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Readers Respond: Cheating Husband, Cheating Boyfriend - What Did You Do About It?

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Yup....it happened to me too!

I've been cheated on once, by my boyfriend Daniel. It was last year. I just recently stumbled upon a website called reportyourex last night (or maybe it was the other night...lol) It kind of inspired me to explain my story, unfortunately it's also brought the whole thing back to memory and now here I am posting more comments about it online. But oh well, one day he will get his and so will all the other cheaters (I'm a big believer in karma, what can I say?) Anyhow, if your boyfriend cheats, leave him. You are too good for him to begin with. :)
—Guest Atlanta Heather

Cheating addict

My boyfriend of two years has stolen from me...and lied about everything. I was pregnant once but lost the baby and he and I would get into physical fights. One day he claimed to be at a job interview but when I called his phone a girl answered, and hung up when I asked who she was. He comes home smelling like sex. When we argued, once he left for a week and went to a hotel.
—Guest Dorene

Should I give my ex another chance?

I just broke up with my ex. We've been going out for seven years. He said he needed space. Out of nowhere he wanted to go out every weekend so it took me some time to give the answer because he would never explain to me why. Last weekend I went to a club with my godsister and guess who I found there -- him and his other girl. He looked at me and then smiled. Unbelievable. He completely ignored me and acted like he didn't know me. So the next day he came to my house and asked for another chance. I laughed so hard. And he wants me to forgive him and he's telling me that if I do he still wants to go out with no questions asked. What should I do?
—Guest candycane

Why me?

Why me? I've been through it all!! I was with this guy for 2 and a half years when I found out I was not the only one he told he loved. When I finally got the guts to go up to him and ask him, of course he said NO!! So I followed him out (I know that was wrong) and saw him with my bff. I kicked him to the curb and never took him back!
—Guest lexxxxi

I Was The One Before "The One" Thank God

When I was in seventh grade my boyfriend Jake was the only thing I ever thought about. But he accused me of cheating because my best friend was a guy (Kevin).Although I never knew Kevin liked me, Jake did... and he cheated on me to get revenge even though I did nothing. I was heartbroken. I caught myself thinking about Kevin a lot and dreaming about him. I began falling for him and the last day of seventh grade he asked me out. I said of course. Now I'm halfway through eighth grade and me and Kevin are still going strong. I thank Jake all the time just to let him know what he lost. He is a lost boy who thinks not with the head on his shoulders but the one behind his zipper. I love Kevin now and he truly loves me too. I will never forget the day I wasn't loving Jake enough to fulfill his expectations. He wanted sex, but I'm not having sex until I'm eighteen. Oh yeah: "Thanks Jake. Fireproof is a Movie made For You Buddy."
—Guest Logannn(:

I can't believe he did this to me!

This guy and I liked each other since middle school (or so he told me he did) and when we went to high school and he asked me out. I wanted to go to homecoming with him since he was my boyfriend, but then I found out that he had asked another girl instead. He didn't even tell me! I found out from someone else -- another girl whom I didn't even care for. The girl he asked out was someone I knew. She told me that she was sorry, but that doesn't help me now because I was left with a broken heart!
—Guest mary k

cheating boyfriend and betray

My boyfriend was going with this other girl ,When found out, he apologized to me but I'm pregnant, otherwise i could leave him. What shall I do? That other girl said he lied to her also because he told her that he didn't have any other girlfriend than her. The problem is, what shall I do with my pregnancy of 5 months now...and the fact that I hate him?
—Guest tam

How is this my fault???

Four years of trying to talk myself into believing he was faithful, I did what I could when I could to make him happy. He told me he loved me and told me he wanted to marry me and every time something didn't go his way he said I was kicking him in the face. I was a few months pregnant and lost it in an accident.A few weeks later he cheated on me with an ex from his grade school that I had college classes with. Then cheated on me with his best friend's sister. I was so hurt and so broken I became bitter and decided to do the same thing only with an older man. He then apologized and asked me to start fresh with him. I did and then just recently I went through his cell. Something in my gut told me to get up and look and he was talking to a woman who is married and told her to come to his apartment and screw the hell out of him. I flipped on the light and screamed at him and he looked at me and said you don't want to give me that attention nor allow me to talk to you like that...
—Guest broken bella


Well, I am 11 years old and I have a boyfriend -- or had one. Today he dumped me because he knew I was going to dump him. This other girl asked him out while I was going out with him and he said yes! Then he dumped me just as I was about to dump him. He also did this to my best friend.
—Guest leah

Soooo Many Lies I Have Put Up With

Im 18 and have been dating my boyfriend for over 2 years. A month ago he and his 2 friends got into a huge fight. They really cared about me so they wanted to let me know my bf had been cheating with many girls through our whole relationship. I comfronted him; of course he said no, so I knew he was lying. But I disregarded it not wanting to believe it, but one of his friends insisted they were not lying. Hurt and in pain, I did a disgusting thing. I cheated on him with his friend wanting to see what was so great about cheating WHICH IS NOTHING! I didn't even finish but that's all it took for him to tell me the truth. We broke up but got back together, but to do so I had to show him exactly what I did with and to his friend by doing it to him. I was so humiliated but I did it because I don't love him -- I love the idea of him and what I want him to be. We are still together but I get that sick feeling when I imagine another girl on him when we lay in bed. I feel like a coward.
—Guest Tiffany


I know my boyfriend is cheating on me and lying to me about that. I pretend I am not aware of anything, but I know. I cannot love him anymore, but at the same time I hate to lose him after all this time I am being torn apart by contradictory feelings. But I know I will totally abhor him one day because he never stops lying to me and my anger is growing along with his continuous cheating. You might ask why I am still with him!! Our love is withering away...
—Guest Mayar

Falling for the best friend...

My ex boyfriend just happened to be my best friend. I fell in love with him while we were friends but then we decided to act on how we felt. He cheated a week after we were together. After we broke up, I realized I still wanted him. We decided to try again but he turned out to be a loser still. Now that we broke up again, I can't stop thinking about him and I think I still love him even though we never speak Why do I still love him after he lied, used, and cheated on me?
—Guest nickie

A Broken Heart

I've always said that I would never fall in love or give any man my heart because of the things I've seen in family as a child. When I met my husband I had a wall up, and he was the greatest man I've ever met. It took a long time before I allowed myself to show him love, and when I did it was great. We had a great sex life and our out-of-bed relationship was great. We faced our problems together. Everything was fine before the marriage. But a year after we were married I found out he was cheating on me. The hardest part was that I was in love with him and he was my first love. I believe that marriage is "til death do us part" and I have forgiven him, However I don't trust him and don't know if I ever will. I take care of him but not like I used to and nothing will ever be close to the good times we had. We tried to get help and I don't think it did much good because there are still some unanswered feelings in me, while my husband acts like nothing ever happened.
—Guest Kay

Who should I believe?

I was at school and these girls (who I don't even know) came up to me and asked me if I was going out with Andrew. I said yes, then one of them said that he was cheating on me. When I told him he said that was not true then we heard the girls yelling at us so I said "I wanna get to the bottom of this." I went to talk to them and he said, "I'm not going with you," so I thought he left but when I looked back he was behind me. I put my bag down and talked to them and this one girl told me that she had been going out with him for 2 weeks so I got my bag and turned around and I saw that Andrew was gone. The next day he was not at school. Then we talked about it and he said the truth was that he was not cheating on me and we could break up if I wanted to and I said "No, I don't want to." So we decided to keep going out but I feel like i did the wrong thing. Can someone help me? please? I really love him and I don't want to lose him.
—Guest stephi

He did it again...

My boyfriend of 2 years cheated on me again. The first it was with his ex, and when I broke it off with him he would not stop calling to get back with me. Now it's with some girl in his home country. What hurts is that he tells me he loves me 10 times a day, and always makes sure to detail how our life together will be in the future....why ? Why lie to someone like this? I especially find this repulsive because I've asked him to never lie to me, no matter how hurtful he thinks telling the truth may be....lol, little did I know that I was asking a liar to tell me the truth, I shouldn't have believed him to begin with.
—Guest hurt

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