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Alexis A. Moore Biography

Cyberstalking Expert, Founder and President of "Survivors in Action"


Alexis A. Moore Biography
Photo courtesy Alexis Moore

Alexis A. Moore is the founder and president of Survivors in Action, a national advocacy group that provides individual assistance to victims of domestic abuse, particularly those who have experienced cyberstalking.

As a cybercrime expert, consultant, and speaker, Moore travels extensively to educate the public about privacy protection; she provides expert testimony at Senate and Assembly Public Safety Hearings. Through her program “High-Tech Self Defense for the 21st Century," she teaches audiences about high-tech crimes such as identity theft and cyberstalking and how to protect yourself.

Her credentials as a cyberstalking expert are rooted in painful experience. She originally worked as a high-tech investigator, learning the ins and outs of searches on the Net. Then she herself became the target of a cyberstalker for nearly three years -- a situation that changed her life.

To protect herself she learned all the cybertricks -- and the tricks to stop the tricks -- to survive, thrive and take assertive defensive action. She shifted her career focus to cybercrime, becoming a cyberstalking expert in the process. Today, she shares what she has learned as a speaker, facilitator and passionate victim advocate.

Moore plays an active role in the fight against domestic abuse, particularly the use of electronic means to invade a person’s privacy, by working with local, state, and federal agencies to pass legislation that will protect consumers. She is currently pursuing the creation and passage of a bill that would require datafurnishers to notify consumers when they sell private information to a third party.

Moore maintains a blog at her website alexismoore.com where she covers issues related to cyberstalking, privacy protection, identity theft and public safety.

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