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Readers Respond: What Are the Rudest, Nastiest, Most Sexist Comments About Women You've Heard?

Responses: 45


We've all heard the comments about "women drivers," "dumb blondes," and "she's PMSing." Each is a subtle put-down of women and their abilities, intelligence, and emotional stability. Most of us shrug off these insults because they're so commonplace. But once in a while, you hear someone say something about women that makes your blood boil. What are the rudest, nastiest, most sexist comments about women you've heard, either personally or through the media? Why did it bother you, and what did you think of the person who said it?

A Compliment?

A male friend was once telling me about his new girlfriend and how much he liked her, and said, "It's been a long time since I've thought of a woman as anything more than a receptacle for my penis." He meant it as a compliment. We are no longer friends because of that and other similarly offensive comments.

Woman to woman comment

When I was at the USAF Academy, I had a woman teammate on the fencing team that disliked (in the extreme) another femaie teammate. She described the object or her dislike thusly: "She is half of a dripping c*nt. Want to know why? Because half is useless!"
—Guest USAFA Cadet


When I was being my tomboy self, loud and guy-like, an old man said, "Females should be seen and not heard-being pretty like dolls."
—Guest watever

Women have rights!

Sick and tired when u kicked him u showed us all that girls can do stuff so boys stop it! And im a boy fighting for woman rights
—Guest Stop sexiest

A man against sexism

I am a male, and i think sexism is wrong. but a lot of people don't seem to think about where it came from. the whole thing started because when we, as in all mankind, were still evolving into intellegent beings we had to survive like all animals, and at that time the amount of intellegence we did have told us that a woman was more important to survival than a man, not because of strength but because of the fact that men can not make babies. so then throughout the ages most women did very little in terms of labour whitch eventually led to the birth of sexism. so when you hear those things remember that they those men are either stuck in the past or frustrated with somthing, just like how women have periods we have our moments too, i know there are times i have thought and said things that i regretted.
—Guest theonewhowillnotstaysilent

make me a sandwich/sex objects -.-

i HATE the sandwich "joke" i honestly want to put all sexist men, murderers, rapists, abusers all those men on one island and nuclear bomb it that's how much i hate them!!!! its so horrible!! they cant just see us as a fellow intelligent human being no its all about our asses and chest MEN ARE PATHETIC PIGS!!!! F*** YOU AND GO TO HELL!!!!
—Guest alyssa

stupid males

Right now if u read this there r some males who just used this site to shove more sexist commments in our faces. WHAT MAKES U MEN THINK THAT MEN R SUPIRIER TO FEMALES ONE DAY IM GONNA MAKE ALL THE SEXIST PEEPS REALIZE THE REAL TRUTH!!!!!!
—Guest Sexismsucks

Stop the madness

What can we do about nasty, sexist remarks? We can't stand there and just take it! What rights do we as women have to stop this treatment? I received a nasty, sexist put-down today. What actions can I take against this sexist man?
—Guest feedup

it was really mean

I was @ the park and a boy said that all girls are good for is laying on their backs X(
—Guest Guest Nicky

What my dad said

I'm 14 yr old girl and happed to get into a little dispute with mydad. He was saying that girls can't do what boys can. I said what do you mean. He named some stupid reasons. Such as, Women can't go in military with a(insert forgotten name) , and they can't sleep around or concequences. I replied" They certainly can if the wanted too!
—Guest Sumiko


My boyfriend says referring to me as his girlfriend is sexist? What?
—Guest Sue Madrishin

Queen of Jacks

I just hope that women start to realize the true purpose of these sexist comments: to make you feel inferior and think you are not as good so that you stay below them. Just look at commercials, board rooms, religions, our governments...it's all male dominated and underhandedly disrespectful/degrading to women. It's a systematic brainwashing of girls starting from an early age and continuing on until our adult years. The good part is that as strong women continue to push forward, we are able to see that not only can women do the job that men do, but we can do it better. And raise children, and keep our houses, and manage finances and care for the house and keep a social life and cook and pay bills and still have time to volunteer for the PTA. And men, well they come home and watch football. In their mind, it's because their king, but we all know it's cause their a bunch of jacks and are worth just as much.
—Guest Bianca

Why can't we just agree?!

I am a guy and I have to say that I hate it when a woman says she's smarter and when a guy says that he's strong than the opposite gender. It is so immature and ignorant. And I'm only thirteen and I recognize this issue!! Both men and women are intelligent. It's just that some people put more effort than others. And guys, come on. Ther have been a ton of women who have beaten guys in sports, like Katie Brownell. Both sexes need to learn how to get along!
—Guest I hate sexists

Sh*t Old White Dudes Say

I once had an old white dude say this: "Did you know that there are no women in the top 10 chess players in the world? Do you know why? It's 'cause women aren't logical". I pointed out I make a living as a technical market analyst, involving pattern recognition and math. And I'm a woman. I'm highly logical. His response? A patronising: "Oh, I'm sure you think you are dear". He continued with: "There is one game women are better at than men, bridge. Bridge involves cunning and manipulation. Women are good at that".
—Guest Kiwi Girl


I play a good game of bball and at first they said i couldnt be on the team because I was a girl but I proved myself and they no regret saying that
—Guest 68705980

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