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Online Groups For Women - Women's Online Communities

Online groups for women erase geographical borders and time zones. Women's online communities enable those with shared interests to come together , compare notes, offer support, and start online friendships that frequently spill over into the real world.

Female Blogs - Looking for the Best Blogs Written from a Fema…
Women who blog are often thrust into categories -- mommy blogger, feminist blogger, geek girl blogger. But any blog written from a female perspective frequently offers thoughtful viewpoints not heard in mainstream media. Add your blog to this list or find new blogs to read...or send your favorite female blogger here to share her blog. See...See submissions

Alternative Crafts and Craft Communities - Creating, Sharing, Buying …
Many of us have a need to create. Our grandmothers quilted, knitted, crocheted. Our moms tried decorative painting, stenciling, decoupage. And who hasn't made a popsicle stick box or a macramé friendship bracelet at Girl Scouts or summer camp?

"Arts and crafts" was the genteel label given to all these efforts. But today, crafting has taken on an edgier attitude. "DIY" is the battle cry of thos…

BlogHer Conference Brings Together Women Who Blog
For women who blog, the BlogHer conference emphasizes relationships between women and helps create community in the blogosphere. The world's largest gathering of women bloggers, the annual event brings together thousands of women from across the U.S. and around the world. From technology tips and business advice to workshops focused on LGBT issues, social action, and mommy blogging, the conferenc…

Hollaback and Street Harassment
Hollaback, a movement dedicated to ending street harassment using mobile technology, gives women a chance to tell their stories and post photos of perpetrators.

Online Communities for Moms - Social Networking Sites for Moms
Becoming a mother is one of the major events in a woman's life. And it's a journey that's made more special when you can share milestones and concerns with other mothers. Online communities for moms give you the opportunity to create social networks with other women going through the same thing you are - raising a child.

SHE WRITES, the Site for Women Writers
Both a website and social network, SHE WRITES was created by founder Kamy Wicoff as a way for female authors to connect with each other, share tips and inspiration, and create a supportive online community.

Don't Call Me a Cougar - Rejecting the Cougar Stereotype
Synonymous with older women who date younger men, the term 'cougar' isn't necessarily a compliment -- or an accurate way to describe women whose partners just happen to be younger. The UK entrepreneur behind the Don't Call Me a Cougar blog exposes the fallacies of the cougar stereotype, and says that the term is sexist, ageist, and not...

10 Social Networking Safety Tips - Social Media Safety Tips for Women, Girls
Even when we think we're being careful, we reveal a surprising amount of personal information when we use social networking sites and social media. These 10 tips for women and girls can help protect your privacy and reduce the risk of stalking and identity theft.

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