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Money Matters for Women

Effective money management is a skill everyone should master, yet women are much less likely than men to make financial planning a priority. Whether you're single, married, divorced, or handling your finances for the first time, tips, advice, and insight can help you solidify a secure financial future.
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What Women Should Know About the Subprime Mortgage Crisis
You've heard the phrase 'subprime mortgage crisis' but not fully understood the basis of what's going on. Here's a good place to start learning about the issue with links to additional resources

How Are Women Spending Their 2008 Tax Stimulus Checks?
How are women spending their 2008 tax stimulus checks? There is a difference, according to a report at Creditcards.com.

2008 Economic Stimulus Payments: What Women Should Know
The 2008 Economic Stimulus Payments will deliver tax rebates to eligible individuals starting May 2008. If you're the mother of a dependent child younger than 17 years of age, you need to know these facts to ensure you receive money you're eligible for.

Mortgages - Why Women Pay More
If women have better credit ratings on average than men, why are women often paying higher interest rates on their mortgages?

Women Need Retirement Planning More Than Men Do
Because women live longer than men and average less income over a lifetime, planning for a secure financial future should be a priority for all women.

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