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Sarah Palin - First Republican Female Candidate for Vice President

Alaska Governor Catapulted to GOP Superstar Status as McCain's Running Mate


Sarah Palin's selection as VP, though unexpected and largely unpredicted, became the energizing force behind the Republican party's campaign for the White House. She brought the conservative base back to the GOP, and has made inroads into middle America with her 'hockey mom' small-town-girl-makes-good image. Who is she, what is her personal story and her political background, and is she an advocate for women as a powerful female figure in the 2008 campaign?

1. Profile of Sarah Palin - Childhood, Influences, Public & Personal Life

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Short biography of Sarah Palin, the first woman to be nominated Vice President by the Republican Party.

2. Before She Was Chosen - Early Look at the "Draft Palin" Movement

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Two months before she was named by McCain, on June 10, 2008 I asked, "Who is Sarah Palin?" prompted by the 'Draft Palin' movement that had already caused an online buzz about the Alaska governor. Why a select few called it far in advance of the pundits and political professionals.

3. McCain's Historic Selection - GOP's First Female VP

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Geraldine Ferraro was the country's first major-party VP when the Democrats nominated her in 1984. Now in 2008, the Republicans make their own history with Sarah Palin.

4. Sexism Follows on the Heels of Palin's Selection

Gender bias didn't end with Hillary Clinton's suspended campaign. Almost immediately, the media jumped on the fact that Palin is a former beauty queen, and since then, the coverage has gotten worse.

5. Briston Palin's Pregnancy - The Announcement, the Response

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As a conservative Christian woman who's advocated for abstinence-only education, it was a bolt out of the blue when Palin, through the McCain campaign, revealed that her 17-year-old daughter Bristol, a high school senior, was pregnant. Is a candidate's family life off-limits?

6. Some Conservatives Revel in Palin's Personal Challenges

Influential Republican figure Grover Norquist explains why the Bristol Palin pregnancy sends some GOP supporters "over the moon" with delight.

7. Skeletons in the Palin Closet Scrutizined on Eve of RNC Speech

With a fair number of GOP members unsure about the Palin pick, the revelation of some of Sarah Palin's past actions (and those indicretions of family members) come under scrutiny as the presumptive VP nominee prepares for the biggest speech of her life - her address to the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

8. The Metamorphosis of Sarah Palin - Her Republican National Convention Speech

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Sarah Palin wowed supporters, surprised critics, and came out fighting in her first big speech to the GOP and to the nation. And for those who thought she was a pretty face and nothing more, she proved her toughness by sighting Obama as her target and repeatedly firing harsh criticism at her opponent.

9. College Education - 6 Schools in 6 Years to Earn Undergrad Degree

In preparing for her first vice presidential debate, McCain officials called her a quick study. Then why did it take her 6 schools in 6 years to earn a college degree?

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