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Readers Respond: Have You Ever Had Sex With the Boss, or Were You the Boss in this Case?

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Office affairs are commonplace, but having sex with the boss is still frowned upon in many companies. Did you ever break the rules and have sex with the boss? Or were you the boss and just couldn't resist an affair with an employee? What unique problems do women face in these relationships, and is it all about power? And are there some businesses or settings where this is happens all the time but everyone turns a blind eye? What advice can you give other women who find themselves in this situation?

Sex with boss on his boss's desk

I just had sex with my boss on top of the big boss' desk. It wasnt good sex but it was a lot of fun to stick it to "the man". I dont know if I will have sex with him again because he isnt that good or endowed. Hating my job will be a little easier now though knowing in the back of my mind that "haha I fucked on top of that dbags desk" Its a spite/rebellious thing.
—Guest Anonymous

fun at work

I own my own business, and I only hire women as they tend to have better office and organizational skills. I have always choosen employees on the basis of how willing they are "to do the boss" to get ahead, I give raises and other perks. Makes the workplace more fun. I am looking for a new employee right now.
—Guest no name

It's like any other relationship

I've been the boss sleeping with an employee twice now. I've been interested in a couple of others, let them know that, and they've declined. That was fine. No pressure. If your boss is the kind of dick who insists on sex for your job, or for career advancement, you should run. If he's a decent guy, like I think I am, what's the big deal? Both the employees I've slept with are still friends. So is one of the ones who declined. I probably provided them extra mentoring, but they all knew that the relationship was a relationship, and the job was the job. I was very careful to make sure I didn't give them extra favor at work because of the relationship, and told them that if someone found out (which is always a possibility, no matter how discreet you are), I didn't want other employees thinking they got favors because of the relationship. That would reduce their respect at work, and that's something I'd never want. But I am attracted to smart, sharp women, so that was never an issue.
—Guest TheBossInOklahoma

sex with boss

i had sex with my boss a few times when i was office junior, it was great!
—Guest abigail

It's important to act professional

I really don't think people should be having sex with their boss in a any business. I worked but,I never would do something that extreme. I also believe people should never date those you work for or with. The things people do in the work place is supposed to be business only and not committing adultery. Acting professional in the work place is a MUST. Even if,the person you work for or vise versa is attractive,slim and has good looks...still,it is unprofessional.
—Guest Marg

I slept with the boss

My boss is an ex-military man and somewhat high profile because he often appears on TV to get interviewed. He is also my direct superior. He did this when the girl he placed over me started to bitch on me for no good reason! I tried to quit around 5x but he would never accept it or ignore it, and instead changed our relationship to make him my direct report. From day 1 when he hired me I felt he was hitting on me because he often used sexual words and sexual scenarios as analogies whenever we discussed work. Over the next few months, these suggestive ideas firmly implanted themselves in my brain which made me finally succumb when he asked me to kiss him when the two of us were alone in the office. I couldn't resist because I was already so attracted to him by that time and he did me on his desk and chair. After that we went back to talking about work as if nothing happened. I think its mostly due to his nature and my confusion. I already have feelings for him so this comes to no surpis
—Guest Lilac


Well, my boss's wife with MS walked in on us at work after hours and my boss, we were going strong and he just kept it up and came in me. Afterwards it was awkward but the three of us sat down and she was glad to find out it was me and that when she passed I would be taking care of him. She did have one request, and that was she wanted to participate in a three some before she gets to where she can't move. So on Friday, December 23rd she was feeling good that day and my boss and I left work mid day and went to his house. It was incredible! Not only did she teach me things my lover loved, she enjoyed watching us have sex 3 times that afternoon. So why leave my husband of 24 years when she passes in the next 2 for my boss? I've mentioned part of it, my boss feels great in me, brings me sexually alive, is kind, helpful and cares for me. He is financially independent (my husband is a teacher) and he fulfills me. Now instead of the office, we can use his bedroom, and his wife ignores us.
—Guest LovinCPA

Casting couch

I was once offered promotion in return for certain favours. I declined. I wanted to get on merit plus being married. It all seemed far too risky and messy. Now, a female colleague working in the same team as my husband has been fast tracked into a post she is not qualified for, has been away on several training courses involving overnight stays, always going with the boss. When the boss's wife had their second baby, this woman knew a lot about the family but said she'd never met the wife. She also says stuff like she worried that the boss works too hard and fusses over him. The boss told my husband things have been tense between him and his wife. Then, last night, at a retirement do, my husband saw the boss stroking this staff members arm and it was more than just 'friendly' He said it came over as they were very comfortable together! Not a lot anyone can do. It's his wife I feel sorry for.
—Guest Siouxie

Affair with Boss and Lovin It

You are a heartless person. What did your husband do to deserve what you are doing to him. You have damaged a relationship, and when your children find out you will have damaged that relationship not to mention the relationship between him and his wife who is suffering. You need help and some sort of moral grounding. I pray God forgives you but hope he also hold you accountable someday.
—Guest Splashnsc

BigBoss have sex with the senior manager

Everyone in the office is gossiping that the big boss is having sex with the marketing manager during the oversea business trip. People saw them stayed in the same hotel room and and acted like a copule. They have been travelling often on oversea trip together and everyone is watching their weird behaviour in the office. They travelled together and made love in the hotel and everyone is talking about it. This has affected other employees and productivity is low, with high MC rate. It has badlly affected the business as people are not concentrating on their work knowing their big boss is having affair with the lady manager in the office. Boss is married and the woman is married with kids too. Rumour spread like wildfire and everyone is watching what's next going to happen. Others are fed up as the lady manager is getting special treatment with higher increment and bonuses. She is already 40+ and have been sleeping with several male colleagues before seducing the big boss.
—Guest mariedonna

So glad it happened

My boss came as a replacement for my previous one who was transfered to another state. Initially he seemed very arrogant walked by didnt introduce himself or even speak so of course I took on the same attitude soon he would find conversation when we were alone then I caught him staring at my breast and usually I wouldve ignored it but I found him interesting so I stared at him staring and when he looked up I continued to look at him once we both looked away I smiled knowing hed look again he chuckled and it began to progress then he began flirting when alone and staring more and I began staring one day I came into the office he came in behind me shortly after and he closed the door remarking it was rather loud in the hall he started a conversation about nothing we stared at each other then he asked if he could call me I said yes we discussed not saying a word to anyone because of comp policies he called we dated had wonderful sex and are still dating he is very sexy and masculine
—Guest Virginia

Friends first, always

My supervisor and I had been flirting with each other for more than a year. We're both divorced, and have a lot in common. If we didn't work together and met, we'd have started dating. One day I mentioned he was in my dream the night before. (non-sexual-we stole a car in the dream.) After 9 months of flirting, including some over text, I texted while I was out with friends. I asked him what he'd do if I showed up at his door a bit tipsy. After several back/forth texts, I decided I wanted to talk to him, so I went over there after I left my friends. He asked about other dreams about him, and I decided to show him one. It was wonderful! We talked beforehand, decided we were friends first, no matter what happens, and that we could continue to be friends. And we've managed that. Sometimes, we get together as friends, and sometimes as lovers. No one at the office knows, cause they'd say something. It probably won't last forever, but it might. But friends always.
—Guest Friends

Affair with Boss and Lovin It

I have been having an affair with my boss/owner of the company for over 2 and a half years now. We are able to go out twice a week and meet and have sex. It's more than the sex though. He is kind, compassionate, caring, and actually listens to me. My husband listens, but I am no longer attracted to him. My boss's wife has MS and can't have sex anymore and probably has about 2 to 3 years left to live. When she passes we've agreed I'll leave my husband and we'll be together and get married. Were both in our forties. Its not like what the article says, no one in our small company knows about us except his wife and she approves but doesn't want to know the details. My husband may suspect since our sex life ended about 2.5 years ago (sorry, my boss is a much better lover than he is). I don't feel guilty as I am happy and by the time we divorce, our two kids will be in their 20's. I wish the best for my husband and I can't believe he hasn't cheated on me but he won't. I love my boss.
—Guest MeandtheBoss

Sex with Boss/Owner

I started having sex 2x a week with the boss/owner of the company. His wife has MS and can't do it and my husband, he's a lousy lover and selfish. Our two kids are grown. First time I stayed late and came to look at numbers on his desk when he reached up and we kissed. Next thing I know he's taken my shirt and bra off, I have him naked and he then took my bottoms off. He explored me every where and we made love three times that evening. Now we do it twice a week and it is the highlight of my week. His wife is dying, about 3 to 5 years and at that time I'll divorce my husband and marry him, we both agree. Why do I cheat and not get it over with? One to get even with my husband who was a spender and lied to me about it. Two, this man when he makes love to me makes me feel like a woman 2 to 3 times when we make love. Three, my lover loves me, is not selfish and just his look makes me hot. I'm in my mid 40's and he is in his late 40's. Sex is great, so is our relationship.
—Guest LovinCPA

My gorgeous boss

My boss had invited me to dinner at one of the hotels to talk about work and he said that a lot of people were coming so i agreed since he was takin me thre ok so i have green eyes (that according to ppl r stunning) my boss has light-brown hair with big hazel eyes and he's so hot! he's 28 and im 22. Well anyways i get there and i say there's noone here but he says that theyll come and we go to the restaurant in the hotel and eat and talk abt the project and by then i knw tht nobody is coming but i notice that he doesnt seem interested in work and he just keeps staring at me and mostly his gaze just kept dropping to my breasts and after a while wen we're done i get up and start going back wen he grabs me and says 'i really love you and i want u, right now' i just stare at him and he kisses me and we go to this room he had already booked (i had thoght as much) and we have sex and i still have sex with him and it still feels amazing. Well he's my hubby today :D
—Guest Guest 101

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