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My father raped me, and my mother blamed me

Share Your Story: I Was Raped

By Sadhgirl

The Situation and Circumstances

I was raped from age of 12 to 16 i was from my father it started one day when he picked me up early from school he gave me a drink of rum and coke and made me drink it j didnt know what was going to happen he told me to go take bath i assumed it was just for me since i felt ill but soon he was coming in i begged not to somehow i convinced him not to make me i said the water was to hot he told me to go relax on his bed i was scared i begged him not to hurt me but he did he got on top of me went in side me i felt horrible i was cryin but it didnt stop he told me i was beautiful he didnt get off until he came he told me

The Aftermath and Post-Rape Trauma

I was scared to tell my mom was going mental herself was a raped victim he told me if i told her i would be responsible for her death as she was threathening at the time i believed him he said sorry that he would go to jail i felt bad i didnt know what to do so i did nothing until years later the a abuse continued he come in my room get on me in the nite when mother was away


  • dont be afarid to speak up i told my mother she didnt believe at first later blamed me because he was kicked for a bit came back for year until i was tweenty one i let it continue she says it my own fault but hear abuse make expect it threat off sucide and jail seemed harsh when he was crying but what me i still suffer because of mistaken view

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