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Teenage Pregnancy

The United States has a much higher rate of teenage pregnancy as compared to other developed countries. Facts and statistics on teen pregnancy including rates of teen pregnancy nationally and state-by-state.

Teen Pregnancy - Rise in Teen Pregnancy After Decades of Decline
Teen pregnancy is on the rise after a decline of 16 years, and the trend appears to be linked to abstinence-only sex education programs and declining use of contraceptives among teens.

Pregnancy Pact - Was There a Pregnancy Pact in Gloucester, MA?
When it was revealed that 17 girls were pregnant at a high school of 1200 students in Gloucester, Massachusetts, the media descended on the small coastal town to uncover the story behind the record number of teen pregnancies. An article in TIME magazine in June 2008 speculated on the existence of a "pregnancy pact," quoting the high school principal who was subsequently fired. Although the pregn…

Teenage Pregnancy and Teenage Mom TV Shows - The Best and the Worst
Once upon a time, teenage pregnancy was a scandal and becoming a teenage mom was something to be ashamed of. Not anymore. Numerous TV shows have teen pregnancy and teen motherhood as the theme, including reality shows and teen dramas. What teenage pregnancy and teenage mom TV shows do you watch, and why? Which are the best? What's the worst? Do...See submissions

Pop Culture and Teen Pregnancy - Media Depictions of Teen Pregnancy i…
What's life like as a teenage baby mama? If you've formed an impression solely from media and pop culture depictions, teen pregnancy on TV and in film looks a lot more glamorous than the real thing. A look at some of the most influential images of teen mothers in pop culture.

One Mom's Response to Teenage Pregnancy - Participate in a Reality Show
One woman who's had plenty of experience raising teens and young adults decided to participate in the ultimate teachable moment - a reality show intended to show teens what it's really like to be parents and care for a baby.

What "Juno" Says About Teen Pregnancy, Abortion and Choice
The Academy Award-nominated comedy "Juno" has a lot to say about teen pregnancy, abortion and choice. The problem is, very little of it is realistic.

Top Ten States With Highest Teenage Pregnancy and Birth Rates
A list of the top ten states in the US that have the highest pregnancy rates and highest birth rates among teenagers age 15-19.

Ten Teen Pregnancy Facts - Teen Pregnancy Statistics in the US
In the United States, one out of every ten births involves a teen mother. The statistics that characterize teenage pregnancy in this country.

Movie Review: "Juno" (2007)
A review of the movie Juno, written by Diablo Cody and directed by Jason Reitman. The film tells the story of the title character, a witty, offbeat teenager who finds out she's pregnant and decides to give the baby up for adoption.

Jamie Lynn Spears - 16-Year-Old Celebrity's Pregnancy
Jamie Lynn Spears transitioned from tween idol to teen mom when she acknowledged her pregnancy at age 16 in December 2007.

What is a crisis pregnancy center? Will it help me get an abortion?
Crisis pregnancy centers and pregnancy resource centers do not offer abortion services or abortion counseling. What they do offer is something the Waxman Report, a government investigation into these centers, found was "not an accepted public health practice."

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