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Readers Respond: Cheating Husband, Cheating Boyfriend - What Did You Do About It?

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Got caught

Me and my husband was together for 10 years Its ex husband now I didn't know how long he had been seeing the woman he was a truck driver but he was seeing his best friends girl friend and he was dieing at the time he picked a house that he wanted to buy I didn't get to see it so I think he had the woman with him they picked the house out together but he thought I would stay in the house for another month to keep up the payment for them to move into the house he was going to pay someone to tell me that he was with someone else he acted like he left out on his truck he was trying to hide the truck in town he would call and ask me if I was going some where in the car he had me to call him when I was going to leave and I had to call him when I got back I thought it was strange as asked to go with him out in the truck with him he said I couldn't because of I wasn't covered by insurance here she had been going with him how I found out was a cell phone bill came to the house for her .
—Guest Janice

I believed

I have been married for 20 yrs we have our 3 amazing kids 15, 14 & 11.. Marriage has not been good for years... Sept 27th I was told by him he has cheated 4 times in a 2 year period which ended a year ago ...how do I feel good about myself? How will I ever trust him? Maybe the best thing to happen to us or to me?? I'm so confused ????
—Guest Shannon

i caught my boyfriend cheating on me

I meet my bf 6 months ago we started to casually date & right away he asked me to be his girl i said no because ive had bad experiences he begged and begged until i finally accepted i felt bad i rejected his proposal for 4 months straight but i figured if he was sticking around even after rejecting him then maybe he truly did love me. So we dated for 2 months straight without any problems. He was so sweet and wonderful but there was always something about how he behaived when his phone would ring I ignored it at first but as days went by it kept happening more and more until i asked who it was. He told me it was his tia tita. I accepted his excused. Today i went thru his phone and i saw he had been texting with multiple girls. i confronted him and of course he lied to my face i left him i drove back home. I cried all the way home it was the longest 2.5hr drive of my life. he then called me to ask where i was said he loved me i
—Guest maricela

Thank you April

Your right noone deserves abuse tho even in marriage especially in marriage Thank God you found your husband mine has recently died he was a great man Noone was getting inbetween us Thank you God Bless your marriage:)
—Guest April wins!

Broken family

2years ago, my mother and I came back from vacation (my dad stayed home) and awe found over 10 used condoms in our trashcan. After that day, my mother never trusted my father. She doesn't want to leave him. He treats me badly now, as if I'm dirt. We found a picture of a woman in his suitcase from work...my mother doesn't trust my father and he treats us both badly. It's a broken family.
—Guest Hails2310

pain is love

I'm pregnant and he is sending pictures of himeself to another woman. Before that he was still in contact with his ex wife loving her and missing her. his phone is always a secret and gets up in the middle of the night to be on it. His FB messages are proof of his cheating. telling other women he misses them, they are beautiful and when he wishes to see them. I thought that he was the one. And now that I'm carrying his baby I feel trapped.
—Guest littlemiss

too much

i am the girlfriend of a man who once cheated on me with a prostitute.yes a PROSTITUTE!!!!! but even i have to say a lot of you women seem to be taking a lot of crap and wanting to stay in order to take more crap... please ...some of you need to know when to walk away, give him one more chance and if he blows it, walk before its too late
—Guest JojoMumOfOne

I Went Psycho

I'm not proud of it, but I knew he was cheating on me and whenever I asked him about it, he continued to lie to me. I realized I wasn't going to get a straight answer from him so I hacked into his email, his FB, and went through all his chats. Needless to say, I was right. Don't feel great though.
—Guest http://wonkawonkawoe.livejournal.com/

He cheated bottle picking 2

He still had sex with her. He didn't know her for 24 hours, when he got with me he wouldn't have sex with me till he knew it was right and ment to be, he waited. Hes never been in love till me he said, he also claims that he's never cheated before either. She's much younger then me, 10 yearsq, and man issue beautiful. I can see why he did it. He swears he never ment for it to happen, never intend it to happen. And realized that he loves me ten times more them he thought possible after it happened. He's still here, in my bed, my home, my life. I still tell him I love him and I kiss him goodnight. I let him hold my hand and run my back. I've been sick for two weeks now, since I found out. My birthday present.. Nice eh? I'm lost, confused, heartbroken and shattered... Alas here's my permanent pretend happy face cuz life doesn't stop for pathetic women like me. I know I did it, it's my fault now it's just coming to terms with the fact that I made my man destroy my life.
—Guest Just like raindrops

Cheated while bottle picking...

My adoring fiancée had lost his job, so decided to pick up bottle picking at night to make up for lost cash. I was botherd by it, often asking him if he had picked u any women ( jokingly). His answer was who in their right mind is gonna pick some grubby man digging thru a dumpster. He was right what was going through my mind? He gorgeous, beautiful, sexy and rugged, who the hell wouldn't? Little did I know one night some girl was walking down an alley and asked him for a smoke and if he wanted to go for a drink at her place. Why he said yes I'll never know and he swears he never went intending to get laid. He just wanted to make a new friend and have someone to talk to, they had some drinks and talked he told her how I'm mean and he felt I might be cheating on him. She started kissing his neck ( apparently I was the only one ever allowed to touch it) and pulled him down. He did nothing, she did everything he said. He says he stopped just after it started but he still had sex with her.
—Guest Just like rain drops

Wot to do

Wot to do my partner of 10 years has cheated on me we woz trying 4 a baby I thought everything woz ok nothing had changed at all we were great I don't no wot to do I told him I wonted 2 week to think about the decision to give it a go or not I love him so much we got together when I woz 17 he woz my first I can not think bout my life without time but I don't won't to b a idiot he has kiss someone els too please I need help
—Guest Keal

My dream was a nightmare

My birthday is tomorrow. My one year any with my fiancée is in a week. I don't out three days ago throu a Facebook message he got that she needed to stop talking to him. That I had a kid and a heart, and he needs to tell me. He swears to me It happened only one, he didn't even know her 24 hours, met her while walking down a dark alley. Something just doesn't add up. Needless to say, he's still sharing my bed, my home, my life. I can't look at him without throwing up. This is the first time he's ever cheated, and the first time he's eve been in love. I'm staying with him and I don't even know why. Trust will never be apart of our lives again, i will always be grossed out, I feel so used, cheap violated and disposable. He cheated cuz he was sure I was cheating, for the first time in my life, I didn't.
—Guest Stephanie

She is a bug-eyed blond.

My bf acted like he cared about me and talked so seriously, but I should have seen the writings on the wall. He told me stories about his past .. and I thought.. wow .. he was a jerk back then. I learned the age old lesson that a leopard cannot change his spots. We were long distance and a few weeks ago he dumped me so he could.. do.. someone closer. He didn't tell me about her and kept talking to me claiming he was just figuring things out. Finally someone related to him told me he was with someone else and that I deserved better so I should do myself a favor and peace. Good luck to the rest of you, but I learned my lesson. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Once a shady fella, always a shady fella. If he treated other girls like crap.. chances are he will do the same to you. Just to be clear though.. this new girl has bug eyes.. so I am going to call her an ugly sl*t b/c I would never hit on someone in a relationship. Terrible people, I tell ya.
—Guest Moving on

Always cheated

I was married to a man for 12 years. We split and it was my decision because I cheated on him after hearing from the girl he was hanging out with that he had sex with her. So he gets into this new relationship with lady "X" and he cheats on her twice with me. Wow and he wants me to believe he never cheated on me. Well I blackmailed for lack of a better word him into telling her. We have two kids together and now he wants nothing to do with me. I thought she should know who she was really with. Does anyone think he will ever be trully over it and forgive me for the sake of the kids or is he trully going to write me out of his life?
—Guest Cheatee

im done

im a person who nvr loved anyone before but i loved a man sincerly the past 4yrs evn he loved me very much but now i came to know he cheacted me.. he left me alone and he dosent pick up my calls im tired i tried and tried and tried but of no use this is my first love i dont want to live anymore there's not a single day i slept without crying im not able to see him walk past me as though nothing happend between us. wat did i do to deserve this im becoming a psycho... i need some help im a merit student doing my PHD i need some help i need some help i want to talk to some one who will listen to what i want to say,,,, he didnt evn give me chance to say few words... he is happy now enjoying... y did he cheat me.... i loveed him more than my life more than anyone on this earth.. he cheated me he left me alone he left me alone....
—Guest i was made a joker

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