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Reader Stories: I Was Raped


It's estimated that many, many more women are raped or sexually assaulted than statistics show. Why don't more women come forward? Because there continues to be a stigma surrounding rape. Far too many women feel ashamed, blame themselves, and believe that somehow it's their fault -- that they did something wrong. Whether you've kept what happened a secret, or you pursued legal action against your perpetrator, what happened to you is not your fault. Tell your story here and help other women dealing with the same issues and feelings of self-doubt. No woman deserved to be raped, no matter what the situation. No means no.

I'll never get over it but I will get better

I kept it to myself for 9 years, i just blocked it out, pretended like it never happened. I felt dirty, violated, depressed, but sooner or later it just became normality, it was the only thing i knew…More

Prosecute if you can and seek support

I was lucky. An officer came into the store as the guy was leaving. He was eventually caught, prosecuted, and is serving maximum time. I went to the hospital for the exam and hated every second of it…More

I won't give it power over me -- don't give in!

He took my virginity, he stole it. I didn't even realize what had happened until I started dating my current boyfriend and realized what sex is in a healthy relationship. I'm still reeling from it, i…More

My father raped me, and my mother blamed me

I was scared to tell my mom was going mental herself was a raped victim he told me if i told her i would be responsible for her death as she was threathening at the time i believed him he said sorry …More

It's not okay. It's NEVER okay. Report it right away.

After I was raped, I stayed the night at Jim and Jersey's. I called my friend Kaitlyn in the morning and told her everything. She told me to tell the police. I went down stairs to talk to Jim and I b…More

The friend who stood up for me

I cried a lot. I completely fell down after they took him in for examination. I didn't want anyone to know. I felt really dirty and tried to wash everything off. I stayed in the shower for ages. When…More

He drugged me, then raped me

I was so upset that I cried for a while, he's the rapists cried with me to, pursued it tell me how it was all my fault, I drove home, not in the best shape, I couldn't understand how after two beers …More

I am a child of rape

1963 - She was unceremoniously dropped off at the hospital. Catholic hospital in the country. She was ignored, they treated her like crap and put her in the hallway in hard labour because a married w…More

"I didn't think anyone would believe me"

I had to have an abortion, which hurt me, as I don't have children, and would have loved to be a mother. I never told anyone, I didn't think anyone would believe me, as I let him into my house. I mov…More

The pain never went away

The pain never went away.At the age of eleven, I began self-mutilation and a few months later I took up drugs. I developed an eating disorder on top of that. So at the age of twelve, I weighed at my …More

You can never forget - I am working on forgiveness

I never contacted the authorities with either rape. I had to seek medical help because four weeks after the second rape I missed my period. I wasn't more than one day late but I knew in my heart I wa…More

No one believed me

I could not really speak for three days, felt like I was walking in Jello, never really explained to my family as they immediately blamed me before I could even begin to describe the events. The doct…More

After being raped at 14, still recovering years later

Once he was finished he just walked out and left me. I was so shocked and shaking like a leaf. When he returned he apologised for beating me like usual but nothing was said about the rape. I was so c…More

He was a "counselor" who raped, manipulated me

I was so tight and frozen during the rape, that I could barely walk out of the place. He said, "You'll bleed a little, so be careful when you get home." He wanted to know when I would be 18. The odd …More

Sexually assaulted while traveling in another country

I was very inexpereinced with men. For the first few minutes in the cafe, I was captivated by the charm of this man, and also sort of amazed at my "luck"--here I was in France, with a Frenchman tryin…More

I kept quiet for years

After, I couldn’t breathe.I had sharp rib pain & I stopped crying because it hurt too much to cry. My arms were bruised. I hurt all over. Al said no matter what I do I can’t take that nig…More

It happened when I was 9

I did nothing about it as I was too naive to understand what happened to me. How do you tell someone when the words don't exist to you?It all ended when my mother caught them having a profanity ridde…More

Betrayed by a "friend" who then became "suicidal"

I was so broken and upset at the reality that I had called him my friend. I told him that he had taken more than just something physical. He had betrayed my trust and that I would never be able to r…More

I don't trust people anymore

I didn't tell the police. The only people I told were my friends and I confronted the bitch that raped me and he said I was lying to get some money out of him. And my friends were confused because th…More

Affected my relationship with my son until I sought help

After three months he was the same. I told him I just was not mature enough to handle a serious relationship and needed to take some years and pursue my preforming arts in school and counseling for s…More

Remembering a Childhood Incident

It didn’t occur to me, or any of us, to tell anyone what had happened. But when that boy’s mother asked where the baseball cap came from, he told her the whole story and she called my mot…More

I've never told anyone but my husband

For years, I had blamed myself for what happened. I lived in fear when being left alone with men. I was so afraid to tell my husband when I first meant him that I had been raped because I was afrai…More

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