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Readers Respond: Cheating Husband, Cheating Boyfriend - What Did You Do About It?

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Is everyone a victim??

I've been reading all of these responses, and I'm a little shocked at how many innocent victims of cheating there is in the world. For once, has anyone every really stopped and took a hard look into their own personal interactions with the person who cheated and asked yourself, what exactly did you do that could've led a person you were in love with and trusted at one point, to do something as horrible as cheat? I mean in the beginning they were nice, loving, trusting, basically everything you wanted in a mate. But somewhere along the way, something happened to make them change. Did anyone who's been cheated on ever stopped feeling bad for themselves and actually try and figure out what was the cause of them straying?? Yes they were wrong to cheat, but there is also a chance that before the decided to step out, they were probably needing or wanting something from you, that you were either unwilling to give, or even unable to see...just a thought
—Guest mike

Lied to and pregnant.

I was with my boyfriend for 2 1/2 years. The first month we were together he wanted to move in right away. I have two kids from a previous marriage. He has known this that I have kids. But for some reason he would always get mad and tell me how could you have kids with that idiot. I would tell him I love my boys and you have issues & if he wasn't going to be here for all of us to kick rocks. He slowly started to become used to the kid thing. But then he would get mad about other shit and complain and dumb stuff all day every day it was relentless. He told me all the time I love you and don't want to lose you and always apologizing for the mean things he would say. Or for even hitting me. Things went from bad to worse when I got pregnant. Right at our two year mark. He kept saying he didn't want it and found out he has been looking for sex on Craig's list. I saw over 20 email, him sending to women nasty things. I never would have thought that. He moved out in jan and has not come back.
—Guest Sob for too long

Destroyed Mentally

My 21 year husband was caught cheating with an online woman that he met and saw for only 1 month. He said he loved her and sent her flowers on valentine's day and spent the day with her. I got the cheap looking heart and disgusting chocolates. He has destroyed out family and the trust we all had in him. We are all in shock. He said he ended it with her because he wants to repair his marriage and wants his family back. How can you trust someone after this?
—i can't believe this

feeling stupid all the time

When I first met my husband I feel for him. Which for me is hard... A little bit later I found out u was pregnant. He said he was happy and called everyone. But I miscarried and had to go to the hospital for four days.... A few months later we got married.. things were going good until I got an email from a girl so I checked his yahoo and found over 200 of them.. there were ones from when we started dating, when I was pregnant, in the hospital, our wedding day. I left Jim for 3 weeks and during that time I had sex with another man. But I told him about it. He holds that over me and won't let it go. He keeps trying to get me pregnant knowing I no longer want children. I don't know what to do. I love him but I'm tired of feeling stupid and never trusting him. I have no clue what to do anymore
—Guest pink_angel5250

7 years

My boyfriend has cheated on me with his ex for well our whole relationship with his ex. She knows we live together and everything and she just don't go away . Iam so hurt and tierd of this he dont deserve me and I can't seem to get away, if he wants her he can be with her why is it so hard?
—Guest Only me


I found out my bf cheated on me with numerous girls throughout our realationship n we have been together for.ten years n get this we have q kid together. Most of all I was so stupid that I was faithful since day one doesnt it suck when a good women gets dicked around. Now I know the meaning of the phrase good girl.gone bad
—Guest Ms azian

cheating boyfriend!

We were together for 6 months straight. He was the love of my life. He was my first love and my soul mate. He had me high on love. This girl added me on Facebook and told him about my bio saying were together. He blocked me and was still going to be with me till I told him he was being mean. I had a high suspicion he was dating her, her profile said taken but not with who, she had things about her boyfriend but not who. He made me feel it was all my fault. Turns out he was here Saturday when I was sleeping. Sunday I sent a apology.. he was going to take me back but I questioned his signature they were her initials. He made me feel like sh** and I got so angry I lied and said I cheated and so on. Then he made it seem like my fault! Then it turns out they been dating since January 15th, he been cheating, There are pictures of them 2 days before he was going to get me back & im pretty hurt to find out he cheated! I went weeks without out eating, lost weight, got kidney failure, just for a
—Guest Sammy


okay so we were happy, together for about half a year when.. I hear that hes been in the bathroom with another girl. The girl he did it with told me herself. He didnt even have enough balls to tell me straight up. If she becomes prego, Im going to laugh my butt off at her. Thats what you get. Have a nice day.
—Guest turtleme1996

Cheating boyfriend

My boyfriend's friends told me he got a lady pregnant and married her behind my back and keep dating me but he denied it.how do i know de truth?
—Guest Sandra tony


i have been cheating with this guy for four years goin on five nd now realised i love him more than my boyfriend, i want him nd only him. i knew he had a girl but not anymore as wat he told me and theres nothing wrong with my boyfriend but i just dont feel the way i used to. would i be making a big mistake?help!
—Guest lizz

He cheated on me

My bf was the perfect boyfriend we been dating for a year and 5 months until one day we had an argument. He pretty much said I wasn't caring enough so I beg him and beg saying im sorry I would change. Few days pass he wouldnt even reply to my txt msges or calls. So I showed up to his work when he was of, to surprise him and show him I really care about him but when he saw me he had this face like he didn't want to see me and I saw him walking with his co worker and I ask him can we please talk and he said no and I ask are you with her and he said yes. That killed my heart I haven't heard from him and I guess the worse part is he pick her over me.
—Guest Jane

i dont need this.

my boyfriend of 11 months cheated on me with the person i hate more than aything or anyone. me being 15 and him being 18.. he should no better after he cheated on me with his ex f*** buddy he said they nver dated before he said it will never happen again and after i took him back the 1st time he did it again behind my back 3 more times and when i found out.. oh u can only imagine what i did after i stoped crying. after we broke up again. i lost 30 pounds i refuzed to eat i only weighed 100 im starting to gain more weight im not at 82 after going to the hospital non stop cuz im still so depressed i dont wanna eat. im on anti depressants now. im 15 i dont need this. and on top of that i see them together everyware and she ates me so much she hangs all over him when im around.. b***h.. so much stress
—Guest stupid

cheating bf:/

so i had been with my bf 10 months of our relationship when i discover through the internet that he was cheating. me and the other women saved each others number and we both plotted to see what he would say when we found out. of course as most cheating men do he denied it but later confessed. i was so hurt because he was my first and i thought my last. well, months later he convinced me to take him back which i did but things wasnt the same. either he was not replying to my messages or i was always on his back about his past cheating. it was alot of stress for me to keep fighting for something broken. i keep tellin him its over but he runs back after a period of time pleading for me to come back. its been another yr since the cheating and we are still on "me leavin over and over again and him yanking me back". i want to be free of him but hes always running back 2 me and i get weak. today, things still r the same but im reaally tryin hard2 be strong and ignore him:(
—Guest crystral

Is it better not to know?!

My boyfriend and i have better together for going on 7 years....love of my life, so i thought... I needed to check a conformation email thru his email, this isn't something rare, we know each others passwords. I ended up getting nosey not thinking I would really find anything. To my shock I found some back and fourth emails talking about meeting up for a quickie, " where do you want to meet?" and "I can be there in 30 mins, see you there" I haven't said anything but I have been very stand offish towards him and I think he knows I know because he deleted all his emails. I need to confronted him about it because in my mind we are not together anymore....how do u start this conversation? We have lived together for 6 years.....how long has this been going on??! NO SECOND CHANCES! Honestly feel like i wasted what should have been the best years of my life...I'm 27 and meet him when I was 20 and haven't been with anyone else since the 1st day I meet Him, what do I do????
—Guest Lucybell

He cheated :(

My boyfriend is 15 i just turned 18. he just recently cheated on me which i was at work. Saturday he decided to text my cousins girlfriend. They started talking dirty to eachother and it just hurts so much to know that my boyfriend of a year and a half has already cheated on me. its like can i even trust him anymore? I know him cheating was a bad thing but i love him soo much i dont want to leave him because he knows things i would never tell anyone. People judge me for stay with him but its my life i will date who i want to i guess.
—Guest Shelby

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