foot tall. This was a major let down because not only was I the kind of girl who would rather roll in the mud, I (still am) was a huge klutz. No one is quite sure how the thing has survived so long but I'm sure it's possessed and Mom agrees. To this day, there is not a scratch on it but the rest of my stuff is rather beat up.
—Guest Haruka

For real?!?!?

I received a wooden coat-hanger. I received it in a white elephant gift exchange so it wasn't meant for me personally but how did anyone think that was something someone would enjoy receiving?? No one ever admitted to being the one who gave that gift. Word to the wise: if you're too embarassed to admit you gave it.... why would you then?
—Guest Jacket

From the in-laws...

We were young and in love and had no money...I made Xmas presents...A long lace hostess apron for his mom, a silk tie for his dad, an amazing oversized purple Martian stuffed critter for his little sis...He got an electric guitar and speakers fit for a concert venue...I got a case of Spam...

Obvious Regifted Item

I had some couples over for a holiday dinner & we all exchanged gifts. One of the couples gave us a gift of some candle thing that was pretty bad looking but the kicker was it was obviously regifted because there were remnants of tape & another type of gift wrap still stuck to the package after we opened it!
—Guest Sherry

Re-gifted and crumb-y...literally

I didn't even mind that the gift was in the container that it came in years ago that was filthy and coming apart, but it would have been nice if she had washed the plate before giving it. It had chocolate crumbs stuck to it. Yuck. I gave it to my daughter, (not as a present) and I did wash it first.
—Guest cat lover

thanks grandma

I was a pudgy child and at Christmas when I was around 12 years old my not quite all there grandmother gave me a used set of Richard Simmons Deal-A-Meal cards. Way to help a young girl's self esteem grandma.
—Guest Jami

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