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Widowhood - Losing a Spouse

After years together, it seems as if you can't possibly continue on without your partner. How can you pick up the pieces of your life and begin again by yourself?

Common Myths About Widowhood
Research on bereavement offers encouraging news for older adults unsure of a future without their spouse. A recent study suggests that widows/widowers are resilient; most recover from the loss of a spouse within 18 months and return to their normal levels of mental and physical health.

Guide for the Newly Widowed
Eight important points to keep in mind as you begin the emotional process of moving ahead without your partner.

First Year of Widowhood Most Difficult for Women
There's strong evidence that women age 50-79 are resilient enough to recover from the loss of a spouse and rebuild their lives. Services that strengthen social support among women who have difficulty during this time are the key to a successful transition

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