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Women Who Changed the World in the First Decade of 2000

Between 2000 and 2009, These Influential Women Shaped the Decade


Who were the women who changed the world in the first decade of 2000? They were women who dominated technology, media and politics -- three areas in which female trailblazers spearheaded new projects, put forth bold ideas, and stepped into jobs that had never been held by women before -- and in some cases, had never even existed before. Some names and faces you'll recognize. Others may prompt you to ask, "Who?" But all have one thing in common: they changed the world as we know it in the years 2000-2009, and what they did shaped and defined the first decade of the 21st century.
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The Three Faces of HRC - Hillary Rodham Clinton"The Jersey Girls" - 9/11 Widows Turn Grief into ActivismSex Change Behind the Anchor Desk - Katie CouricMaking Google a Household Verb - Marissa Mayer
Queen of the World - Oprah WinfreyThe Never-Ending Auction - Meg Whitman The Mother of Reality Television - Mary-Ellis BunimCorporate Turn of Fortune - Carly Fiorina
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