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Women struggle quietly with the drive to be authentic and accepted for who we are. Yet external pressures to fit the mold of the ideal woman surround us. These challenges sometimes manifest themselves in aspects of our lives and behaviors that may seem unrelated, but are part of the bigger picture of how we feel about ourselves and our relationships to others.
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TSA Screening Methods - Your TSA Screening Horror Stories
With the full body scan and more aggressive pat down being implemented at airports across the U.S., more and more women are feeling humiliated and violated by the new TSA screening methods and screening process.See submissions

If I Could Share One Piece of Advice for Women
If experience is wisdom, then life's best lessons are ones we learn over time. What have you learned that you'd like to pass along as practical advice for women? Is it advice about relationships? parenting? friendship? work and career? or just a simple observation that can make life easier and more fulfilling? Post your advice for women of...See submissions

What is a butterface, butter face or buttaface? Definition of butter face
When a woman overhears the comment that she's a 'butterface,' is that a compliment or an insult? What is the definition of butterface? Where does the meaning of butterface come from?

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