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Title IX - Support for Women's Sports and Women's Education

Landmark Legislation Promotes Gender Equity on the Field & in the Classroom


Women's sports and women's education were either ignored or opposed until Title IX guaranteed gender equity and equal access. It paved the way for women and girls, both on the playing field and in the classroom. Before Title IX, females experienced gender bias in law and medical school admissions, thus earning fewer advanced degrees; women's athletics at the high school and college level were limited or non-existent, and scholarships for women were few and far between. Thanks to two prominent female politicians who faced lifelong gender bias, Title IX was created to level the playing field.

1. What is Title IX?

Part of the Educational Amendments of 1972 which ban sex discrimination in educational institutions, Title IX was crafted to promote gender equity within the U.S. educational system and guarantee girls and women the same opportunities as boys and men.

2. What Does Title IX Cover?

Most often associated with women and sports, Title IX actually is much more comprehensive. It includes provisions against sexual harassment and guarantees equal access to math and science education and technology.

3. History of Title IX

A look a the passage of Title IX including the stories of Representative Patsy Mink and Edith Green who co-authored Title IX, and how their experiences of gender discrimination shaped this landmark piece of legislation.

4. A Generation After Title IX, Some Still Think 'Women Can't Play Sports'

In an opinion piece for a college newspaper, a student reveals how some of her male peers look down on women's sports and believe women can't play sports -- this after a generation has grown up enjoying the benefits of Title IX legislation.

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