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Jobs For Women - Best Jobs, Top-Paying Jobs, Jobs Where Women Earn More Than Men

Depending on What Jobs You Choose, You Can Minimize Gender-Based Pay Gaps


When it comes to jobs for women, you don't need the latest statistics from the US Department of Labor to know that nursing and teaching employs a much larger percentage of women than men. The problem is, in female-intensive workplaces women frequently are paid less for their labor. Women who want to earn top dollar should look to non-traditional occupations which often yield better salaries for female workers. Across the board, jobs for women pay better when they are in male-dominated career fields.

The Top 10 Best-Paying Jobs for Women

Interested in pursuing one of the highest paying careers for women? According to Forbes magazine, these top-paying jobs earn women an average of $55,000-85,000 per year. Whichever one you choose, although you'll enjoy an impressive annual income, the sad truth is that women's earnings lag behind what men earn.

Top 10 Occupations That Employ the Most Women

Stereotypes hold true when it comes to the jobs most women work. Asked to name the traditional careers typically pursued by women, most of us could easily come up with the jobs that employ the most women. Secretaries, nurses and teachers top the list. Together, these three occupations provide jobs for nearly 12% of all working women.

These Jobs Can Earn Women More Than Men

What are the jobs women should aspire to if they want high-paying jobs? Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowgirls, because they'll earn a whole lot more if you steer them towards science, math, engineering and technical careers. High paying jobs for women are frequently found in fields where women are scarce.

Does Having Children Affect a Woman's Job Prospects?

Which news do you want first -- the good or the bad? In a recent interview with the New York Times about women and work, Columbia University professor Jane Waldfogel shared the good news that "Women do almost as well as men today." If only she hadn't added "as long as they don't have children."

Ten Facts About Women-Owned Businesses

If you've ever said to yourself, "I should start my own business," well...what's stopping you? Women-owned firms have experienced double the rate of growth of all firms over the past two decades, they generate $1.9 million in sales, and account for 41% of all privately held firms. If you haven't found the right job to match your skill set and talents, why not create it...and your own business to boot?

Benefits of Union Membership for Women Workers

It's well-known that female union workers earn more money and enjoy better benefits than non-union workers. But is joining a union more valuable to a woman worker than earning a college degree? A report finds that female union workers earn 11% more than non-union workers and are more likely to have health insurance benefits and a pension plan. According to the study's author, "joining a union raises a woman's wage as much as a full-year of college, and a union raises the chances a woman has health insurance by more than earning a four-year college degree."

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