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Reader Stories: Is 'Having It All' Possible for Women?


"Having it all" -- career, marriage, children, success, happiness -- is the goal of many women. But can you have it all without losing yourself in the process? Does constantly juggling work and family eventually take its toll? Some women give up sleep to gain extra hours in the day to accomplish what needs to be done. Others sacrifice personal relationships by putting friends on the back burner. Do you have it all? If so, what have you given up in pursuit of "having it all"? Is "having it all" a realistic goal for women?

Travel gave me a new perspective on what I wanted in my life

Whats important to me is a sense of purpose. I want both. A family and a career. I want to use my gifts, get paid for it, wake up in the morning and have a place that needs me and my mind. I make tim…More

Putting family before friends - there's always a sacrifice

first things and most important things in life are of course your children then comes your spouse, then your parents, work, home, yourself and then your friends, and as you see i cannot even come bef…More

Not sorry about choices but I *am* exhausted

No matter what happens, my husband and children will always come first. I would walk through fire for my kids. I always made time for school events, dance recitals, sports meets, teacher conferences,…More

Moderation is the key

It is impossible humanly to prioritize things 100% in the paths of life you walk on daily. Pure results, as planned, are beyond the reach of masses in general. However, mandatory is to give 100% and …More

Let go of "I need this or that" to be happy

Having it all is the emptiest statement out there! What is all?? I am happy, thats all. Reflection is what I make time for. I let go of the idea that I need this or that which I don't have to be happ…More

Having it all has changed over time

I am a loyal loving wife, a great mum, a kind caring daughter, a kind caring grandaughter, a supportive big sister, a smiling daughter -in-law....need i go on! Whats important to me is my family....l…More

Of course there are sacrifices. Get real.

Don't get me wrong. My family matters to me. But I am highly educated, went to top undergrad and grad schools, and have trained for years in my profession. I struggled to make everything work when my…More

With more than a little help from my husband

We were both young and ambitious when we met, and not sure we wanted to have children. I knew that becoming pregnant during medical school or residency would be almost impossible for me, and he wante…More

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