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Readers Respond: Cheating Husband, Cheating Boyfriend - What Did You Do About It?

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cheating boyfriend

I've dated this guy for 2 years, I don't know if what we had could be considered love. Just two teens with uncontrollable feelings towards one another suits what we shared. but that's beside the point. We dated for a long period of time, he treated me how every women wants to be treated, with love, loyalty and honesty. He became my everything, a year later he became so distant, and changed changed as a whole. I figured, it's just a guy thing. but a few months, into the relationship I realised he was cheating on me with my cousin. quote unquote " i wasnt giving him what he wanted". so i left him and moved on to the next chapter of my life. without any regrets, i'm currently dating no one. but motto of the story being you shouldn't let one guy stop you from what your ideal guy is.
—Guest Audra

Cheating Husband who continues on lying

Just found out that my husband's been cheating on me first with his office mate then with his ex, I've trusted him while knowing that he's in the middle east only to find out that he's been going out with a woman who's been known to be having affair with different married men. It came to the point that he even fought with me just to protect that woman. I found out that the woman had been making stories against me while sending me messages about their affair. Then after a while it stopped only to find out that he'd been cheating with his ex who is now on the process of ruining our marriage. I found a couple of evidences about the two affairs and kept it safe somewhere. I don't know if I could still have a peace of mind after what had happened and the traumatic things that I've experienced. Lately its been coming out that those women were the one's who kept on insisting their self to my husband to the point of sending him naked pictures.
—Guest broken

I cheated on my husband

I havr a husband who is great to me and the sex is awesome. He was away on business for 3 weeks. My ex husband came to pick up the kids for the weekend. I was in the shower so he came in to let me know he was there. I asked him to wash my back and then I took his shirt off and told him tonged in with me. We had not been together in over a year. We had sex in the shower with no protection and it was AWESOME. When he brought the kids back we had sex again, no protection, and once again it was INBELIEVEABLE. Before my husband came home I had sex with the neighbor 2 to 3 times a day for about four days, without protection. My husband came home and we had sex as usual. I felt bad for what I did but I brushed it aside. My husband still doesn't know. The thing is I'm 4 months pregnant and don't know if it's my husbands, my ex husbands or my neighbors!!!! What do I do????
—Guest Crb80

Why cant men be faithful

I have been with my boyfriend for a year. At the begining everything was like a dream. He would give me flowers and chocolate and it convised me the he is the perfrect guy for me. Until he started to avoid me and stop ringing me. I went to his house and found out the door was open and I went in. I heard moans coming from his bedroom and i peeped through the door and found him having sex with my so-called best friend. After I saw that i just ran out the house and went home and cried for hours, he rang me that day and said if i wanted to meet up. I met up with him and comfronted him. He denied it all and I'm still with him. Should I forgive him or dump him. Im confused and i need advice please
—Guest Luna


My cheating bf was sleeping with both of us and only told me when she found out that he was texting me and made a fuss saying she would not put up with it. He only picked her for her money. She paid for a holiday for him so she wanted a lapdog. Then he starts contacting me and again she finds out so all contact cut. Just when Im getting over it he comes crawling back expecting me to continue like as if nothing every happened. not so
—Guest wised up


My boyfriend has been cheating on me since I was very young. He has been having sex with other girls and randomly showing them his penis. He used to force me to have sex and want me to be sexual towards him. He always wanted to touch my add and my vagina and would lye on me while naked. I had realised way to late that I was to tolerant with his liking for girls. So after a very romantic tongue kiss I told him I could not spend time with him anymore. He pleaded with me and he did the usual: showed me his penis told me he would have sex with me... I told him that i did not want to have sex and walked away.
—Guest sarah muwllur

Being cheated on

I was cheated on my by my boyfriend. I found out when I came home early to find him in bed with my sister. He had been dating her for 3 months. And me for 5. I have learned to not trust boys.... Ever....
—Guest Kaitlyn

Nvr love a person so deeply

I was married for seven years .. Iam a monOgamy . I believe in thoughts , one shd hold only one person in their heart and mind till their life ends .. Then only that heart is called as temple .. I have no issue till date , iam beautiful enough wat others say around , and loved him somuch inspite of he cannot give birth to a child . But he ditched me last year, slept with his coworker .. Iam staying with him , but i am unable to forget or forgive his action. He spoiled my whole life. I will never let him to live happly .. He has to pay for the deep trust damage done to me
—Guest Jadhooker

Cheating husband with co-worker

I have been married to my husband 11 years and just 6 months ago left him he had an affair with his co-worker for 6 months and then they split up he came back into my life and told me he wants nothing to do with her. We decided to get back together a week later he argues with me and leaves to have sex with this women. Next morning he comes back to me and we talked its been one month now shes pregnant and says its his baby what do I do? My husband says he did sleep with her but did not cumm in her I dont know if he is lying to me again.
—Guest Rosa

Cheating Husband, Cheating Boyfriend...

I sneaked and peeked at his cellphone. After he told me that he never, ever cheated on me, I took a "look-see" at his new cellphone and there were over l00 sextext messages, mostly from my cheating boyfriend, Brian to a girl that lived in the same town in CT and almost all of them were to her from him. I am traumtized and and very hurt because I loved him so much and we were together not quite 2 years. It's just that he would look me in the eye and tell me that he never touched another women since he'd been with me and how much he loved our sex life. That's what hurts the most. That he bold-faced, outright lied. And cheated. It's like he was trying to convince himself that he wasn't cheating. What did I do about this? I sent him a zillion nasty e-mails and called him a bunch of time and used up his "precious" cellphone time. I also found out he had bought a computer months ago and is on many sites sending e-mails to other females. Listen to UR inner voice.

Suffering The Consequences

I had to learn the hard way. I was in a happy relationship with my boyfriend for a year and half before we started "getting into arguments". Then I got dumped because "I always have a mouth". Come to find out, he's the type that somehow finds a way to make you wrong so he doesn't feel like a total asshole when he's doing wrong. In other words, he was cheating and dumped me. Well, shortly after, we got back together but I noticed a change. He was more distant, made excuses that made NO SENSE, argued about things that didn't matter, and created problems. I knew he was cheating but I had no proof. After going through his phone I found out there were multiple girls. I dumped him... and we got back together shortly after. Now you notice the trend, well here what you need to pay attention to. We kept getting back because "He's sorry". Well, this past time, I found out that I have an STD I can't get rid of.... all because "he's sorry", yet he wont stop. Now, my faithfull ass suffers
—Guest SufferingTheConsequences

Need help badly

My man keeps cheating on me and I'm very confused. He tells me that he loves me and wants too be with me however it always goes back too the same thing. I know, i mean something to him because he introduce me too his family and his only daughter. Also he takes care of me when I'm ill.he also gives me the time interest and concern i need. We even talked about moving in together.he even mention us having a child together. Also he still has his baby mother in the picture which when im not around his family calls her sister in law. I'm not too sure what's going on with that but i know she has a new boyfriend and is 3 months pregnant with his baby. Oh yea also she was staying with my boyfriend for 4 years before they broke up also.
—Guest Cindy

What is left to do?

I met my boyfriend 3 years ago he use too be so sweet to me treat me like a princess I got pregnant 1 month after being with him everything happend soo fast we lived together I fell in love and he grew apart started spending more time away found out he cheated she took me his clothes he denied it I stayed then he did it a couple more times he always said the girls were psycho and nuts then I moved back with my mom and him with his sister he would come sleep over and always leave his phone in his car cuz it was " dead" one day I got his phone when he was sleeping and found text I called her she said she didn't know sorry I found out I'm Pregnant again I'm 8 months she calls me to complain he bugs her I found another girl he denied our daughter and me being pregnant he said I'm psycho he takes he out on weekends while I would be waiting for him I also found out he's getting married to another girl even tho there's proof he denies everything I love him but im tired of the bs I'm done
—Guest Cpt

what glittered wasnt gold

me and my ex were together for on and off for a year. in the beginning we were so in love, i knew that in my heart. when i was a senior in high school(now im a college sophomore student). he would message me early in the morning and say i love you and have a great day. we would go out all the time and he would spoil me everytime we were together. maybe i was naive cause he was my first considering i was a virgin, i just believed he was the one because he was the best compassionate bf i ever had. then the drama started, texting me saying he love started to become less and calling in to check on me stopped. we would break up and get back together until i found out their was another women we broke up instantly.until months later i took him back and she kept claiming he was contacting her when we were working things out. i eventually got paraniod and we stopped seeing each other but he would call me all the time to start over, he still does it to this day but im done with the cheating
—Guest christina

Kicked Him to The Curb

My boyfriend of 1.5 years had been out very late a few nights a week for a couple of months, not answering my calls. We lived together. He made excuses that didn't make any sense as to why I couldn't come with him when he went out. Then he didn't come home for four days, without calling at all. I thought that he was dead. I reported him missing to the police and called his parents. Then he came home like nothing was wrong and told me that he had been 'lost in the forest'. I told him to move out. Almost a year later, a woman I didn't know contacted me on facebook and said that she was his wife. We put our heads together and figured out that he had been cheating on me with her for 4 months before I threw him out, and that when he was begging for me to take him back after that, he was already living with her. She said she was going to divorce him. Good for her. I know I'm better off without that loser, and hopefully she will be too.
—Guest NoRegrets

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