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Readers Respond: Cheating Husband, Cheating Boyfriend - What Did You Do About It?

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baby's daddy

I've known my baby daddy for over 5 years on and off. I always wonder why he was so shaddy. I got pregnant last year and he did not see me anymore after i was seven month pregnant. My baby is born january 13, 2011 and i asked him if he told his family and friends and he said"no" he always paid me cash. I started wondering about him and found out that he has been with other woman for atleast over 5 years and was engaged and getting married sept 17, 2011. what should i do????

Love shouldn't feel like this

Hello, am a mother of two beautiful boys. I met their dadfive years ago. He was amazing caring, funny, always wanting to please me on everything. I always use to say to my girlfriends..Chris will never cheat. I trust him very much. Now looking back at those days when I use to say that..ugh I feel stupid. He cheated on me one time. I forgave him thinking on the everyone deserves a second chance. Well two years ago he cheated on me again while I was at work..the lowest thing with my neighbor... And I know your thinking about now ooh you left him..No. Am still with him.this time I felt his apology was sincere and to be honest I love him. My friends keep telling me well if your ganna stay with him at least do their same thing to him. And sometimes that advice lingers in my mind, but I just cant do it. I love him and eventhoug their trust is not there anymore. I know he will never do that to me again. Did I mentioned well wore eighteen when we got together?
—Guest Heidy

Cheating boyfriend

My boyfriend was seeing me and at the same time married another girl. I did not know a dam thing. She left him within 5 days of the marriage. She was pregnant another man's child. His mother died within a month. Moral : What goes around, comes back all the way around. I forgave him. Took him back. Going to marry him in a few months time. He has changed. Learnt his lesson - a bitter one. There are those few who do change.
—Guest Carmen


i got in love with my husbant when i was a little girl of 12....today i'm 38 and we have got 2 children. we loed each other ..i never had anyother one..i love him so much and i'm faithful.but i got on the surprise of him cheating me.....i'm so beautifull as others tell around and i never tell this as a selfconsitied..but the same he cheated on me.
—Guest alba

Girlfriend or Friend?

Hey, my name is Luke. I'm only writing on this because my friend and i was reading the stories on here. And it's like every female on here, is saying only males cheat. Well, I'm a male. And I've never ever cheated. Don't ask me, No i'm not gay. My now ex- girlfriend and i had been together for 4 years. And for the last year and a half of this time, she had an affair with another guy. Not just any guy but my best mate. I didn't realise, i was so in love with her i didn't care when she told me. I said, we could get past this. She then told me that she is pregnant, and it's he's the father. And she broke up with me. Year later they had the child, and got married & divorced. She then claimed that Justin (The kid) was mine. I asked for a DNA test, turns out he wasn't. I'm now with my new girlfriend, Amy. She's amazing, and I love her more then anything. I believe in second chances & I believe in love. Wish you's all the best in finding love again. With kind regards, Luke. (I'm 19 years old)
—Guest Unforgiven.


I'm slowly getting over this trauma, finding out that he might have a wife and a kid. I am a honest and loyal person, I believe in monogamy. When you love someone, you are commited, why would you ever be tempted by other people? I would never be able to look him in the eyes afterwards. A cheater doesnt love anybody. He also played some mad mind games with me ( "dont talk to me for the next 2 weeks"), then the blaming game ( "you prob have a bf"), then just told me he was f***ing with me. I wish I said that I'm done with his manipulating. Today i actually feel stronger, I feel that i can do better. If he does have a wife indeed, Im going to tell her. She has every right to know. Girls, we have to be strong and proud, and always put ourselves first! Dont beg him to choose you, don't stay deluded. I never cheated on anyone, that's a good karma haha. They will get their sh** back.
—Guest nika

spell-caster brought back my husband

Hi everybody. I recently saw a testimony about a spell caster of some sort in a blog I visit for relationship and dating counseling problems because i had been having serious issues with my boyfriend and we had been dating for six months,he just suddenly changed,he was returning my calls,he started cheating,he was hurting me in so many ways i never thought possible and I just thought I should try it*maybe out of desperation of some sort*..and I contacted them..At first everything felt dreamy and unbelievable,their consultations and solution was a little bit easy and strange and I was scared a little cos I heard read and heard lots of stories of fake spell casters,scams and i never really believed in magic..I played along with a little hope and and faith and I was sent some few stuffs after everything and it worked like a miracle,everything went to a while new direction,it was and is amazing...I guess it was all good faith that made me read That particular post that faithful day..I hope
—Guest sandra

Love of my life cheated the 1st 5 months

My boyfriend & I have been together 8 months....we are great together & I love having him in my life....about 3 months ago I found out he was cheating on me with a coworker (she's married). When he started trying to find fault in the tiniest things about me....I lost it...I told him I was well aware he'd been unfaithful. He told me yes he had been with this married coworker, but that since he started to fall so deeply in love with me, he hadn't slept with her for the past 3 months....(however, during our relationship all 8 months he swore he'd been faithful. Come to find out, he hadn't been & since I had known for the past few months & never said anything.....I was well prepared to prove my case if he tried to deny it. I hurt so badly bcuz he promised he had my back & clearly he didn't. The other part is that he's been with her off & on since his divorce. 4 yrs ago!!!! Help!
—Guest Chellie

Have your cake and eat it too

I was 6 when I met him in my kindergarten class and we were close all the way intill highschool. I never thought I would like him since we were so close but thoes feelings took a 360. I fell hard for him my sophomore year of highschool. He always had something for me but never wanted to have a label or be official with me. He then started hooking up with girls and becoming a ladies man. But he would always have me and be with me at the End of the day. He took my virginity the summer after we graduated and we were always together. But little did I know that entire summer he was seeing this girl who he is family friends with and they are really close because there parents. I found out and I called him out on it and he ended up running to her and making it offical with her in april and we did not speak for a month. This past june He ended up cheating on her with me untill I could take it anymore and I told the girl. She was heartbroken and now him and I hate eachother.
—Guest Annonomys

cheatin boyfriend

my boyfriend of 3 years cheated on me from the get go- he got with me off the back of his ex and was still in love with her- he was in love with the two of us. alongside her, he was also cheating on me with others. he dumped me march this year after i suffered a miscarriage of our first child, and said he was taking time out to 'sort his head out', we were gettin back together when i found out not only was he sleepin with his ex again, but shes 4 months pregnant. i am utterly devastated. some days gettin out of bed is too much effort, he says we can be together in secret as he will definately always love her and will always be physically involved with her now that shes having his child, but its me he realy wants....
—Guest heartbroken girl

after 9 yrs, he cheated

I was with him for 9 yrs. Everything was "ours" he would say. The cars were" ours", the house he bought was" ours", the dog he bought me for my birthday was" ours". I spent 9 yrs with him through sicknesses, through everything. I cooked, cleaned, worked, contributed to the household finances, paid my own bills, never asked for money or anything like that. Then he started acting mean and distant. Said he didn't know how to fix it. Turns out he was cheating on me for months with someone from his work! As soon as I moved out, she moved in! He is a lying cheating dog. Wasn't even man enough to break up with me, I had to do it and he had the nerve to cry! Then he starts hanging out with new friends from work and now everything is" his". The cars. The house. Everything. The dog....I guess even after 9 yrs, you don't know someone. And talk about being a wimp, now his new girlfriend answers his phone and replies to his text messages and tells him what to do!
—Guest llcca

Drives me insane

I was with my ex for a little over 2yrs. After i broke up with him due to irreconcilable differences. We remained close and were still sleeping with each other until i found out about the other girl who was preggo for him & that he was with her while with me. She had an abortion, harassed me until i changed my number twice. I didnt talk to him for 9 months & during that time she would call me randomly on my house phone to complain because they'd get into arguments & he'd always bring up my name. it stopped & miraculously he called me to talk & i hung up on him only to call back to meet up & talk. He apologized said all the sweet stuff to try get to my head etc. Now i found out he's still with her & shes pregnant again! This time hes 'tolerating' her because of the pregnancy. She stays at home & lives off the government & dont work. She already has a 3 yr ild daughter with another guy. Im avoiding him now because when he told me all of this i refused to be involved. But he's contacting
—Guest Confused

2nd time round and married another cheat

I have been married to my husband for 5 yrs and we have 3yr old twins. He made up a new nick on FB and a new email addy just to woo this woman! She is 3yrs older than me! and im 43! He is 41! She is a skinny bitch and im more cuddly. His 16yr old daughter told me! He denied it for 24hours str8 to my face! I then found his new email account and set her an email,she thought i was him and confessed to their love but it was over! My 1st husband cheated on me after 12yrs! This one after 5! I think i attract them! No idea what 2 do :( How can i trust him again? Ever! He said it was because he couldnt talk to me that he had never been married before so instead of talking to me he jumps into bed with her! What a lame excuse! It is going to kill me but the twins and i are better off without him! Without trust and respect in a marriage what DO you have? Nothing!He knew what happened with my first husband he swore he would never hurt me! Yet he did this! Marriage is a two way street!
—Guest Narelle

17 yrs Meant Nothing

I was with my boyfriend for 17 years. We have 1 Daughter. He started being really mean to me calling me names. Telling me I was stupid. You name it, I heard it. I ask him if he was cheating. The answer I always got was No! That I was crazy, mental, or in my head. I made it clear to him if he was cheating then just tell me cause we was still having sex. But our sex life dwindled down to once a month if I was lucky. If I said anything about the lack of sex he always said "I'm tired, you know I work hard. You should be more understanding & not pester me for sex when I'm exhausted! That's you only thinking of yourself!" Then my mind would race & I was like- am I being to demanding? Well, time passed & I kicked him out & told him it was for a week or 2. He was supposed to be staying with his Mom since we lived only a couple minutes from her. After work one night I had a migraine & I ask him to come home that night cause I was sick. He flat refused. Then hung up. I knew then & caught him.
—Guest So Hurt

Cheating boyfriend

My Boyfriend of 3 years told me we would be together forever. He has been in financial trouble for the past 3 years, due to the terrible economic situation in this country: he owns properties worth 6 million dollars, but can't sell them to get his finances in order. He is suffering badly from this burden and most likely will lose everything since he can't pay his mortgages. Recently he told me he slept with a woman more than 40 years younger than himself, and he liked it. He knew of course I would not tolerate a cheating man in my life. I am just wondering if he told me that so that I would leave and not be around his upcoming financial disaster, like bank reposession, etc. or if it is true and he really wants nothing to do with me anymore. Of course I left him, and to my amazement he has not called me in a week or made any effort toward me. I still love him and I have cried a lot because it hurts. What am I supposed to think?
—Guest Ashley

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