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Readers Respond: Cheating Husband, Cheating Boyfriend - What Did You Do About It?

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Well this one is great..

I was talking to this guy online, I knew he was married but he told me it was going bad. It was going on for 6+ months behind her back, I felt bad yes but he did tell me he was leaving her for me. He was from the US, came here (Australia) to marry her and stuff.. Anyway so the relationship had been going on for a long time - he had made me believe his wife was awful when really it was him. He recently went back to the US and was planning on getting me over there, I was in love. I was happy, I loved this man! I found out he lied to me, almost everything he told me. He was also leading on this other women in Canada - whom she's like 20 years OLDER then I. She claims to be in love with him too. I talked to his wife and I explained and she already knew about the Canadian bimbo - she didn't know about me \: She and I have been talking ever since and we're really good friends she's not as bad as he said at all.. We're planning our sweet revenge. :)
—Guest The Other Woman

i saw it

I had this man that I trusted for one year, later made marriage proposals and we went ahead to see my parents for the arrangements, since then he started behaving strangely, he used to call me frequently, he stopped, when I call him he doesn't respond or he says he is busy with friends. Sometimes he turns off his phone the whole weekend if I ask he says his phone had a problem. I was patient until I decided not to take it any more. I woke up one day and decided to go to his house. I found him in bed with another woman who he confessed has been his gal for one month and he confessed that she has been spending nights in his house. I can't trust the man any more though he wants us to get back together because the moment I see him I see him in bed with that woman.

Advice to women from a man (cont.)

as I was saying when you do find that one true guy who will appreciate you for who and everything you are and will hold that love in his heart forever; you will be happy that you left behind those bad guys who took you for granted and didnt take the time to realise how special you were to him. All you women are special in your each individual ways and there is a man out there one day who will find and hold on to it and never hurt you. Be patient, the day will come, i assure you. Just be smart and dont see yourself any lesser than what all you women are; SPECIAL! You can be hurt a million times by a million men but it only takes one man to make you truly and eternally happy. I know its hard but just try your hardest to really know who your giving your heart to before you do it. I wish you all the best of luck and remember be strong because you are special and there will be that one day and that one man who will cherish it forever.
—Guest Decent guy

To All Women From a Man

I know you all have been hurt by these men who do these hurtful things. For those of you who have rounded up the courage to leave be proud of yourselves for leaving. For those of you who want to stay or don't know what to do well honestly no one but yourself can tell you what to do. Yes men can change just like women can but the odds are small. My advice to you would be to leave because most men will most likely cheat again. Try to find the strength deep down inside of you and try to realise that there are lots of men out there willing to treat you the way all you good women are supposed to be treated; like queens. I have a girlfriend and I tell her I love her everyday, i kiss her every day, I tell her she's the most beautiful girl in the world, I give her attention, I take her out, I do things for her, I admire her, and most importantly I appreciate her for who she is. I promise you that you will find this one day...
—Guest Decent Guy

Can I trust my husband again?

He cheated on me for three years. Can I ever trust him again? I still believe he's her lover, not mine.
—Guest Mary

2 Timer

Well,me and my BF have been together for 2 months now and things have gotten bad!!! Well lately I've heard that my boyfriend has been passing notes to his ex. One resource even said they tried to kiss! I found this out this Friday. (the day before spring break) So I've decided I'm gonna have to break up with him on Monday. That two timer has no right to have any of my love! And the sad part is that he expects me to still stay with him!!! Ya uh hu like that's gonna work.
—Guest What should I do?

The Honest Cheater

Well I'm still with my boyfriend at this moment and we're very in love. He's 17 and I'm 16. He's cheated on me TWICE but has told me the next day. His dad lives in a different town I call HOtown. He stays over there every other weekend. The first time he cheated he just kissed a girl cuz his stupid sister told him I tried 2 kiss her! Gross! Well I forgave him & he cheated again 7 months later! He did a nasty thing with her but he stopped like 5 seconds into it & hit that girl. He cried all night & told me the next day. I took him back but the thoughts of him & them girls keep popping In my head! He hasn't cheated on me at all. Today is March 2011 and he did this May 2010. I'm trying to stay happy but how do I get the thoughts out my head!
—Guest Sprung.!

What am I doing?

My fiance asked me to marry him a few days after I found out he was having a baby with a woman who has the same name as me. We been together for 4 and a half years and last night it hit me. My partner that I'm about to marry in August has been cheating on me our whole relationship. I have known about it the whole time but always gave in and believed him when he said he was sorry and he loved our family. As I sit here I can't help but think how stupid I am for letting all this pass and sit here as if nothing has ever happened. I'm now 2 months pregnant and I just now am thinking of what type of man I'm planning my life with. How stupid of me for letting him do what he wanted and cheat for 4 years. Leaving is hard but staying is torture. Where does the courage to leave come from?
—Guest Chrystlgayle

I am done with the same

I am older and wiser but I say enough is enough. I assumed by our talks and time to time this one was the one. And of course nooope...we women know when a guy cheats but we try to let things slide or try not to think the worst but we know. I found out by actions then he tried to confess afterwards thinking it would make him look like he learned his lesson since he lived with his grandma. At the time he figured he could be sneaky. He would leave with his other women after midnight then he wanted to be picked up the next morning. When I went for him he didn't want get up and kept trying to stay covered up. When I looked at his neck sure enough he had a hickey on his neck and that wasn't the first time. SO ladies to make this story short what you see is not your imagination. Don't try to pretend things can change if you can't trust your partner and he can't treat you how you treat him. It will only be a heartache.

Cheating Man

Mine is so surreal because I was the "other" woman without knowing it. Also the fact that he had developed aa full blown relationship with me & my daughters. He had asked for my hand in marriage with my family. We were all in disbelief to find he had a girlfriend & 2 month old baby. We went away for weekends, he spent weekends at my place & spent xmas together. The "real" girlfriend is only 21 & I feel genuine pity for her circumstances - I told him to lose my name & number after finding out the truth. What I cannot wrap my head around is why develop a full relationship with me? Why would anyone do this to the woman they impregnated & their child? She's taken him back & I think she's a better woman than I. I'm just speechless & baffled that a man can spend money on xmas gifts for my children while he is battling to provide basic formula for his own flesh & blood???
—Guest J

Cheating story

I was seeing a guy for 4 months. He told me that he loved me, I was the only girl he was seeing. He had a late night job as a bartender so it was very hard to see him during the day as he would finish up work late & start early. So he would always come after work to pick me up to see me. I believed him and saw him at those times. He was best friends with my family friend's boyfriend and so he told me they all caught up sometimes. But by looking on my friend's facebook it was them & my family friend's best friend, but you see her best friend I ended up finding out he was seeing for a month!! as well as me going for coffee with all of them & then coming straight to my house. It all came to the light when my mum mentioned to my family friend's mum "My daughter is seeing (NAME)" she then told my friend. All in all he got caught out! and everyone found out. He had never mentioned he had been seeing me...nothing. I could never trust a cheater it makes me sick! She took him back, I didn't & am proud!!!!
—Guest Kristy

Can't forget

I met my boyfriend through my best friend. We had a 2 year relationship that was amazing & i was never happier, we never hid anything. But recently he started acting strange , always wanting to go out with out me, weird txt msgs and calls through the night. I though he would grow out of it. Once he went out with his mates & we had a set time to meet up as I had his car, he came and took his car & couldnt leave any quicker with a promise to meet me at my home in 20 minutes. I waited , fell asleep by accident, woke up 2 hours later freaking out. i called and he answered as he was asleep. As soon as he heard my voice, he hung up & turned his phone off. As we were basically living together & me haveing keys to his house, I decided to quickly drive to his house just to see if his car was there and it was. I went inside to check on him, scared something went wrong & he was asleep with another girl. I angrily choked her though I'm more angry at him. He knew me not her, it's been 2 months & i just cant forget it.
—Guest is it worth it ?

in the same shoes

I went with this guy for over a year found out he cheated on me with my best friend. I took him back because he swore up and down that he loved me and i was in love with him. He was my first kiss my first love, etc. Then found out he was in love with another girl. Havent talked to him since. He broke my heart. To the point I no longer cry or care.
—Guest rebecca

men are mean

I have this guy it's been 3 years together. He used to work in a gym as an instructor and I'm a model. I met him at the gym, he proposed and I really don't know how I agreed he moved near me, he didin't have proper clothes shoes vessels bed. I got him everything including underwear all name brand. I spent a hell lot of money on him he forced me to have sex. I was a virgin and when I asked him he said the same. I blindly trustd him. Later a lady used to call him and when I asked him he said it was regarding chitchat. But i had some doubts. One day I happened to know his true colors guess what? This fellow has had affairs with so many married women and so many girls. i was so deeply hurt i slapped him on the road and now also I'm hitting him everyday. He askd me for a chance and he recently had a govt job that I made him resign because I thought he would spoil more girls he's with when he's not around me. I'm still with him I don't know why. I hope he changes I don't feel his love, I just feel he needs money from me.
—Guest angela

cheating soon to be husband

ok i have this boyfriend for now until we get married. and he just told me that he have been cheating on me and i was very upset about it n stuff....he says that he loves me more than the other one and i dont know that only because he's far away from me and i have no idea what he may be doing ...he also said he doesnt wanna hurt me i would really have to see it to believe it . i luv him more then anything and i know that he is my husband and will marry me...but i'm just worried he might do something he would regret......
—Guest janessa

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