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Readers Respond: MILF - Compliment or Offensive Term to Women?

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Now that the 'milf' concept has entered popular culture, there's a new way to describe the sexual appeal of older women. Some women are proud to be labeled a milf, while others feel it's derogatory and diminishes the role of mothers by turning them into sex objects. Is being called a 'milf' a compliment or an offensive term? What do you think?


Until one year ago I thought I was a "deviant" person becoause I've always felt deeply attracted to women in their 40s, 50s and 60s. What attracts me to them is their personality along with their physical appearance. I'm glad to see these preferences are beginning to be talked about and spoken of openly, although I'd prefer that it not be so related to the punk teen culture..
—Guest RegularMan


i think that when a man calls a women a milf, he may not mean it as disrespectful as some people take it.
—Guest jamrock

Desperate MILFs are disgusting

If I were a young male still wet behind my ears I would hope to have had good teachings from my parents. The older a sexually active woman is, the more likely she is a carrier of or has sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts, chlamydia, HIV etc. As I understand the term cougar they are hunters out on the prowl just looking to put more men on their belts as trophies to show off to their younger counterparts. Also MILFs are pathetic as they have children of their own and it would be like having sex with one's own mother. Ugh! These old cougars may look attractive when men are drunk, but wake up next to them in the morning and you will see nothing but an old hag you had for a shag! Enough to put you off sex for good. Older women smell old - what a turn-off, getting into bed with mummy...a mummy who does not shave, wax or have brazilian waxes like the younger, sexier single girls do. Old women are from a different generation.
—Guest David

MILFs are all about sex and nothing more

I understand that men are turned on by an older woman's personality/physical aspects but my question is: Would they like a younger bloke their same age or younger to have the hots for their mother? I don't think so. These youngsters (adolescents) are looking for a mother figure in their lives because they never got enough attention from their own mother. Before falling for an older woman, first see her in her home environment with her children with whom you'd have to compete and impress in order to keep a foot in the door. Cougars, panthers are not looking for full time relationships leading to happily ever after. It is just the sex, that is all it is. They are out to use you until the next hot, young male comes along. Ask yourself why are these cougars divorced? Cheating, adultery whilst married, is why. No self-respecting man wants an adultress wife! I agree that the older they are, the chances are high they have sexual diseases because of one night stands.
—Guest Maria


It's a discusting name, but Cougar is great. I have had nothing but younger men in my life since i was 50. I did NOT persue them. They persued me. It was not just for sex. They were relationships lasting not less than 7 months and the last was 8 years and he died. They ranged from 11 to 24 years younger. I was treated with tenderness and respect and as a mature woman i knew how to treat a man to make him feel good about himself. Men are special and once you understand them it's amazing. Even now the men who make contact with me are 8 to 20 years younger than i am. An older woman out for sex may be a MILF, but one who is interested in great sex within a relationship is a Cougar. If men my age were as active as i physically, sexually, emotionally and intellectually...maybe i could relate to them. Most of them, not all, are boring.

Living W/ A Milf & Lovit IT!

Ok, ladies and gents; now that we have reached the second decade of the 21 st Century don't you feel we should all lighten up. Living in an age that we are all stereotyped from birth to the urn, ie boomers, genxers, straight, gay adnasium; what's wrong with using a bit of light-hearted not to mention accurate nominclature along the way. Indeed, my MILF is unabashidly flattered by the term she is only distressed she may loose the title when we get marry next year
—Guest A Casual Obsever

Being MILF may not be a bad thing

Tony, I am I young male but apparently I'm not get into the role of typical mother&%"$er since I did not raped my friends mother, and quite opposite to common believe we did not jump on each other wery first time we met. Instead we first build relationships as friends before we pass toward being lovers. And I did not even get close to her until I was perfectly sure that our desire is mutual and that she is ok with "doing cub" (me that is), and she saw I treat her with respect. Yes, our relationships could be called amoral, because It was little less than short-term affair, but it taught me more than girls of my age so far, and I not only mean stuff good in bed. I not encourage/discourage anyone from engaging in relationships or fling with MILFs, but such experience could be helpful in getting confidence and building your character, expexially if you are young. Besides, I hardly feel myself a rapist when I see expression of gratitude and enjoyment in older women eyes. Few things beat it
—Guest Babyface


oh my god I love younger men I'm 47 I'm a blonde blue eyes 38 double d breast all natural.. younger men are sexy to me. my son's friends like me a lot. he is in the service. and he's embarrassed. that you are beautiful man
—Guest 47andlovingit

What's this world turned into

Anything with a F word that describes a women is Atrocious! You Want to be flattered ? Find a real man , that doesn't just want you for 2 minutes . He wants you for a lifetime .
—Guest Never degrade yourself

Desperate MILFs are disgusting?

"Desperate MILFs are disgusting" the guy who wrote the post is retarded...I work in the medical field and there are so many younger people with transmitted diseases it takes one time no matter what the age is of contracting something. Ur thinking is that of a typical person who has no education or sense...I've seen some pretty hot woman in their late 30's and 40's that can give any young girl a run for their money...Everyone is different and has what they like but don't stereotype. I know a lot of younger guys who date older women they say younger girls play games and are immature...Everyone is different!
—Guest Women are beautiful


Offensive ! Anybody that disrespects or says disrespective words are offensive ! I take it as an insult !
—Guest tammie

My friends hot mom

I have been attracted to my friends mom for a while. I think she is very hot and she knows who I am cause I'm over all the time. So we definitely are on a closer relationship than any other guy... I'm just scared to ask her anythin or say anything about it... But if it did..... Omg sheesh. And I turned 18 bout 6 months ago so ya. Lol
—Guest Fumanchu52

Big Compliment!

I didn't know what the term stood for on Facebook 21 Questions so I googled it...always have liked younger guys!


I have been called a MLF. Im 45, tall, blonde, fit and young at heart. I look at it two ways, it is flattering to be found attractive by younger men but one thing younger men lack is how to treat a woman. A women with any self respect wants a man to show her the same respect. If you find a young man who finds you attractive just for your body and you just want to have sex well thats hour choice but if you find a young man that finds you attractive not just for sex but because he sees your enter beauty too AND he knows how to treat a real woman, then you have got great sex and self respect for each other. Thats what its truly all about! If u just want to f -- then the term MLF may be fine for you. For me, I want true flattery from a man that finds also respects all my qualities. Sex is best after 40, esp for women, no question about it. Unfortunately its hard to find a man that has truly matured emtionally until he is in his 30s (minimum), very rare!
—Guest Elbell


I have and will take the term as a compliment. Sexiness is different to each of us. To me as an older woman, confidence is sexy in a man or a woman, so to each their own. Ladies if you still like being found attractive, then take the expression as the compliment I think it is and don't put to much into it. It is when they stop finding you attractive that you should worry.
—Guest Me

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