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Reproductive Rights and Issues

A great divide exists in this country, fueled by the debate over reproductive rights, contraception and prevention. Many thoughtful and passionate arguments have been put forth by pro-life and pro-choice advocates, and legislation has shifted back and forth over the years. Yet neither has seen a firm resolution to the ongoing conflict over Roe v. Wade.
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Rush Limbaugh's Comments and Sandra Fluke's Testimony - Fact vs. Fiction
When conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh called Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke a "slut" and a "prostitute" for testifying why women needed and deserved contraceptive coverage, the overwhelming negative response indicated to many that he'd gone too far. In the he said she said battle, whose claims were accurate and who embellished the...

Planned Parenthood / Susan G. Komen Funding Flap - Controvery and Repercussions
The decision by Susan G. Komen For the Cure to defund Planned Parenthood in February 2012 has become a textbook example of how a non-profit organization with a flawless reputation imploded overnight and lost much of its grassroots funding. Also key in the controversy was the role of social media which pitted pro-choice supporters against those...

What does Planned Parenthood do? What are their services? Do they do mammograms?
Most frequently cited by opponents as the country's leading abortion provider, Planned Parenthood does so much more for women's health care. Only 3% of the services provided by Planned Parenthood are abortion services, so what are the other 97%? Here's a detailed account of what Planned Parenthood does.

Vaginagate - Michigan Lawmaker Silenced for Saying 'Vagina'
When Republican leaders in Michigan silenced state Rep. Lisa Brown for using the word "vagina" on the Michigan House floor during an abortion debate and prevented another female legislator from speaking, their story went viral and rallied women to speak out against Vaginagate.

Free Birth Control? What's Covered By Insurance Under 'Preventive Services'
What does insurance cover under the 'preventive services' announced by the Health and Human Services Department on August 1, 2011? A detailed list of what's covered including FDA-approved contraception including the pill, the morning after pill, the contraceptive ring, the cervical cap, along with breastfeeding support, domestic violence...

Republican Assault on Women's Health - GOP Attack on Planned Parenthood
The 2011 battle over the federal budget hinged on a handful of issues, primary among them a rider involving women's health and the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Why did the Republican party stage an assault on women's health? And what were the key issues of the debate?

Hyde Amendment - Text of the Controversial Anti-Abortion Amendment
The complete text of the Hyde Amendment as it was passed in 2009.

What is the Hyde Amendment?
A description of the 1976 Hyde Amendment restricting federal funding for abortions, and its impact on abortion today.

Capps Amendment - What is the Capps Amendment?
What is the Capps Amendment, and how does it relate to health care reform and abortion?

Octomom Bill - Octomom Legislation Limits Number of Embryos Implanted
Dubbed the "Octomom Bill," similar legislation introduced in a handful of states have the same intent - to limit the number of embryos implanted in a woman. The nickname refers to Nadya Suleman, the mother of octuplets who - through in vitro fertilization - gave birth to far more children than she could afford.

Global Warming, Female Utopias and Gender Roles - Interview with Sarah Hall
In a future devastated by global warming, in the heart of England's Lake District lies an isolated female utopia - an eco-feminist farm that may be the last free place in the British Isles. That's the framework for "Daughters of the North," a novel by Sarah Hall that explores global warming, gender roles, feminist utopias, reproductive rights, mandatory contraception and environmental sustainability through the use of speculative fiction

Pregnant Man: Transgender Husband Becomes Pregnant Dad
After ten years together, both Thomas and Nancy wanted a baby. But Nancy's hysterectomy made childbirth impossible for her. So the married couple decided that Thomas should carry the baby. Though legally male, Thomas was born female, retained his reproductive capabilities after sexual reassignment, and after stopping testoterone injections, was able to become pregnant.

Teen Pregnancy in the United States
One out of every ten births in the United States is to a teenage mother. Teen pregnancy in the U.S. continues to be a critical issue in young women's lives. The facts and statistics including geographic and demographic info about who's becoming pregnant, who's giving birth, and who's opting for abortion.

What is Planned Parenthood?
What is Planned Parenthood -- a health care provider? an organization that provides sex education? a family planning clinic? an advocacy group? Planned Parenthood is each of these things and more. A comprehensive look at the non-profit organization, its mission and outreach, its educational programs for children, teens and young adults, and its...

Supreme Court Sides with Hobby Lobby
In the case of Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby, the Supreme Court has sided with the craft store chain in a decision that will great impair women’s reproductive choice.

Why We Need Reproductive Justice
These quotes underscore why reproductive justice—the right to parent when and how we want—is vitally important to all women.

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