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Readers Respond: Cheating Husband, Cheating Boyfriend - What Did You Do About It?

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From the article: Why Do Men Cheat?
Have a cheating husband or cheating boyfriend? You're not alone. It's estimated that 50% of married men will cheat on their wives. Talk about your experiences and share advice and wisdom with other women about what to do and what not to do.

It takes two

The role of the cheated helps the cheater. Are you sweeter or meaner than when you met? Do you have sex with your mate every three or four days? Most satisfied men don't cheat.
—Guest Shannon

do you think hes cheating ?

Ok so we Lived in a shared house and this girl was going out with our best mate he then went prision and this girl started sleeping with another boy in the shared house and she was there everyday I didnnt get along with her at after this as she cheated on my best matr I had known for 18 years why she was pregnant which I find descusting. Well my boyfriend and I then moved into another shared house and she followed and started sleeping with a different boy in this shared house so she followed my boyfriend from one house to another my boyfriend said he got along with her cause she was there well me and my boyfriend had a row and went on a break I stayed at my mum and dads and when I went back a week later her hair brush was in his bedroom and he said she was there with other people so I believed him. So 8 months down the line she inboxes my boyfriend saying Danny (mates in prision) thinks we slept together make sure U tell him we didn't. I messaged her asking what its about and she...
—Guest leighanne

Get tough

Ive never been cheated on. I have been reading these stories and u girls are taking these guys back. Even if my boyfriend who i love dearley was to cheat i would never take him back . Once that trust is broken its gone forever. Come on girls stop being a doormat and get rid of these cheating pigs. There are guys out there who wont cheat because when u love someone u dont Cheat
—Guest betty boop mwa

Get tough

Ive never been cheated on. I have been reading these stories and u girls are taking these guys back. Even if my boyfriend who i love dearley was to cheat i would never take him back . Once that trust is broken its gone forever. Come on girls stop being a doormat and get rid of these cheating pigs. There are guys out there who wont cheat because when u love someone u dont Cheat
—Guest betty boop mwa

I caught my brother in law

My sister's husband was the most romantic, loving guy ever or so everyone thought. I caught him with another girl at a party when my sister was home pregnant. So you know what I did? I took a picture and blast his ass off on Facebook. He is a loser and my sister deserves better!
—Guest Deeda

Why are men such filthy liars?

I've been with my boyfriend in a (at least to me) commited relationship for 2 years.And all this time he lied,cheated and betrayed me!He hit on my girls,he had these facebook affairs that he called friends...found text messages on his phone saying that those ho's look wonderful...in all these 2 years he called me nothing but fat and stupid...yeah!I was stupid for loving him. One of my girls saw him making out with this blonde ho in a park and he doesn't even have the balls to admit it. He told me that he broke up with them but i still find some love notes on facebook! Question?how do you call a girl that f*cks a guy that is in a commited relationship and knowing that he has a girlfriend?Nothing but a freaking sk*nk...at least those ho's should take money for what they're doing!But i kinda got my revenge..i slept with 2 of his best friends but still feel miserable...i love him...but i refuse to be treated like that.

we had misscarrage then my gf cheated

Hi there. i was so over the moon when my gf told me she was pregnant. we said we would keep the news to our selves till the 12 week scan so we don't jinx our selfs but we couldn't wait that long so started to tell everyone. a couple weeks later she started to bleed and after many appointments at the doctors we finally got an emergency scan which was not good news. the next few days was the worst time of my life as she started to bleed really heavy in the early hours of the morning. we finaly got to the hospital where she spent 2 days with ops and things. anyway after about a week she started to feel better and went aback to work and things started to get back to normal ish. or so i thought. about 3 or 4 weeks after she sat me down after tea and told me that she had done something stupid and slept with some else. I was shocked and left her. she tried everything she could to get me back but i don't no if i can go back after what she done. this is not like her. Is the miscarriage 2 blam
—Guest noy

Cheating ASS HOLES

My husband of 4 years has cheated on me numerous times. Comes home with hickies on his neck. Stays out til 4AM, sometimes never coming home, penis always smelling nasty, even putting the blaim on me. We have 3 children together. I love him with all my heart and at times I feel too weak to leave. I dont know why I torture myself. Once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater. I set myself up to get hurt, at times I hate myself. I want to happy, and pray that one day I will have the strength to leave :(
—Guest Rachel

cheating husband

Husband cheated many times 40 yrs ago I forgave him. Is he's cheating again? This past year He has changed Tuning me out watching tv, not talking, falling a sleep on couch at night, sometimes cold to me not touching me But he will alway say bye I love you when leaving or when hanging up from the phone (I think from habit) When I have asked him whats going on with him his answer nothing, why does something have to be wrong. Then he would try to show a little affection I would tell him you have been acting different and I feel as you don't want to be around me. You treat me different He would say your crazy. I asked him are you cheating on me are have you? His answer your crazy, you know I haven't. I feel he is very satisfy with his routine, the things he has the living he has an doesn' want to give it up. But it would kill me to lose him to. My thoughts Is he cheating if so at this age I dont want to live this way. Could I live without him, or do I love him? Don't know. This scares me

my husband cheated and we have 3 kids

my husband had sex behind my back with a girl for awhile while i was at the hospital haven a baby she says she has pics of them but wont show them to me than she told me everything the did but he denies it all i dont know what to do we been together for 5 years and the still talk behind my back what should i do
—Guest jessica

texting for 7 months?

husband of 23 yrs. we have both cheated once over the years. thought we were good. acting on gut instinct i checked his phone. found messages from and to another woman saying how they loved each other. he works away. how do i know he wont text her anymore? feels like first time..

Caught him in bed

So I've recently just lost the love of my life. We had a get together with our friends at his house and I went to bed at 11. Woke up at 2am to hear no music and no noise. So I checked the house, his mates were sleeping in the loungeroom and I found him in his mate's bed with another girl under the covers. Under the same roof!! Can you believe that. Luckily he saw me and his reaction was "I'm sorry babe". I was that gobsmacked I didn't say anything and got my bags and walked out. He says that she was trying to get onto him and they only kissed on the cheek. Pfft please! I broke up with the sorry ass. Once a cheater, always a cheater. I feel so much anger and hurt inside I don't know if I can trust anymore because I'm afraid I'll get hurt like that again. I have that picture of him and her in bed playing over and over in my mind, its just so cruel. If you are with someone who is your life, why cheat?
—Guest Trust no-one

What Now...

I have been with my husband for 6 years although we have only been married 5 months. We adopted a baby 2 years ago. He's an amazingly attentive husband who sends me little notes and texts professing his love for me most evey day. So imagine my surprise when I found his profile on match.com, charges to restaurants we've never been to and a charge to a seedy motel near where he works. I'm so angry I could scream! I feel betrayed and hurt. Divorce is a option for me. I will not give up on this marriage. He will have to answer for what he's done but how do I make sure he's not going to do it again? A check-in system? GPS tracker?
—Guest What Now?

My husband cheated

After what I thought was a great marriage ten years on my hubby cheated straight after the birth of our baby boy. His mistress had no problem with the cruelty towards me and in fact encouraged it. I left him. He took me to court for everything under the sun and left me and my son penny less. Him and his mistress are financially better off than we are and I'm working my butt off just trying to rebuild my life again. What a waste of time. I will never trust another man again.
—Guest Briony

Once a Cheater always A Cheater!

anyone in a committed relationship that cheats, has no respect for his/her mate. It is very safe to assume that he/she WILL cheat again. Cheating is NOT an indication of love or respect. There is no excuse or justification for it. It is up to you to decide if you are willing to accept that it most certainly will happen again. Do not stay together for the child's sake, the child will not benefit from being raised in an unhappy home.
—Guest Don

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