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Readers Respond: Have You Ever Had Sex With the Boss, or Were You the Boss in this Case?

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Office affairs are commonplace, but having sex with the boss is still frowned upon in many companies. Did you ever break the rules and have sex with the boss? Or were you the boss and just couldn't resist an affair with an employee? What unique problems do women face in these relationships, and is it all about power? And are there some businesses or settings where this is happens all the time but everyone turns a blind eye? What advice can you give other women who find themselves in this situation?


am a graphichs designer, but its too hard for me to really cope up with all this. my manager sedused me but i resisted for sometime untill when i couldnt do anything i gave up we agreed on relating but with bounds cause i dont want to have love relationships at a workplace. he takes me out sometimes but am not comfortable with this all thing deepdown in my heart i know some thing is not right. one day he mixed something with my drink and i woke the next morning at his home though i asked him what had happened, he said nothing had happened but i felt something was wrong with me. i continued with my work but he still chases me. confused
—Guest hana

my boss seduced me endlessly

My boss is a very friendly and passionate man. Since I started working for him at his legal firm, he has been very nice to me, teaching me and talked to me about movies etc. He started to ask me out for drinks late at night a few months after I started working there. One night we got so drunk that he asked me back to his place. I agreed. We had sex for 5 hours nonstop, took a nap then continued for another 5 hours. He was so passionate and kept kissing me and saying that he loves me. Since then, we would wait for all the staff to leave after work so we could have sex on his desk for 2 hours.
—Guest Cordelia

My boss

We always flirted with each other . Every night I left work I thought of him. Finally I spoke out and he told me to stay after work and I did . I was so ready and when I got him it felt so unreal we had sex and we talked after we finished he has a wife with a child and she is pregnant again he is thirty and I'm 18 now I feel like I need it over again it was so exciting I can't wait til the next
—Guest Key

sex with the boss makes workplace intres

i have been having sex with my boss for 5months now, and he just cant keep his eyes of me. he gets a kick just seeing me daily and we just cant resist ourselves anymore, i know its not a long term thing but i intend to enjoy it whilst it last. my hubby am no more attracted to him anymore, my boss is on my mind even whilst my hubby sex me.
—Guest naija

the first time

My female boss called me into her office one day. I knocked on the door and she called for me to come in. When i walked in, she was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, music came on and she seductivley walked out of the dressing room clad in red lingere. My jaw dropped. I was single, and so was she. She said i want you so bad. I said i want you too. I dropped my pants a ran to her. She backed away and climbed onto a chair and began a stiptease. When i couldnt take it any more, i ran to her and finished undressing her. She stripped me down it we did it so hard for 6 hours. It was so hot and a was so hard! Since then, i "visit" her 3 times a week for hours on end. We are in a sex only relationship and it is so great!
—Guest joe


At job interview boss wanted to remove my clothes . I refused . He failed me. I wanted the job and agreed. He inserted big penis to me i cried but pumped in. I got the job and have to sleep with him week end.
—Guest Nadeeka

Sex with boss and GM

Having sex with your boss is bad idea, and when you do it, nothing will be same since that act. But even worst is, if you afterwards have a sex with boss of you boss. Like firstly you sleep with director and then with a General Manager. That's a position for you which can not end up in a good way. It happened to me in my first job, lets say I learned up from this huge mistake:)
—Guest Suzanne

Because I need my job

My husband had back surgery and i am the only one working for awhile now. The company I work for was going to lay off a, and I had begged my boss not to lay me off. He said if I had sex with him when he wants it, I could keep my job. I was shocked and told my husband and we talked and agreed we needed the money. Kevin (my boss) would have me not wear underwear to work because it was easier to have quick sex. So its been about 6 months now and its normally, call me in, bend over the desk, do normal or anal or whatever he wants to do to me and walk out. He always uses protection so i guess that is a plus. I have been looking for another job, however can not find one fast enough. He is starting to get other ideas such as having me have sex with clients to keep my job and I have refused.
—Guest Tammylynn

Ended as intensely as it started

I had a fling with my boss that lasted about 3 months. It felt great in the beginning and it made all reasoning go out the window in regards to dating your boss. But it turned out to be a detrimental decision on both our parts as the relationships we had decided to mend with our former partners suffered (and still do a year later) immensely. The sex was great (well, half the time it was drunken) but it wasn't worth the drama. Not so much workplace drama...although I did end up leaving. I couldn't stand the thought of working underneath her and seeing her go to lunch with her girlfriend (who understandably despised me). Ironically enough, said girlfriend was also her subordinate until she made her quit.
—Guest lafoule

Passion at work

I have been sleeping with my boss. He is 55, I am 26. It started with flirting....sensuous stares...lovely conversation....He is very physical, very well built...extremely masculine.... He was doing inventory one morning, and asked that I come in at 3am...just him and I. We were talking, and working when he said he was hot. Uf I would mind if he took off his shirt. I said of course not, and he exposed the most manly, muscular hairy chest I have ever seen....I immediately got so juicy in my panties....I had to have him! I went around an aisle and took off my clothes....He turned around me, seen my nude body.....He took me in his arms and we made passionate love non stop for 5 hours. the whole storeroom smelled like our sex! We have fallen in love, mad passionate love. He wants to marry me, and is divorcing his wife. His children are all adults now. He wants to give me a baby. I am going for it! He is the man I always dreamed of....He is 55, but looks 40. I love him and as I type this,
—Guest Gina


I have been discrete and driven. I returned to school and then work after staying at home raising two kids through to high school. As I finished my degree and was an intern I had the boss at my home several times and he was hooked. He recommended me for an entry job in another office and got it. I had him over the occasional afternoon while my loving husband was at work. Within the year with advanced degree, experience, and good recommendations I was promoted-- above all zone offices and I immediately fired that guy who made it very clear as an intern what I had to do to get the job. So I did it, what else can a 40 year old with no resume do, but I saw that he got his reward, because you know I was not the only one he put the leverage to. He deserved it.
—Guest Practical


I owned my own business, retail store, and one of my employees, Jane, who was in her 20s, had an "unattainable" crush on me. I was 10 years older than her, we flirted at first and then after my wife got pregnant with our first boy (I know what you're thinking, we were very attracted to each other and one night the attraction was uncontrollable and we succumbed to our desires. We enjoyed each other's company and bodies. It lasted for about 8 years! She was a virgin and I was her first. She was very sexual and open-minded. We knew it was wrong and deceitful. But to this day, we didn't regret what we did, but it did last way too long but it was so incredibly hot!
—Guest Tony

Sex with boss on his boss's desk

I just had sex with my boss on top of the big boss' desk. It wasnt good sex but it was a lot of fun to stick it to "the man". I dont know if I will have sex with him again because he isnt that good or endowed. Hating my job will be a little easier now though knowing in the back of my mind that "haha I fucked on top of that dbags desk" Its a spite/rebellious thing.
—Guest Anonymous

fun at work

I own my own business, and I only hire women as they tend to have better office and organizational skills. I have always choosen employees on the basis of how willing they are "to do the boss" to get ahead, I give raises and other perks. Makes the workplace more fun. I am looking for a new employee right now.
—Guest no name

It's like any other relationship

I've been the boss sleeping with an employee twice now. I've been interested in a couple of others, let them know that, and they've declined. That was fine. No pressure. If your boss is the kind of dick who insists on sex for your job, or for career advancement, you should run. If he's a decent guy, like I think I am, what's the big deal? Both the employees I've slept with are still friends. So is one of the ones who declined. I probably provided them extra mentoring, but they all knew that the relationship was a relationship, and the job was the job. I was very careful to make sure I didn't give them extra favor at work because of the relationship, and told them that if someone found out (which is always a possibility, no matter how discreet you are), I didn't want other employees thinking they got favors because of the relationship. That would reduce their respect at work, and that's something I'd never want. But I am attracted to smart, sharp women, so that was never an issue.
—Guest TheBossInOklahoma

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