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Rape on Campus - Unspoken Peer Pressure Often Keeps Campus Rape Victims Silent

Rape Accusations Put Friendships at Risk in a Close-Knit Campus Community


But the biggest hurdle faced by a student who reports a sexual assault has to do with peer pressure and the need to maintain a social life within a close-knit community. Rape on campus isn't anonymous. In 9 out of 10 college rapes/attempted rapes, the victim knows her rapist.

When Speaking Up is a "Problem"

An accusation of rape can strain relationships within groups that exist in dorms, sororities, and sports teams. Female students rely heavily on friends for advice and support. By speaking up about rape, students risk jeopardizing those all-important friendships which are crucial to college life.

One student's experience, included in the "Sexual Assault on Campus" report, makes this all too clear:

"If they do go forward and make a report, do they lose that group because of the so-called problems they are creating?" says Roberta Gibbons, a victim's advocate...[at] the University of Minnesota...."Or are they going ta split that group?"

When Christine Carter met this dilemma as a transfer student at Towson University in Baltimore, she chose to tell the group that a newcomer — a friend of a friend — had reached into her pants while she was sleeping. To her utter mortification, they laughed and said she must have imagined it.

"I was the butt of my friends' jokes," said Carter. "Before we'd go out, my friends would say, ‘Oh Christine, don't drink too much. You'll sexually assault yourself.'"

They stopped laughing at her only when the same man did it again...to another friend in the group.


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