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Readers Respond: How Old Should You Be Before You Have Sex?

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my opinion

im 14 and I lost it last year... huge mistake. it was for all the wrong reasons and I regret it. wait until you really love someone and are old enough to physically and financially support a child because condoms aren't 100% effective. make sure your guy isn't using you, make him wait just to see if ur worth it and if he leaves you because you wont put out, hes definitely not the one for you, best of luck :)
—Guest peaches


u can wait till u are ready to ave sex.i ave promise my self to wait till wedding.am 25 and am til a virgin.i do feel urge something but is...i will d t.v and be listening dat will distract me.i jst brokeup with my guy!he want to drug me and ave sex with me.pls friend be careful of going to guys place!
—Guest aminah


dont go down the same road i did i lost my virginity at 12 years old. i have hated myself for it ever since. i cant get a girlfriend im going to hell and i am in rehab for an addiction to pills. so do the right thing and wait until ur married.


I was 13 when I tryed, I was in love and I'm still am with the same person. I do regret starting at a young age but if your 15+ and mature and know to use a condom then it should be fine you may say "its uncomfortable to say put on a condom " would you rather spend your young life with a baby or go party and have fun . Just be careful and safe think about how it will effect your life.
—Guest KeKe

I think...

If you don't agree or do agree to have sex at a early age is fine because its your opinion, but just think to yourself...do I reallY need this? Or why now? Or woulld my perants be happy if they found out? And there are just lots of reasons why and why not do do it but like I said before, its no bodys choice but yours...
—Guest ???

To dang young

Me and my boyfriend did it when I was 12 an he was 14! It was a mistake don't let no one tell you when to have sex! You will no when you are ready! Talk to your partner about the stuff that could happen! I say you should wait until your atleast 15-18 ! You don't want to make a mistake!
—Guest Guest guest Lauren

Just wait until your ready

You might be thinking he might hate you just tell him your not ready I know it's going to be hard telling him but you know your not ready for sex I'm sure he will understand why
—Guest yasmin

Way 2 young

Ur way too young I was 12 When I had sex and it isn't fun it will make u regret it. Don't do it until ur 16,17, 18 or when ur fully mature and married
—Guest Lila

i thought 26

my parents have always told me and my sister to wait until marriage but in this time i don't think that is right. but my 19 year old sister is having sex and im not sure if i should tell my mom and dad or not.. is 19 a good age?
—Guest confused


All these 10-15 year olds are crazy. You guys are little kids. Like, wait until youre at least 16-18 thats the most common age to lose it. Youre crazy to think about having sex in a school bathroom? Lol wow
—Guest Dsan67

Just Wait

Am 18 and haven't had sex before. The first time i will be having sex is when I get Married . Imagine how proud my future wife will be when she discovers that I haven't had sex before .
—Guest Guest Godfrey .

Just try it

I'm 12 and me and my girlfriend are going to have sex in the bathroom at school soon so don't worry if u don't feel comfortable then wait or use a condom if wanted.
—Guest Guest me

wait for it

don't bo it to early i am 16 and had sex last year do it when u get ready do not do it at a early age find the right person and u will be aright
—Guest cj


i dont think it matters what age you are. you need to think before you act. just do it!
—Guest jc

Don't Have Sex

I'm only 12 too! I'm going to wait until I'm at least 18-19! I don't really no y I just think is better that way becuz if u get pregnant wen ur 12 wat r u going to do with the baby! My friend already had sex 5 times in the last week(I bet it's a lie) she had a miscarriage wen she was 11! I think u should just wait! It's probably better that way. I know ur bf/gf might think its time but it might not be I know my bf wants to do it and his friends came up to me saying so was it great! I stayed with him but my point is if u do choose to have sex be careful becuz it mite get into the wrong hands and then the whole school noz! Trust me not worth it! I hope u choose the rite choice and don't make any mistakes!:)
—Guest HotChic101

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