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Fitness Tips - Fitness Tips for Women in Their 60s

It's Never Too Late to Achieve Fitness in Your 60s with These Tips


Fitness Tips - Fitness Tips for Women in Their 60s
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Updated September 14, 2010
Vibrancy in your 60s is easy with a little planning and knowledge. There's no reason to slow down your activities. You just need to be savvy about where to focus your energies. I train many women in their 60s and they enjoy their lives as much as ever.

Below are some areas to focus on and guidelines to follow to stay healthy and fit.

Family History
Your DNA is more important now than ever before. Take stock of your family history. Are there any health issues that are prominent? If so, you’ll need to talk with your doctor about how to stay ahead of any problems. A fitness routine designed to work around an issue such as osteoporosis or heart disease is simple and effective. You could add years to your life and keep your joints graceful and fluid.

Weight Bearing Exercises
Strength training is crucial in the prevention of osteoporosis but also great for posture, alignment and muscle tone. Your muscles begin to atrophy in your 30s and the effects are more evident in yours 60s. You can slow down and even reverse the process with a smart weight training routine. Try circuit training in your health club or working with a personal trainer to devise the best routine for you. Other great options are yoga, Pilates and free weight work. Try out a few different combinations to see what works best for you. Aim for 2-3 sessions per week.

Smart Cardio
Perhaps the years have taken a toll on your joints and a quick 5-mile run isn’t what it used to be on your knees or back. It’s time to work smart with your cardio choices. Regular cardio training will keep your heart healthy. A brisk walk, elliptical or arc training and other forms of low impact cardio are all good choices. If you love certain activities you don’t have to give them up. Cut back on the amount of time you do them each week and substitute with easier forms of cardio. If you’re as healthy as you’ve always been then there’s no need to cut back at all. Enjoy your body and enjoy this decade. Aim for 150 minutes of cardio per week. That’s about 22 minutes per day.

Balance Work
Keeping bones healthy and strong is important in your 60s, but avoiding falls is equally important. Working on balance is a big part of avoiding falls and recovering from wobbly moments. Yoga and Pilates both work on balance or if you’re in a gym environment you can work with a BOSU or Styrofoam rollers. Whenever you start balance training I strongly urge you to work with a fitness professional to find the right starting point and to progress quickly.

Mental Agility
Keep the neurons firing quickly with cardio and resistance training. By exercising regularly you’ll be quicker on your feet and also quicker in your mind. Mental agility training takes many forms such as the daily crossword puzzle, Sudoku or reading a challenging text from a literary or science journal.

Sample Fitness Plans

Make sure to get in 30 minutes of brisk walking five or six days per week. Add on one circuit training class and one yoga class.

Mix 35 minute sessions of elliptical training and treadmill walk/runs five or six days per week. One Pilates mat class and one free weight workout will complete the mix.

Do your favorite cardio for 40 minutes three days per week and cross-train with a low impact form of cardio two to three days per week, also for 40 minutes. Pilates equipment class or a strenuous yoga class and one personal training session or bootcamp class will complete your week.

As a woman in your 60s, you know what you like and you know how to take care of yourself. With big family responsibilities behind you and more time for yourself it’s a perfect decade for “me” time. Enjoy.

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